Thursday, August 21, 2014

Poll Results: PMC Exclusive/July Date for MMPR Film/PRSM Megabloks toys/20 inch Silver Ranger



What do you think about 1 per customer for the PMC exclusive?
Not Fair
  15 (34%)
  27 (61%)
  7 (15%)
  11 (25%)

What Megabloks Super Megaforce toys have you seen in your stores?
PRSM 5 set
  18 (52%)
Sky Ship
  12 (35%)
  20 (58%)
Blind Pack 1
  11 (32%)
Blind Pack 2
  9 (26%)
Air Gliders
  11 (32%)
What do you think about the July 2016 date for the new Power Rangers film?
  48 (59%)
Can't Wait
  41 (50%)
Too Soon
  9 (11%)
  5 (6%)
Don't Know Yet
  15 (18%)

What do you think of Silver Ranger being available in 20 inches and not 31 like Red and Blue?
  23 (37%)
  39 (63%)
I'd buy it anyway
  12 (19%)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Details Pre-Power Morphicon 4: Make-A-Wish, Judd Lynn, and Shout! Factory Live

Press Release from Saban Brands about their events:
To kick off the opening of Power Morphicon, fans can gather for an exciting event on Saturday, August 23, at 8:45 a.m. outside the Pasadena Convention Center. Saban’s Power Rangers and special “Junior Ranger” guests from Make-A-Wish® will take part in an epic stunt to POWER UP Power Morphicon, which originally started in 2006 to grant the wish of a child in the Make-A-Wish program. The Power Rangers are partnering with Make-A-Wish, the official 2014 Power Morphicon Charity Auction beneficiary, and special guests to transform the lives of five kids from around the country with life-threatening medical conditions by granting their wishes to meet the Power Rangers.

At 1 p.m., fans can attend the Power Rangers Super Megaforce Panel in Ballroom D&E, moderated by Chip Lynn, Executive Producer of the upcoming Power Rangers Dino Charge season. Fans can expect a lively Q&A session with the Super Megaforce cast, followed by a never before seen look of the highly anticipated upcoming 2015 season. Following the panel, attendees can meet the cast of Power Rangers Super Megaforce at the official cast signing from 2-4 p.m. in the Main Hallway. In addition, fans can expect to meet and pose for photos with various legendary Rangers on the show floor throughout the full run of the convention.
Make-A-Wish Event:

 We’ve joined forces with Make-A-Wish for a CAN’T-MISS stunt on Saturday morning to POWER UP five kids’ wishes to meet the Power Rangers. If you’re attending the convention, you’ll definitely want to check this out, so be sure to arrive early (around 8:30 a.m.) to get a good viewing spot.

Shout! Factory Power Morphicon Live
Also, if you can’t make it to Power Morphicon, no fear! Shout! Factory will be hosting Power Morphicon Live, a live streaming digital event from inside the convention on August 23, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST exclusively on
Power Morphicon Contest
Following contest is only for attendees of Power Morphicon that are 18 and over. Power Morphicon Trivia Contest. The contest will have three rounds. Contest will initiate via email the week of August 18. They will send trivia questions to the PMC advance attendee email list they will have to  answer those questions in the given time frame.  They will select 10 winners and three alternates from the correct responses. Players in the final 4 will need to be present at Power Morphicon to compete in the last round. The final round will be hosted and judged by Andre Meadows, questions will be derived from the Power Rangers Trivial Pursuit game and other sources with input from Saban.

 Final 10 prize 1 day Morphicon pass, $10 Shout coupon via email & PMC Day Pass
  Prize 1 megaset of your choice PMC 2014 litho
 4 prize 2 mega sets of your choice, JD Frank signed headshot, PMC 2014 litho
3 prize 3 mega sets of your choice, JD Frank signed headshot, PMC 2014 litho
Grand prize Power Rangers Legacy Collection, PMC 2014 litho.
 Power Morphicon Trivia Contest Draft 1 August 12,  2014
Panel Schedule
There will be three ballrooms. Check out the official panel schedule at:
Lavender Ranger
I am surprised people are surprised I will be attending this year's Power Morphicon. I attended the last one and have been saving up for this one. Initially I was going to only be there for Saturday but I will be there Friday too. I will be staying at the same Sheraton hotel so if you are going, I hope to see you there! Last time I had no Twitter nor a laptop there. This time I will have my laptop there and try to upload some photos per night and some updates. Of course  may not having fancy speedy updates like Fury Diamond of MegaforceCast, Henshin Justice or any other but I will try to do my best. Last time I did have the best Megaforce promo HD video.
Here is last time's coverage:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 4 - Masquerade Dance Party


 The original Anime had this same episode, based on the manga where there is police barricade because of a Princess with her mysterious box the enemy thinks is the Mysterious Silver Crystal. Usagi wants to go and disguises as a princess and dances with Tuxedo Mask. The Princess who looks like Umeko with nerdy glasses gets possessed by Nephrite. Usagi and Tuxedo Mask fall from a balcony and sail down due to a Parasol. Moon, Mars and Mercury exorcise Nephrite's copy from the Princess and we find out that she didn't have the Silver Crystal. In the end, Mamoru kisses Usagi while sleeping and she says it reminds her of something.

So this episode pretty much follows that, except of just seeing Nephrite, the Sailors meet all four Shittenou. I was never fond of Usagi's first kiss as Mamoru kissed her when she was drunk in the original Anime. In the dub, they made it into a dream. In the Live-Action version, Usagi dressed as a bear and hid and there was no kiss. Okay, back to this episode--other changes are Luna telling the three their mission and also a brief thing about each of their personalities. Rei asks when will the Princess be revealed, Luna says when all five Senshi are present and a special block they have on her will be taken off.

 I am not writing a simple summary and review this time as I am growing tired of the same thing over and over. We have seen this all before. They say this is closer to the Manga but I have been seeing the old Anime and it is all pretty much the same. Only major difference from this Anime and the original is that Naru is not involved in this version and that Rei and Ami actually go to the dance, but they pretty much serve the same purpose and make no difference to the Usagi and Mamoru plot.
What new thing is that Jadeite destroyed her Tiara and she got a new one this time. In the last Anime, it got destroyed and it magically came back the next time with no explanation. Sailor Jupiter premieres in two weeks.

Power Morphicon Ranger Key Set: Titanium and Violet Ranger

Unlock the power with the Power Rangers Power Morphicon Limited Edition Ranger Key Set! Together in this set are two Power Rangers Keys, including the exclusive metallic Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger and Light Speed Rescue Titanium Ranger which are unavailable in a metallic version outside of this collection! Both keys activate an exclusive sound by inserting them into the Deluxe Legendary Morpher (sold separately). These keys also unlock sounds and features throughout the Power Rangers Super Megaforce toy line, and can be scanned for digital play with the Power Rangers Scanner App available for Apple and Android. Only 500 produced. Available exclusively at Power Morphicon 2014! Limited quantities available each day.
Price $10.00
We want to make things as easy as possible for you so here are some FAQs for Bandai product that will help you get your hands on our Limited Edition Power Morphicon Exclusives!

1. Where can I purchase these Exclusives?
Power Morphicon Convention, Pasadena, CA, Bandai America Inc. Booth.

2. When do the Power Rangers Power Morphicon Limited Edition Ranger Key Set go on sale?
On Sale August 22-24, 2014. While supplies last.

3. What forms of payment will be accepted?
Credit card only.

4. How many can I purchase?
Limit 1 per person.

5.How much will they cost?
Lavender Ranger's Opinions
$10? and only 1 per person???!!! What the? I was planning to get 2, one for my nephew and one for me (and have it signed by Rhett Fisher and David DeLatour--I may still do that). And two people already asked me to buy one. Some people think this has been done for enough of the hundreds of people to get one for themselves. I think it is also to stop too many eBay scalpers.

Friday, August 15, 2014

New Members for Power Force

UPDATE 8/20/14
The following post is only to inform.
A couple months ago, the members of Power Force were asked to renew their contracts and two declined. I will not say who they were but some people already know and can deduce by checking the official websites. A couple months later we were asked to select three nominees, three fans that had to have certain requirements. The requirements are they must be a highly passionate Power Rangers fan, must have a wealth of knowledge about the Power Rangers franchise and must have a strong online presence through a blog, social media, and/or forums with a dedicated following and or readership. With those requirements (which most fans fit 2 out of 3), not everyone fit all three. So out of the three I picked, one was selected. In all NINE were selected and I do not know why or anything like that. Neither do I know who in the existing group picked nor why. The only one I picked that was selected was Eric Berry who won the contest. I met The2ndBatgirl in passing before and I can't wait to meet Eric Berry at PMC I am planning to go. Congrats to all the new members!
Here are the new members, which round out to 25:
He is the owner of TokuNation and host of Talkin Toku Podcast.
Eric Berry is host of and Co-host of
She owns Power Rangers Recaps. She is the second female Power Force member, first is Lisa J of No Pink Spandex.
 Hassan Ahmed is a toy reviewer on YouTube:
Brian Dagley owns which mostly deals with Sentai.
Jacob Brode does videos on YouTube

He does video reviews on YouTube

She makes YouTube videos, she is the third female.

Miss CD


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Poll Results: Villains to return/Nick Hotel/DVD Volumes/SMC reviews

 Should I stop doing Sailor Moon Crystal reviews?
  37 (41%)
No I Like them
  58 (64%)
Which season of Power Rangers you bought DVD volumes for?
In Space
  26 (46%)
  24 (42%)
  27 (48%)
Alien Rangers
  28 (50%)
Mighty Morphin
  37 (66%)
Which of the following have you spotted in your toy store?
Legacy Lord Zedd
  17 (28%)
Legacy Red, White, Green
  19 (31%)
Silver Morpher
  21 (35%)
Silver Spear
  15 (25%)
RPM Turbo Falcon
  31 (51%)
Fall Morph Suits
  12 (20%)
31" Super Megaforce
  20 (33%)
Ninja Zord
  14 (23%)
Nick Hotel: What do you think about the real PRSM cast being there for a weekend?
  81 (79%)
  9 (8%)
Wish I could go
  40 (39%)
Don't Know
  12 (11%)
 Which Disney Villains would you want to return for PRSM?
  17 (16%)
  17 (16%)
  24 (23%)
  56 (54%)
  34 (33%)
  25 (24%)
  15 (14%)
  13 (12%)
  18 (17%)
  25 (24%)
  17 (16%)
  16 (15%)
Dai Shi
  42 (41%)
  44 (43%)
  20 (19%)
Which Saban Villains (suits) would you want to return for PRSM?
  76 (70%)
  33 (30%)
  17 (15%)
  21 (19%)
  40 (37%)
  38 (35%)
  21 (19%)
Captain Mutiny
  14 (12%)
  23 (21%)
  27 (25%)
  19 (17%)
  32 (29%)
  17 (15%)
  29 (26%)
  33 (30%)
  27 (25%)
Which villains (suits only) would you want to return for Super Megaforce?
  39 (23%)
  23 (14%)
  69 (42%)
  20 (12%)
  45 (27%)
  27 (16%)
  31 (19%)
  90 (55%)
  30 (18%)
  19 (11%)
  39 (23%)
  20 (12%)
  23 (14%)
  19 (11%)
  23 (14%)