Saturday, September 19, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - The Evok Snare - Episode Review


The Rangers cut the Morph X energy supply and have an arrow to take him down. It will be launch with the Beast-X Blaster, a combo of a couple weapons. Zoey shows it off and freezes Berry's dad's wedding tuxedo in ice. Ben tries breaking it open with no avail. Nate hasn't figured out how to separate his dad out. Devon is concerned. Nate says he has been working hard. Devon leaves, saying he will find a way. Scrozzle is concerned, Evox wants Roxy and Blaze to get more Morph-X.

Devon looks through newspaper articles and finds one with his dad and him. Cruise brings more Ranger records. Ravi asks Devon and he found info on a Black Ranger that had a virus and tries to get a response from Dr. K. Bulldozertron arrives and the Rangers morph and fight. Blaze and Roxy morph and fight Gold and Silver. The trio power up. Ravi goes to help the others while Red and Yellow defeat the Bulldozer. Gold and Silver fall down and the bad guys leave with Morph-X. Silver blows up the tanker with the bad guys. Commander Shaw arrives says the last tower was able to be drained and it will be left unguarded. Scrozzle hears this. It was bait, Yellow hears this. 

A Gigadrone is sent to Tower 5 and they get a new interdimensional call. They figure the call is from Dr K. Devon and Nate go to the base with Shaw. The others form the zords to make a new combo: Beast X Ultrazord. They destroy the Gigadrone. Dr. K talks technobabble to Devon, saying her tech can not help. What happened was different. She thinks about something she read about Doomwing and Zenowing and made Split Emitters. Devon returns to the gang. They figure Evox will show up at Tower 5. Devon asks about the old Ranger tech in Nate's vault. He says he may have Split Emitters. Shaw tells them to go. Nate gives Devon Morph-X and asks for their help. They enter the vault and find random Ranger tech. Betty finds Split Emitters and they take them. 

The others wait at Tower 5. Evox arrives, growls and can barely move. Nate has the bow and shoots towards Evox but Evox stops it. He throws it towards them. They jump back at the ice attack. Evox is stopped by Devon. Mayor Daniels appears and tells Devon to let Evox pass. He says he will be destroyed. Ravi says it isn't his real dad talking. The Rangers try to deter Devon. Devon puts down his weapon and smirks. Ben tells him he's ready. Devon says transport and the split emitters split the Mayor and Evox apart. Devon goes to his dad. They hug. Scrozzle come to Evox. Evox says he is needs Morph-X. They teleport away. Later, Shaw recharge the towers and Morph-X is back to energize the city. Shaw asks Mayor what he might know. He says his last memory is the explosion in the portal (end of season 1). Nate tells him it was all Devon. Betty and Ben use the split emitters to take their dad's tuxedo out, they accidentally get their dad trapped in there and then Ben. Devon saves the day by getting them all out.

A pretty good episode and great to see Dr. K back. But a little unbelievable that the past Rangers would let Grid Battleforce even get their old tech, let alone their morphers. Even unbelievable that Dr. K would let them have the Cell Shift Morphers. Fans were also discussing how they could have SPD tech if SPD takes place in 2025. For me, the crew just put random tech for fun without thinking of why and how. Also, it would've made more sense if the Dino Charge Rangers had the Split Emitters and not Grid Battleforce. Given what happens in later episodes, I guess it is all out of the window in terms of logic. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Dino Fury and Lighting Collection Rumors

  Here are the latest rumors. The first batch is about the upcoming season of Power Rangers Dino Fury to start shooting soon and premiere in early 2021. The exact date is up in the air. Illumerdi has report that the cast is of five, three are male, and two are female. is responsible for this pic

Russell Curry, Hunter Deno, Kai Moya, Alexandria Nuñez, and Chance Perez. The colors are unknown right now. Most people have supposed Kai is Black Ranger, Russell is Blue, Chance is red, Alexandria is green and Hunter is Pink. With Alexandria being a second female and there only being one female in Ryusoulger, fans have supposed green will become female much like the male Yellow Rangers became male in the past: Mighty Morphin, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force and Wild Force respectively. This would be a welcomed change but it is unknown if this is official at this point.

As for Lightning Collection, No Pink Spandex has reported rumors for upcoming sets. The sets sound exciting and hope they are true.

Villains King Sphinx and Pumpkin Rapper, monsters from Mighty Morphin. They are called Deluxe villains and are to be retailed at $29.99. I was hoping for monsters. My friend who is a toy collector was hoping for monsters too.

Two-Pack of Andros and Astronema, also retailed at $29.99. I hope the sculpt for Astronema is better than her model design for Legacy War game and the Rita sculpt. The Rita was great and hope for more. 

Two-Pack of SPD A-Squad and B-Squad, when I first read this I thought it would be all 1o rangers but then I saw two-pack. No Pink Spandex thinks it will be just one color. I am hoping for Red. In the Power Rangers SPD canon, there were three red rangers for B-Squad. The first was Jack, then Sky at the end of SPD series and Bridge in Once A Ranger special. Since a Jack figure is already released, I assume it might be Sky. As for A-Squad, the most well known A-Squad Ranger is Red and Charlie, the first female Red Ranger. She is the first evil one and since Lauren, she is not counted as a female Red Ranger proper by fans but rather a secondary female Red Ranger. As fans know, A-Squad are not Japanese in origin but American made. The helmets are based on In Space.

UPDATE 9/10/20

Power Rangers Twitter says the cast of Beast Morphers is reuniting at PulseCon on September 26th for PulseCon. Tune in for behind the scenes stories, a live Q&A, never before seen footage, and a historic announcement. Comic Book Now believes the historic announcement has to do with the Dino Fury cast.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Two more Lightning Collection figures revealed

Psycho Green was found in a Walmart but not for sale just yet. And in some Targets, Black Dino Charge Ranger has been spotted. Also overseas White Dino Ranger.

Photo from Ray Alcantar on Facebook.

Photo thanks to @KidMtheman

Some fans are complaining about paint applications on White Ranger's helmet and Black Ranger's buckle. I honestly don't mind.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Speculations: What could not adapting Sentai mean for Power Rangers

UPDATED 7/20/20
Last week Illuminerdi brought out news that Hasbro would no longer be adapting Super Sentai footage from Toei, the majority of the fandom does not believe this unless Hasbro makes an 'official' announcement. As the news broke, there has been confusion. Some fans thinking Hasbro no longer being connected to Toei meant they would lose copyright to existing Power Rangers characters. As Jason Bischoff, who used to work for Saban Brands and briefly Hasbro told me via tweet once that if it is already Power Rangers, there is no copyright problem. Toei can't take that away. Hasbro cutting ties with Toei means Dino Fury will be the last season (for now at least) adapting from Toei's Super Sentai.

So by the chart above, Dino Fury will be the last season in 2022. This is my projection as presently the Nick contract ends in 2021. But since they have been doing 2 years each season, it makes sense they would extend it for a year. What is to come for 2023 is unknown. Michael Louie, former webmaster of Power Rangers Now, said in a recent interview with Illuminerdi that is unlikely Hasbro will be making their own footage for Power Rangers as that would be expensive and Toei was doing a good job, so why do it? Michael made it clear Hasbro's choice was not because of Toei's quality. I think it was a money issue and in Hasbro's vision, they don't see the current formula working. I personally see that Hasbro doesn't see that Sentai is part of the DNA of Power Rangers. Many fans have said that the live-action show is part of it and without it, it wouldn't feel like Power Rangers.

Taking a Break
Insiders believe Hasbro is putting all their money in the upcoming movie and toys will continue. They want Power Rangers to be as popular as in 1993 and want to tell more stories of Mighty Morphin team because that is what the public is familiar with. Franchises without a constant show are not unheard of. Transformers, My Little Pony, Ninja Turtles, Marvel and DC franchises have survived without having a constant TV show or movie on. Hasbro probably sees this as a break. As for MMPR, people are more familiar with Jason, Kimberly and Tommy just like mainstream people are more familiar with Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Megatron for Transformers. As Super Sentai has never taken a break and even with Covid, it doesn't look like it will end. 

What Hasbro sees producing the live-action series
This is just guessing, I don't know the actual details. I don't even know the ratings but word is the ratings are stable but lower than before. Power Rangers the series has not been as popular as it was in the 90's. Some seasons have been popular (good ratings or good sales) but not at the same level. Power Rangers Zeo had 50 episodes in 1996 while Power Rangers Wild Force had 40 in 2002. When Disney started producing Power Rangers, episode counts started at 38 episodes with Ninja Storm in 2003 and then lowered to 32 by RPM in 2009. In 2011 once they joined Nickelodeon, the episode count was down to 20 per year with some specials, and each 'theme' was expanded to 2 years. Let's look at facts:

1995 - Zeo - 50 episodes
2002 - Wild Force - 40 episodes
2003 - Ninja Storm - 38 episodes
2009 - RPM - 32 episodes
2011 - Samurai - 22 episodes
2020 - Beast Morphers - 22 episodes

Episode counts have stayed steady for 9 years on Nickelodeon but it is few and many fans have complained of the few episode count. But it looks like all we can get. There simply is no other network. Cartoon Network is now simply in house cartoons that range to 13 minutes in length. The other choice is a streaming service but no children's franchise is surviving on a streaming service exclusively. The most popular TV series for kids would be Spongebob and that is on Nickelodeon. And Nickelodeon hasn't been kind to Power Rangers as much as the Disney networks were, probably because of the violence and it is not the same anymore on television. The restrictions on television are tighter nowadays. I don't mind the violence but it has always been an issue with Power Rangers. I am not saying it is the ONLY reason but could be a contributing factor.

The Future
I foresee if Power Rangers does take a break from Super Sentai, it doesn't mean they can't go back. Let's face facts, Power Rangers has had a lot of different owners--Saban, Disney, Saban (again) and Hasbro. And whoever owns them later or even Hasbro, can always go back to adapting Sentai. Even if Sentai ends, they have plenty of series to choose from (Toqger, Zyuoher, Kyuranger, Lupinranger vs Patranger, and Kiramager). While I am not happy with the live-action factor of Power Rangers taking a break or ending, I do find all of this interesting. I don't see the Power Rangers franchise ending. I would really like to see how an animated series would play out. Without Sentai, Power Rangers could really stretch its wings and come out of the 'make my monster grow' formula and go on its own pace. It would be interesting to see rangers, weapons, zords, and villains designed by Hasbro and a story going by its own pace and not relying on footage. Now for those who don't believe this happening, I am not going to force anyone to see it my way or whatever, everyone is free to their opinion. The truth will come out soon one day. But let me tell you this, I am oddly positive moving forward. What am I basing this on? 27 years of consistency. Ironic that on the 30th anniversary, there won't be a series based on new sentai. But who knows, maybe there will be because of this whole Covid thing. Hasbro could extend the Nick contract for 3 years until 2024. 

Friday, July 10, 2020

Musings about Star Wars The Mandalorian and ideas for the future of Power Rangers

Disney Plus not only released Star Wars: The Mandalorian late last year but also Disney Gallery which is a behind the scenes round table show with the creators John Favreau and Dave Filoni and the directors and cast. Watching all the episodes, I got inspired. In "Connections" (the last episode), they reveal the various props and easter eggs from comics, video games, animated series and other things used in the Mandalorian. 

Dave Filoni mentions the difference between doing a lipservice to fans and weaving in canon and callbacks into the story and emotion of the story. He says it takes time. He says it is better when the producers actually understand where fans come from than just saying "Look, it's this past thing." just to make fans happy. It has me thinking of recent callbacks in Power Rangers seasons trying to service to fans that come out hallow. They even made a vehicle based on an old Kenner/Hasbro toy to put in the show. It was never used in the movies and was only a toy.

What had me interested is in the cosplay group 501st stormtroopers. It is a large group of cosplayers who are usually called for big public events. They also go to charitable events and hospitals. They made their armors themselves. Mandalorian producers called them and they didn't know they were going to be in the show. Needless to say, they were surprised and happy. It has me thinking about Power Rangers cosplayers. For the Legendary Battle, they hired extras to be other Power Ranger teams but they didn't have enough of them. It would be great if cosplayers got together like a big group and each one as assigned a team and could get together to be each team. So this is speculations and dreams, it would be great if a company was doing a mini-series or movie that needed past Rangers and called this hypothetical cosplayer group.

Has me thinking of Shattered Grid which had all Ranger teams get together and battle. It would be great if there was a mini-series or TV movie based on Shattered Grid or something similar. Or maybe a series similar to Mandolorian that dealt with past teams and had one lone ranger from the future or something like that. And it could be an open sandbox to play with toys--using props and characters from past seasons, comics, games, and movies. I always had an idea about the "Last Power Ranger" which the Power Rangers Super Legends game had the Omega Ranger from the future. So let's say this idea could tie in with "Sliders" and the aim is the protagonist Ranger can travel to different dimensions since Dino Charge and RPM teams are in other dimensions. 

What do you guys think? Would it be great to have live-action mini-series or TV movies that deal with the canon and large Power Rangers universe? Amit B. had an idea for Power Rangers Ninja Storm called "Hexagon" where the rangers had an "Avengers" like organization. And there would a divide between two sections of Rangers. Even though I like that idea, I think the "Last Power Ranger" idea would be interesting, in order to cover different aspects of the Ranger universe. Also, if said mini-series is successful, it could lead to the "Hexagon" idea and other spin-offs. So reiterating what I already said, it would be cool to have a mini-series and a cosplay group of past ranger teams in case they can be used for any movie, etc. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Hasbro breaking ties with Toei?

Illuminerdi claims Hasbro has cut ties with Toei. Toei, for those who do not know, is the company that creates the source footage of Super Sentai. Toei has been tied to Power Rangers since the beginning in 1993 and also created Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes, and other series that were adapted into Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, and VR Troopers. Illuminerdi says after Dino Fury, they will no longer be adapting from Sentai and future plans have not been announced. This is all speculation. Some fans say this could be a hoax but usually, bad news is true news. Last year on Netflix's The Toys that Made Us said Hasbro was no longer working with Toei, which fans took as a mistake. The only reason I can think of dropping Toei is to save money and not rely on the footage, which it was rumored Disney wanted to do. The following are not true and these are my guesses only.

Here are my speculations and ideas:
1. Hasbro creates its own footage
This would be the ideal that Hasbro creates their own footage instead of Sentai, which includes arsenal, ranger, zords, and villains created by Hasbro. I would love to see designs and footage created from Hasbro. 

2. Animated Series -- comic-based
An animated series is the most obvious choice if Toei is gone. Going animated would be cheaper. With Transformers, Hasbro has gone from regular traditionally animated to computer-animated. The Boom comics are popular and fans have loved the storylines. Having an animated series based on Shattered Grid would be a dream for fans. The comics are mostly for teenagers and adults, so an animated series based on the comics would be for age group older than the usual age group. I would love it to be not TV-MA but at least TV-14.

3. Animated Series - based on the past
Disney had ideas of an animated series based on Doggie Kruger from SPD with a new team or a team mixed with old characters. An idea for an animated series would be not based on comics but a story that continues the canon. It could have the MMPR team or a team made of rangers from different teams. As it is animated, it doesn't have to rely on actors, they could have other voice actors.

4. Animated Series - Newly created series
Hasbro can choose just to make a new series like Sentai does but animated. It can be unrelated to the lore and canon like any other season. 

5. Independent streaming series 
They could have a regular series (live action or animated) for the young audience and then an independent series for older audiences like mentioned before. it could be animated or it could be live-action.