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Power Rangers Legacy Mighty Morphin, In Space and Ninja Storm figures coming

At Toy Fair 2016, they had Legacy figures in secret, no one could take pictures. I did get a sneak peak but won't say how. It was of Mighty Morphin Red and Green with the Mighty Morphin Megazord and the Ninja Storm Red and Blue with Storm Megazord. These figures will be retail price $20 each, come with chest articulation and the females with have two piece skirts. They each come with a piece to make a Megazord. Meaning we will get every member of each team.
Razzle1337 found the pics of Blue, Black and Pink off K-Mart server. Looks like these won't only be available at Toys R Us like past Legacy items. Red and Green were at the Toy Fair. 

In Space Red and Yellow pics found by Razzle. 

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SDCC 2016 Bandai Exclusives

 Limited Edition Tokyo Vinyl® Mighty Morphin POWER RANGERS Movie Red Ranger

Limited Edition Legacy Collection Mighty Morphin POWER RANGERS Red Ranger
Comes with Megazord Power Sword, his Power Sword and blade blaster

Limited Black Edition Mighty Morphin POWER RANGERS Legacy Blade Blaster

SAILOR MOON Mini Compact Case Mascot Set Pretty Guardians Color Ver

Which days will product be on sale?
Power Rangers, Miraculous Ladybug, and Bandai Import items will be available July 21-24, 2016.
While supplies last. Limited quantities sold each day. Sales to exhibitors will be limited to Sunday 7/24/2016 only. Limit one per person. Exhibitors will be required to follow the same steps as all other consumers, by retrieving a ticket at the Comic-Con designated times from the Bandai line upstairs in the Sails Pavilion.

Will you be selling product on Wednesday (Preview Night)?
No, this year we will not be selling any product on Preview Night.

Purchasing for Power Rangers product:
Form a single file line in the Sails Pavilion Thursday-Sunday morning July 21-24. The line will form at the front of the building for entry to the Sails Pavilion. Depending on crowds, this line may start moving as early as 7:00 am.
Select which items you want the opportunity to purchase. Take a ticket for each of those items. Please note, a ticket to purchase is not guaranteed.
There will be 2 types of tickets: “Guaranteed Purchase” tickets, and “Random Drawing” tickets.

If you get a “Guaranteed Purchase” ticket, read it carefully! It will list the time range you can come to the Bandai booth #3535 that day only to purchase your product.
If you get a “Random Drawing” ticket, you have been entered in the drawing to purchase that item on the specified day. Check at the Bandai booth #3535 on the big screens, any time after 10:00 AM on the designated date to see if your number is drawn for you to purchase on that day only!

Be sure to purchase your product by 5:00 PM on the same day you receive the ticket!! Tickets are valid same day only.

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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 37-38 Episode Reviews

The Last two...
Act 37
Infinity 11 - Infinity - Judgement

Chibi-Moon wanted to be as strong as Super Moon and became Super Chibi-Moon. They do Rainbow Double Moon Heartache which hits the Mistress 9 Monster and she fights it back. The Trio struggle holding up the force-field. The Pharaoh 90 is rising up. His eyes open. Sailor Moon notices this. He swallows Mistress 9. He says it is a lot of power. Venus says he will swallow the planet. The Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen (La Smoking Bomber) do their attacks to Pharaoh 90 but he absorbs the attacks. Moon tells him to vanish. Pluto and the other two are still holding up the forcefeild. He bubbles up. We see Mistress 9' corpse. 

Chibi-Moon runs out of power and falls. Tuxedo Kamen catches her. The others fall too. The trio watches the Inner Senshi faint. The bubbles go up. Moon thinks he is stronger. He struggles against the barrier. The Outers speak to him. Moon calls to the Outers. He bursts through and fills the barrier. The Outers brace themselves and the barrier shatters. The purple stuff flows throughout the city. The Outer Senshi faint. The vortex above them tears up and shows the Tau Star System which Mercury recognizes. It grows bigger. Pharaoh is covering the planet. Chibi-Moon awakes in Tuxedo's arms. Moon says there is no power left. Then she sees a bright light from above, it is the moon.

Everyone looks up at the Moon. Usagi remembers the Silver Millennium and also the Outers, how they protected her. She remembers Chibi-Usa saying Hotaru lives in their hearts. Usagi says it is her turn, all their power is within her, she must protect them. She calls for the Moon Chalice. She winks and then goes into the abyss, shocking everyone. She says she will release her power within the Pharaoh. Tuxedo tells her to stop but she enters the purple sludge. The cats loose detection of her. Tuxedo is mad he couldn't save her. Chibi-Usa screams out, "Mom!" Haruka thinks back to when she met Usagi and interactions with her. Haruka says all she wanted to do was protect her. The other Senshi mourn her. The Tailsmans glow. 

The Outers raise up their talismans. Beams of light emit from them. Mistress 9 glows. Pharaoh doesn't like this. Purple light comes from Mistress 9's corpse and wind blows strongly. Out of the vortex comes a purple orb. The Outers can't believe it. It is Sailor Saturn, complete with her glaive. She rises up and the Saturn symbol glows on her forehead. Her tiara appears and she makes a pose. She says she is the emissary of death, the guardian of silence. The Senshi can't believe it. Mamoru asks if this is the end. Saturn feels like it wasn't so long ago she destroyed the Silver Millennium, she is always the unwanted guest. She floats down.

She pokes Pharaoh so he can't move. She thinks back to Hotaru, where she should had died but became a cyborg. She says the destruction was predestined. She pulls out her glaive and says she must swing it down. Pluto says that means the end of the world. Uranus is mad. Saturn floats upwards. Chibi-Usa wonders if there is no future. Saturn does Death Ribbon Revolution. The master says his powers are being sucked out. A strong wind blows on everyone. Master says this power is even stronger than anything he has seen. The purple sludge starts moving up. Saturn calls him an invader and her glaive glows. Mamoru says it is the end. Chibi-Usa calls Sialor Moon. Sailor Saturn in slow motion swings her glaive.

An impacting episode. The music is good, not perfect but appropriate. Sailor Moon scarafice was nicely brief and not milked like in previous Animes. And anytime Sailor Saturn gets screen time, it's a good thing. This Anime has remained faithful to the Infinity arc but has changed the timing in some things and moved information to other places skillfully. Also the timing of music and moments have been better than in past seasons. 

Act 38
Infinity 12 - Infinite - Journey
Moon sacrificed herself and Saturn awakened to do her attack on the Pharaoh. Pharaoh moans. Everyone else are covering their faces. Usagi is in the abyss. Saturn does fancy moves with her Glaive. Tuxedo Kamen watches, holding onto Super Chibi-Moon. The cats watch Tuxedo and Chibi-Moon. Moon's brooch glows and the grail glows. The Pharaoh groans. Mars tells the others to look. The light goes up and the purple sludge disappears. Moon floats down in a orb. Everyone is happy. The Senshi turn into their super modes. Super Sailor Moon floats down on a pillar and kneels down and does a praying motion.. Pharoah tries foinf back home but he is all black and starts loosing power. Saturn sees this. Saturn floats upwards and says she will send him to the void. Moon shouts to Saturn. Pluto says Saturn will be sucked into another dimension with Pharaoh. Everyone worries about Saturn. She says there is no need to feel despair, that rebirth will happen. 

She says Moon will bring peace. Because she released the power, she was able to save the planet. She is the guardian to enable rebirth. Saturn calls for Pluto, saying to close the path. Pluto is not for it but does it, calling her father Chronos. She does Dark Dome Close attack and Pharoah shouts, being sucked into the time door that has been opened. Saturn goes in and looks back at Chibi-Moon who shouts for her. The door closes. Chibi-Moon cries. A purple ball floats above Sailor Moon.  She thinks back to Saturn's words. She clutches it and it glows. Moon cries. She glows and becomes her Neo Queen Serenity form and calls her rod. It glows and the city returns to normal. The Cats watch this. The image of her is like the Messiah that Tuxedo saw. Day comes. They hear a baby. The Outer Senshi go down and find it is baby Hotaru. Michiru picks up baby Hotaru. The trio will be her parents, Pluto agrees. Super Sailor Moon returns and the gang reunites. Uranus says they must leave, given new life from her. Chibi-Moon asks where they will go. Uranus is not sure. Pluto says they will meet again.

 Pluto and Moon hold hands, saying they will meet again as they are friends. Chibi-Usa cries. Michiru says they will return and it is a promise, given Chibi-Usa her mirror. They turn and leave. Moon calls for them but it's too late. Sometime later, Chibi-Usa writes to her parents, saying she is a full Guardian and she is heading home during a solar eclipse. She meets with the girls, They hug. Usagi is happy because she is wearing her High School uniform except for Rei. Rei and Chibi-Usa make comments about Usagi's school grades and she cries. Minako tells her she is happy to go to school with her. Usagi and Minako are happy. They talk about clubs they will join. Mamoru arrives. He is now an University student. Usagi says bye. The others realize Chibi-Usa is returning home. Chibi-Usa says bye to the four girls. Diana thanks them for everything. Usagi asks for Luna and Artemis, Diana says they are crying in the base for her. Mamoru talks about the solar eclipse. Chibi-Usa sees it with special visors. It gets darker. Chibi-Usa hears a bell. Usagi does too. They turn around and screen goes black with a rose petal.

Some people didn't like this season but I do. It is better than the past seasons. And unlike the original Anime, it gives time to old characters like Minako, Ami, Rei and Makoto. Maybe it doesn't shed as much on Haruka and Michiru's relationship as wished but it remains faithful to the Manga like past seasons. They didn't emphasize the difference between the Messiah and the Deity of Destruction as much. It is made clearer Usagi was the messiah. Also there is a lot use of rose petals which I wish was used exclusively for Tuxedo Kamen like in the past and not for pretty much every character now. Oh well. Everyone was disappointed with the S finale and I guess this one too as it is a bit anticlimactic. I don't think so. 

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 34-36 Episode Reviews

A little behind...
Act 34
Infinity 8 "Infinite Labyrinth" Part One

Chibi-Usa is in a coma state in the hospital and the gang rallies around her. The Outers explain that Mistress 9 took her soul. Haruka says the only way to save her is to kill Hotaru, who is now their enemy. Haruka says destruction will come, they leave, saying they will also save the world. Mamoru suggests taking Chibi-Usa to his home. Mamoru uses his energy as a life support for her back at his house. Usagi asks her friends to leave them alone. Usagi can hear Mamoru's heartbeat through Chibi-Usa's hand. She cries. Mamoru kisses her. They both see the Diety of Destruction. Mamoru gives her a pep talk. He thinks of the vision.

Back with Mistress 9, she says it is uncomfortable in this vessel which is Hotaru. Professor and Kaori come in and bow to her. Professor explains he put her egg in his daughter. Hotaru hears this. Kaori wonders why she awaken so late. Mistress 9 says thanks for her help but she will take care of the Master now. She wants her to remove the Senshi. Kaolinite agrees and leaves. She says she won't back off. When Mistress 9 comes to the Master, flowers bloom. She hands over the silver crystal, he likes the energy. Hotaru says it is protected by Chibi-Usa. Mistress 9 doesn't know where her voice is coming from. Meanwhile Kaolinite calls for the Witches 5 to be reborn and curse the five inner Senshi.

The five Inner Senshi go to the Mugen Academy which is full of vines. They run in and find the Outer Senshi. Usagi wonders if their hearts will ever be one. The Outers jump inside from the top. The Inner go through the lobby and find the twin Witches who blow them away. Rei finds herself with the red-hair Witch Eudial, who fights her in a tea room. Eudial tells Mars she lacks fighting spirit. Ami runs down a hall alone and finds herself in a computer room and gazes at a super computer in awe. Yui arrives and attacks Ami in a blue bubble. Ami says she must study. Venus is alone and suddenly her head splits with sound. She gets on her knees and Mimmite shows off Venus as an idol to a big audience. She tells her to sing as it is her dream to be a star.

Venus is hypnotized. Tellu corners Jupiter in a treehouse and has her see a rare flowers she likes. She gets hypnotized too. The flowers glow and Jupiter falls asleep. Moon is in dark area and sees her friends, they say they are worn out and sick of fighting. They become candle wax and melt. Moon falls down and Chibi-Usa chokes her. Usagi falls back and the Outers arrive saying Moon is annoying. Mamoru appears and says he will get rid of her. Mamoru in the real world tells her not to get tricked. She calls her Heart Moon Rod and does her Heart Attack and blows the illusions away. Meanwhile the Outers are cuting vines but they keep growing. Pluto is uneasy. Neptune shows them the Inner Senshi trapped in wax.

The Witches 5 (actually 6) attack Moon. Uranus does Space Sword Blaster. The Witches attack Moon and she dodges the attacks. Moon is trapped in a blue orb. Neptune does Submarine Reflection. The witches disappear and Moon is free. Pluto does Chronos Typoon and frees the Inners. The Outers reunite with Moon. Moon hugs Uranus. Pluto and Neptune come to the aid of the others. Neptune says they are all Sailor Senshi. Mercury thanks them. Moon thinks she is sure they share the same feeling inside. Uranus thinks they can't abandon them. Moon's compact glows, the girls put their hands together. She calls the Moon Chalice. She becomes Super Sailor Moon. They go up to the Principal's floor and spot Kaolinite. 

Kaolinite becomes  a monster and attacks them. Jupiter and Venus attack her. Mercury and Mars do their attacks too. Kaolinte screams and attacks them. The Outers protect them. Sailor Moon does her attack and destroys her. The crystal falls and cracks. Moon says she won't give it up. She tells the Inners to find Hotaru. Master tells Mistress what happen. She says it is time to change now that they have the crystal. The crystal glows and Mistress 9 swallows it.

Interesting episode goes at a smooth pace and keeps it interesting and includes everyone. It has moments I like but some not so much. Chibi-Usa being helped by Mamoru was in Sailor Moon S but not explained well like here and the manga. Everything else was used sparingly through the original anime but makes more sense here with the pacing. For example in S, Kaolinite was defeated but then resurrected for very little pay back.

Act 35
Infinity 9 "Infinite Labyrinth" Part Two
Mistress Nine swallows the crystal and glows. She says power is welling up deep in her. Pharaoh receives the power, saying it is better than the Taoiron Crystal which he smashes. Chibi-Usa glows. Mistress 9 wants more power. Chibi-Usa's eyes open. Hotaru says not to release any more power and glows. Mistress Nine's forehead is splitting because of the inner turmoil. Chibi-Usa floats in nothingness. She sees a swirling vortex. Light glows and she sees it is her crystal. She holds the crystal. She says it is part of her body. Hotaru says it is like her heart and not to part with it and keep it safe and not show it to others. Chibi-Usa is with her mom, secure. 

Hotaru is actually with her and tells her she will protect her. Mistress 9 thinks the power is weakening. Chibi-Usa's light fades out. Mamoru thinks someone is protecting her soul. Back with the Senshi, they head to the basement where the labs are. Venus suggests splitting up into two groups of four. Moon worries but they tell her not to worry and leave care to the Outers and run off. Moon goes with the Outers in the elevator. Professor detects them. The night of the accident, he made Hotaru into a cyborg. Just then lightning stroke and a portal opened and an egg landed into Kaori, becoming Kaolinite. Master Pharaoh 90 revealed himself and gave her power. She pledged her loyalty. He told her to collect human hostes. Eggs descended on Earth and the Professor ate one. Master gave them the Mistress egg and Professor put it in Hotaru. He made perfect bodies (the Witches 5) and they became Daimons. 

The Professor wanted to mix Aliens and Humans and considered himself God.  Back in the elevator, Moon wants peace. She thinks to what the Outers said about Saturn ending the world. She asks the trio if they are scared. Uranus says a little. Moon says she is hopeless as she gets scared. If she is alone,what will she do. Uranus asks if she scared of being alone. They explain they have been alone for a long time. Back when, Uranus was alone on her planet, so was Neptune. Pluto was alone guarding the time door. They would see the moon and imagine the far away Silver Millennium. It was a ray of light from far away, it guided them and reassured them not to give up. The elevator goes faster and they all fall in a black abyss.  

Moon finds herself floating in darkness and thinks to all the Senshi and Mamoru. She wonders what to do. She thinks back to what the Outers said about her and her mom, the light guiding them. She says the light is in her heart and thinks of everyone's hearts united. She holds up her wand and does her attack. She and the Outers find themselves back in the elevator. They reach the lab, the Professor and his monsters. The monsters attack and they avoid them. Pluto does her Chronos Typhoon and Neptune does Submarine Reflection. Professor laughs and makes more monsters. Moon asks for Hotaru but he says she is now more than that. That she is with the Master. He becomes his monster form. He says he is not a Daimon, it is his super alien-human hybrid form. 

He attacks them and they avoid the attacks. Uranus does Space Sword Blaster. Moon says to stop, that he is Hotaru's father. Uranus says he won't return to human form again. He knocks her out. Neptune calls her to get her wand. Uranus stands up again. Moon does her attack and destroys the monster. Hotaru's eyes open and thinks back to her dad and says goodbye. Her tears fall. Moon hears something and sensed someone but doesn't see anyone. Pluto makes Garnet Ball orb around them as the ground breaks. They get out of the building. Moon's compact glows and thinks to the Inners. The attack comes from underneath them, knocking the four out. Moon looses her super mode. The master comes out of the temple and the Senshi see Mistress 9. 

I really love the moment between Moon, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This episode feels like two. One dealing with Hotaru and Chibi-Usa's souls. And the other with the professor versus Sailor Moon. Other than that, this episode is exciting and works in a brisk pace. 

Act 36
Infinity 10 Infinite - Upper Atmosphere

Pluto says and anomaly is coming from space. Usagi can't get over Hotaru being Mistress Nine. The building splits apart, a massive powers comes out. Purple lights beam out and the Inner Senshi are in bubbles. Moon flies to them. But she is reflected back. Mistress Nine emerges. She laughs. Mistress 9 says the master will merge with the planet and will change it to the second mother planet. The Outers fly downward and jump on surfaces. Their weapons glow. They say they must protect the new silver millennium and create an orb sheild around the area. The evil energy tries going up.

Mistress Nine's monster form tries coming out. Luna sees this and sees Hotaru's body will be destroyed. The monster form goes back in. Hotaru says she won't her out. Mistress 9 aughs, saying she stubborn survived and tries pulling her in. She splits apart Hotaru's soul.  Moon does her attack. It doesn't work. Moon is pushed back. Mistress Nine writhes in pain. Hotaru tries putting Chibi-Usa's soul and crystal back together. She says she will protect them. Mistress 9 tries taking the souls of the Inner Senshi. Moon watches this. The souls become balls, Moon goes to their unconscious bodies. Mistress 9 gathers the soul balls and swallows them. Hotaru sees the balls and gathers them too. Mistress 9 is mad.

Hotaru says she is dead so how is this possible. She says her dad is gone, she has nothing, why does she have power. Mistress 9 tries clawing at her. Hotaru remembers Chibi-Usa. She feels bigger existence inside her that has power to tell her to save them. She glows purple. Mistress 9 is shocked. Hotaru leaves her with the souls. Mistress 9 says she is free now. The souls return to Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, which make Moon happy. Hotaru's glowing soul appears before them. They thank her. She glows and leaves. Back with Mamoru and Chibi-Usa, Hotaru appears before them and returns the crystal and soul. Chibi-Usa awakens. Hotaru says she is happy she could save her. Hotaru and Chibi-Usa symbolically touch hands. She disappears.

\The monster comes out of Mistress Nine. Chibi-Usa cries. Mamoru asks if she can help Moon. She wipes the tears away and says she can fight. She must fight with the life Hotaru saved. She transforms into Sailor Chibi-Moon. She flies to the scene and thanks Mamoru. Mamoru says he feels like he just gave her away in marriage (from the Manga). He says he feels power from Chibi-Usa and Hotaru. He transforms too. Mistress Nine monster emerges. It wants Moon's crystal, She clutches it. The Inner Senshi do their attacks to no avail. Chibi-Moon does her Pink Sugar Heart Attack, finally making an impact on the monster. The monster enters the abyss. Moon says Hotaru lives in their hearts. (this will be important later) The monster rises again. The Outer's shield is cracked. Tuxedo Kamen arrives. Usagi calls for the Moon Chalice. Chibi-Moon wants to help and be strong like her and a Moon Chalice appears for her too. The cats are amazed as they see this from their base. She shocks everyone by becoming Super Sailor Chibi-Moon.

A nice ep, tying things up and giving a proper send-off for Hotaru and giving us the surprise of Super Sailor Chibi-Moon (even though it is in the manga). It is funny how in Sailor Moon S, the Inner Senshi made a force-field but here the Outer Senshi are the ones to do it. I got so immersed in this episode, I barely saw time pass by until Chibi-Moon got more focus, could it be jet-lag from SuperS?

37 and 38 tomorrow

Movie Poster Teaser

The teaser poster was revealed June 22 and not only that, I received a real poster copy that same day because of Power Force. Power Force has been forwarded to a Lionsgate rep and he has given us heads up on reveals and now asked for our mailing addresses to send us stuff. Recently Saban Brands has been sending us Comic Books. Also, Bryan Cranston has been cast as Zordon in the movie.

 I also got this note from Dean Isrealite the director from the movie. 

I had to get poster stickers to hang it up. 

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