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Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Gorilla Art - Episode Review

Late at night at the base, Nate leaves and Ravi asks if he can work on his saber. In reality, he is working on his artwork. He paints Roxy as she sleeps in the chamber. Smash comes in and Ravi erases his memory. Smash gets the urge to paint and paints the base and then public property. Ben and Betty find him when they are on their bike. Betty tells the commander. They try using water from a hose but fail. The Rangers arrive and a new Robotron arrives. The five morph. Turbotron goes after Smash while Roxy and Blaze fight the five. Devon beats Turbotron back. Ravi leaves with Smash. Devon fights Tronics and Turbotron leaves. 

Ravi puts Smash in a warehouse when Turbotron arrives. Turbotron blows them with a turbine. Ravi tries hitting him but is blown away. Ravi fights the air and uses his gorilla strength. Smash comes and protects Ravi. Scrozzle puts together the beast power discs. Vargoyle arrives and asks for the fury cells and Scrozzle blames Roxy and Blaze. He beats them. Evox arrives. Scrozzle made Vargoyle but he turned against him. Evox offers him to work for him for the beast powers and Blaze and Roxy are mad. Evox said he would reward his strongest servant. Nate checks on Smash, Commander says working on art is a waste of time. Smash is corrupted and they can't use the zords. Ravi admits it was him and have them promise not to tell his mom. 

The Rangers go fight Vargoyle (in a cloak) who is collecting Morph-X, who play-acts for the drama. The five morph. Vargoyle calls Scrozzle, whos says he is playing games with his enemies. The Gigadrone attacks a tower. Devon and his zord come but can't climb the tower. Zoey comes in on her zord to help Devon. Zoey flies away. Nate wants Smash to paint and Smash leaves and goes to help Ravi. Meanwhile, Ravi and Steel corner Vargoyle. Ravi leaves and Steel is on his own. Vargoyle takes off the cloak and beats up Silver. Wheeler zord comes in and turns upside down. Racer Zord bounces off and slashes at he Gigadrone, destroying it. Silver continues fighting Vargoyle. He de-morphs and Vargoyle is about to blast him when Gold Ranger arrives. Vargoyle teleports away.

He shows the Morph-X to Evox and Scfozzle gives the upgrade to Vargoyle. Roxy and Blaze watch this. Evox promises Vargoyle power if he succeeds. Blaze says to work together to get Vargoyle, Roxy agrees. Later, Ravi apologizes to Smash and Smash reveals he knew about the art for months. He kept it to himself. Ravi says he was wrong for not trusting him and hugs Smash. Smash says he never did it before but Ravi says not to get used to it. Smash says his mom will accustom to it one day. Betty and Ben get buckets of soap water on their heads. 

Episode Review:
It is interesting as Ravi keeps hiding stuff from his mom, especially artist talent. It is nice Smash protects Ravi and keeps secrets for him but would have liked his character would be different. I know he is 'cute' for kids and does stereotypical gorilla. Maybe if he was a bit more fleshed out of a character and less stereotypical and hammy. Other than that, a good episode and an interesting storyline about Vargoyle being a creation of Scrozzle that turned against him. Vargoyle is an interesting character but has the same generic villain voices they've been doing lately. 

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Seeing Red - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Devon is jogging when a bank robber goes by. Devon decides to show off and chase after him using his Fury Mode. The Red Ranger catches the robber, but the police tell him to stick to fighting Robotrons, while they do their job in catching criminals. Roxy attacks the city with Burnertron, and the Rangers show up. Devon’s Fury Cell that powers his Fury Mode is running low. Devon manages to steal another one from Roxy. His armor loses color and he puts in the new fury cell. He calls the cheetah claws. The five gathers but Devon fights without them. Roxy and the Robotron leave. Devon de-morphs and the others complain. Devon shows the cell to Nate. Nate has lab work to do and takes a hair from Devon The others go to Ripe Tide. Blaze makes fun of Roxy. Scrozzle tells Evox that Devon could become evil. He puts a disc in the Robotron in order to collect the Cheetah power. 

Devon is acting different and the others notice. Devon then shows off martial arts skills in Rip Tide. Ben gets a new cake for his dad. Betty sits on it. Devon beats up the guys. They get called. Devon uses up some of the fury cell. At the base, they figure out the Fury Cell is making him evil. The commander says it is affecting his mind. Nate says to take it off and he says no. Devon says he doesn't need the team and leaves. Nate says there is not enough of the fury cell. The Rangers go out to fight Tronics. The Rangers fight. Roxy shows off another cell. Burnertron is about to be powered up when Devon arrives and spins around Roxy. Ravi takes the fury cell and fights with Devon.

Ravi uses gorilla mode but he overheats. He de-morphs and Devon is about to get the fury cell. Roxy eggs him on. Devon gets the cell and the armor dissolves as the old cell-powered down. Devon is about to put a new cell and realizes what he is doing. He says he was wrong, he was hurting his friends. He breaks the fury cell. Roxy screams and he throws them at her. She teleports away. Devon and Ravi hug. Scrozzle sends a Gigadrone. Commander and Smash take Ravi to med bay. Devon calls the Megazord. Gold, Silver, and Yellow continue fighting Burnertron. Gold and Silver take out the flame out of Burnertron. Yellow and the dup take down the Robotron. Yellow leaves because her energy is low. The disc is left in the dust. Silver and Gold get their zords and form their Megazord. Striker Megazord destroys the Gigadrone. They put out the fire on the Morph-X Tower.

Roxy gives the data chip to Scrozzle. Scrozzle says they have the three beast powers. Roxy says they are hers. Blaze says she has failed. Scrozzle tells them to leave. Ben and Betty are surprised by Devon with a new cake for their dad. Devon apologizes for his obsession. The General comes in and congrats the Rangers. Ben and Betty make a mess with icing bags. He says the icing tastes good. He splashes some on them and they have an icing fight.

This episode reminds me of the moral-telling "Afterschool Special" stories of Ninja Steel. The addiction to the fury cells is obviously alluding to drugs or any addiction, especially the part about Devon "changing" and "acting differently." Power Rangers is not one for subtly but a two-parter where Devon slowly changes would've been cool. Especially since when the fury cells were introduced in the last episode, they had nothing about being addicted to them or turning evil. 


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Super Sentai: Enlarging Techniques 2019

UPDATED 10/28/19 3PM EST
Chronicling the differences through the years how they made monsters grow.

Battle Fever (1979) was the first to have giant robot battles, many from episode 5 onward have 'little brother' giant robot doubles.

In Denjiman (1980), Vader Monsters control their body's Cellular structure and are thus able to make themselves grow larger or smaller.

In Sun Vulcan (1981), the monsters have an Expansion Program built into them that not only repairs them, but enlarges them as well.

In Goggle V (1982), this thing made them big.

In Dynaman (1983), the Evolution Beasts undergo Big Bang Process to enlarge when defeated.

In Bioman (1984), the Bioman fought the same five Beastnoids and everything else were big robots.

In Changeman (1985), Gyodaai was One-eyed monster enlarging creature.

In Flashman (1986), Kragen is a jellyfish they call that came from a dimension and makes the monsters grow.

In Maskman (1987), a bug/mollusk hybrid Okelampa that emerges when the Tube Empire monsters are defeated and are enlarged with its ray as Okelampa utters "yare-yare" ("Good heavens!") before taking its leave.

In Liveman (1988), Giga Phantom enlargement bazooka makes monsters grow.

In Turboranger (1989), Jarmin would open her mouth and a large fiery snake would come out and go into the sky and shoot down the same tornado as Zimba and Lehda. Zulten would just blow on his dried out blowfish and a blue tornado would come out and drain energy and lifeforce from the Turborangers to enlarge the beast.

In Fiveman (1991), Gorlins are giant white-skinned robot alien which absorbs and mimics the defeated Galactic Warriors. Each have a number, some combined wit the monster and there were special black Gorlin as well.

Dimensional Bug/Bio Dimension Bugs inside the Dimensional Beasts and Bio Dimensional Beasts would stay alive while the beast died and then it would grow in Jetman (1991).

In Zyuranger, Bandora would throw her wand to Earth and it would make the Earth crack and a mist that would come from it would make the monster grow.

In Dairanger (1993), the Gorma would use Enlarging Bombs. The Gorma foe would have one and take off the top and an explosion would make them grow.

In Kakuranger (1994), lightning would make the Youkai grow.

In both Ohranger (1995), Kocha would make the machine foes grow with a laser from its mouth.

In Carranger (1996), the Gorotsuki would grow thanks to the Imo-Youkan. It is a yellow cube-shaped food made from jellied sweet potatoes. If it is not from this certain store, the Gorotsuki will shrink.

In Megaranger (1997), Bibidebi would bite the Nejire Beasts to make them big, effecting their DNA.

Top Left to Right: Iriesu Battobasu; Bottom Left to Right: Budou Sanbasshu
In Gingaman (1998), depending which General the monster came from, they would drink from a different canister to grow.

In GoGoV (1999), Pierre would throw the cards to the right side to make the demon grow or revive/grow. Bats would surround the demon.

In both Timeranger (2000), this seal would be pealed off the foe and it would make them grow. In was explained that because the criminal was shrunk, the seal keeps them from becoming giant, it was a side-effect from shrinking them.

In Gaoranger (2001), Tsuetsue would enlarge the Orgs with her wand and seeds, then what appeared to be green vines wrapped around to form the giant.

In Hurricanger (2002), there were four ways. For Sargain's robot corp, Wendinu would send through her PDA down a rocket that became the Copy Giant that would copy the look of the robot monster. For Chuzubo's aliens, Wendinu would send down the scroll with a bazooka and the scroll would magically pick up the pieces to make the monster big. For Satorkura's, Wendinu would fling downwards a big mask that was like a boomerang to enlarge the foe. And fourth, Saandaru would use his fan to enlarge his beasts.

In Abaranger (2003), the Life Berry of the Torinoids (it acts a heart) and when destroyed the berry lifts up into the air and they are resurrected as a giant. The Giganoids are already giant to begin with.

In both Dekaranger (2004), the aliens used robots, some did grow but no specific way.

In both Magiranger (2005), the monsters were grown by Infreshia or Wolzard's magic symbol.

In Boukenger (2006), Gekkou made the Tsukumogami into a giant version called a Oogami using his Sutra. Other monsters would just magically grow. As seen in Task 16, Ryuuwon can make a Wicked Dragon grow by firing a special dart from his gun. The Ashu would use robots.

In Gekiranger (2007), the bad guys would grow with their own animal energy Ki.

In Go-Onger (2008), the Gairac used the Bikkurium energy inside the Bankijyu to become big.

In Shinkenger (2009), the Ayakashi just have two lives so when they die once, they automatically become big.

Buredoran in Goseiger (2010) makes monsters grow with his bats.

In Gokaiger (2011), they use a beam from their ship.

In Go-Busters (2012), they use robots and megazords. Rhino Doubler was grown by Enter using a MetaVirus.

In Kyoryuger (2013), Luckyuro waters the remains of the defeated Debo Monster and/or Cambrima with a pumpkin watering can containing Restoration Water, which restores a Debo Monster and makes them grow. It should be noted that Restoration Water only works on members of the Deboth Army, as Restoration Water is derived from the cells of Deboth himself.

In Toqger (2014),  When a Shadow Monster is destroyed, its power goes out of control, making it grow giant.

In Ninninger (2015), When a Yokai is destroyed in battle, Kyuemon Izayoi uses the stolen hammer and a Kibaoni Nin Shuriken to revive the fallen Youkai and make it grow.

In Zyuohger (2016), After a Deathgalien Player is defeated, Nalia is teleported down to insert one of these tokens into a slot on their body. These Medals are infused with power from Ginis' cells, thus allowing the said Deathgalien to be revived and supersized.

Enlarge Inrō
In Kyuranger (2017), the method of growth is dependent on the medium surviving the user's destruction. The majority of them use Enlarge Inro.

In Lupinranger vs Patoranger (2018), using the Get big/Gros caliber syringe Lupin Collection Goche Ru Medou can perform reconstructive surgery on fallen Gangler Monsters, enlarging and reviving them.

In Ryuusoulger (2019), Minosaurs grow naturally with strength.

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Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Sound and Fury - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
A maintenance girl wants to do something more complicated and interviews with Zoey and Nate. Ben and Betty test out the Cheetah Claw for Devon. The dressing is thrown at Betty and it blows up. The girl Megan says they are a mess and she has experience. Nate doesn't like her. There is a long line of people applying for his assistant, Megan says she will be the next assistant to herself. Zoey and Nate meet at the movie. Scrozzle is telling a story to Roxy. Blaze brings a new Tubatron and shows Evok new keys--Fury Cells. Scrfozzle is mad he took them, Evox wants to use them. Megan sees Zoey and Nate and thinks it is a date and it is against the rules for Rangers to date and hse takes a picture. 

The Rangers face Tubatron. Blaze gives him a fury cell and he is powered up. The five morph. The trio fight Tubatron and Gold and Silver go after Blaze. Tubatron destroys Blue's saber. Gold blasts the box of fury cells. Silver takes a fury cell. Tubatron blasts Red away and his visor cracks. They de-morph and Devon fights the monster. Ravi and Zoey leave on Cruise. Gold and Silver defeat Blaze. Blaze groans and says they won't get his fury cells and he teleports away. At the base, the Rangers show the Commanders. Nate tells her about the Fury Cells. 

Commander says Nate needs his assistant. Nate trusts Zoey to pick the assistant. Zoey bumps into Megan and she says her the video of the two together. Megan shows her the handbook about dating. Zoey denies. Megan blackmails her to be the assistant. Zoey is shocked. Later, Megan indeed is the assistant and helps with the claw. Nate puts the fury cell to power the armor. Megan questions his calculations. He tells her to put half a bottle of Morph X and she puts a whole bottle. He turns it on and it overloads. The claw comes for them. It spins around Ben and Betty. Megan blames Nate. She goes to report the commander. Zoey hears this. Commander says it doesn't sound like Nate. Commander asks for Zoey to bring Nate. Megan says being a Ranger and charge of the lab is too much. Megan wants to be the chief scientist. Nate shows she used the whole bottle on purpose.

Zoey tells the truth that she was blackmailing. Megan tells her about them dating. Commander says her actions are terrible. She kicks her out and calls security. Nate and Zoey explain about the date. Commander says she believes them. The Rangers regroup. Nate says they haven't tested the new mode but the others want to use it. Rangers morph and fight Tubatron. Red glows. Blue and Silver unable to block an attack. The armor slowly appears on Devon. Fire blasts out when his new mode is finished. He gets the cheetah claws and fights the monster. Scrozzle sends a Gigatron. The Rangers regather. Cruise and Devon form the battle mode of Racer Zord. They fight the Gigatron. Back at the juice bar, Zoey and Nate talk about Megan. He doesn't understand why Zoey let her blackmail her. It was kinda a date for Zoey. Nate is surprised. Zoey says she sort of likes him. He says it is phenomenal because the feelings are mutual. He confesses about the flowers. Nate asks what will they do. Steel is surprised but the other boys deny it would happen that they are together.

Episode Review:
Megan is an interesting character as she is not Roxy and Blaze or affiliated with Evox but they still use the 'evil' music with her actions. Also interesting that this episode introduces Devon's powerup but is basically a Zoey episode. This is not the first time for this to happen though. I commend the writing staff for a great episode with a new character.


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Power Rangers: Non-Color Teammate Names (2019)

I did the Super Sentai version, here are the Power Rangers. I'm not counting Ninjor or Blue Senturion or any Ranger-like Allies that are like them.

Phantom Ranger
The first Sixth Ranger to not have a color in his/her name. In Super Sentai, his counterpart VRV Master was not a Ranger, no mecha (zord) nor personal weapon. 

Magna Defender
Magna Defender, himself, is considered a Rnager-like Ally but when Mike became him, the show and toyline treated him as a Sixth Ranger. 

Titanium Ranger
Titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22. It is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength. He is basically a Silver Ranger. Boom Comics considers him this as he was included in the Silver Ranger cover they did a year ago.

Quantum Ranger
 Quantum distinctly is not a color. It is considered they picked this name not to be confused for Red. His Japanese counterpart as called Time Fire.

Lunar Wolf Ranger
While in Super Sentai, he was Gao Silver with the color in his name, Wild Force decided to call him "Lunar Wolf" instead of a color. My guess they did this because Quantum Ranger had a non-color name and wanted to keep that motif. 

Kat Ranger/Shadow Ranger/Omega Ranger
Shadow Ranger is hard to definiate if he's black or blue or what. So understandable they called him 'Shadow.' Omega Ranger, surprisingly, was not called 'White' but probably 'Omega' being that Omega means "the last." Omega Ranger's original name was DekaBreak. Kat Ranger is just named that because she is Kat, a feline. Her counterpart was Swan-inspired. My guess they did all this was because Dekaranger didn't use color names for their non-core Rangers.

Nova Ranger
"Nova" is a space thing, she was probably called that because it sounded cool. Her counterpart was "DekaBright."

Solaris Knight/Wolf Warrior
Even though treated as a Sixth Ranger both by Power Rangers and Super Sentai, fans don't consider him a 'Ranger' because of his name 'Knight.' Fans consider him a Ranger-like ally. I consider him a Ranger regardless. His counterpart was MagiShine. Wolf Warrior's Japanese counterpart was Wolzard Fire. He is considered a Ranger-like Ally. 

Mercury Ranger
His counterpart was Bouken Silver so he had a color name, but this guy was probably named Mercury because it was considered cool. My guess is because the last season the sixth rangers didn't have color names.

Robo Knight
After Operation Overdrive, all rangers went by colors or animals (in Jungle Fury). The only one during Saban era to not have a color name was Robo Knight, stylized after Gosei Knight. 

Graphite Ranger
"Graphite" is not a color. It is a crystalline allotropic form of carbon. In Japan, he was Kyoryu Gray. With all the unique color names like Aqua Ranger and Purple Ranger, Graphite Ranger is the only one that isn't a color. Gray Ranger doesn't sound as catchy either. He is also considered a Silver Ranger in Boom Comics.