Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Re-colored Dino Charge Zords coming soon

Remember when Bandai America made a set of Dino Charge toys of zords with Dino Thunder colors with their chargers like Pachy, Ankylo, Stegazord and Tricerazord? Remember when Bandai America would release re-colored toys in the Disney Era? Well...

Pachy Zord has been released in some stores in its regular colors. But these pics found by Razzle1337 are from a Japanese website that gets the toys early, they aren't in stores in the US yet. Here it is purple, like the Pachyzord in Dino Thunder. I find it funny they had it even a different color in the back of the box. This is under the Dino Supercharge label.

Ammonite Zord, a toy-only zord (won't be on the show) apparently gets an Aqua recoloring. It is under the Supercharge name. It looks like Parazord will be getting a green recoloring and Raptor a red coloring.

 Deinosuchus gets its own zord-only toy (will not be on the show)

Ankylo Zord is getting release, in its regular Aqua color. Perhaps it will get a re-coloring later on.
 Also Dino Charge Megazord and Ptera Charge Megazord will be packed together as Megazord Deluxe Pack.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

NYCC 2015 Legacy Power Rangers Toys (Communicator, Falconzord, etc)

Pics from @dekablue25
Legacy Blade Blaster (correct white color, not black like the original 1993 toy)

Legacy Falconzord (pictured here with Legacy Movie White Ranger)
More here:

$80 Legacy Communicator with Red, Black, Pink, Blue and Yellow bands. Most likely one with Green and White will be released at conventions. It would be nice if it also came with Gold (Zeo) and Purple (In Space) bands.
There is not much more new Dino Charge stuff at NYCC.

Pics from TokuNation.

Pink Ranger cast in Power Rangers 2017 movie

This afternoon my Power Force rep e-mailed Power Force to tell us to watch the new @powerrangersmovie at Instagram to check new casting news. British actress Naomi Scott (The Martian and Lemonmouth) has been cast as the Pink Ranger, rumored to be called Kimberly but it is unknown at the moment. Other kind-of known actors are Austin Butler (Aliens in the Attic) andDaniel Zovatto (It Follows) have been in the running for Red and Black Ranger with unknown actors.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Megazord Madness and Dino Charge App Update

Megazord Madness
Just like Morphin Madness, Megazord Madness pits old zords from the past and present against each other and the winner will get Dino Charge stuff and the Legacy Thunder Megazord, Legacy Morpher and Legacy Blade Blaster. Of course, there are coupons.

The Dino Charge App, both for Apple and Android has been updated with Gold Ranger, Megazord Madness, the Pachy charger, the turtle, and toys like the first round of monsters and gold ranger.