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Is Black Ranger "Mighty Morphin" Left Out or is he?

UPDATED 12/20/14
So it has almost been twenty years since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie premiered. And Bandai Creation will release Legacy figures of MMPR:TM. Ivan Ooze above which will come with two different hands, one with a flute. I am looking forward to these than the 5 inch Legacy figures. Personally, I didn't get the regular ones because I already have the MMPR 2010 figures and they are basically the same, just with more detail and paint. If they were 8 inches like the originals, then I would've gotten them. But the movie figures, we never got accurate figures of the movie costumes which I still love. Anyway, I digress, we are learning new things all the time. Razzle1337 recently discovered something new or just hasn't been heavily talked about.
Red Ranger
As you may know, each Ranger had an unique gimmick in the movie, well most of them. Red Ranger legacy figure will come with two helmets. One shows off his "Power Scope" scanner mode he had.
Yellow Ranger
She had "Power Beams" mode which be portrayed as two different heads in the Legacy figure. I always liked those lights.
White Ranger
White Ranger just had Saba, so the figure just comes with it.  
Pink Ranger
She has the Thunderwhip and it will come with the figure but with the 'tongue' part sticking out and 'frozen' form.
Blue Ranger
In the movie, Blue Ranger had a Stega Stinger. In the original script, he had "Audio Enhancer" in his helmet and Black Ranger had the Stega Stinger. But then it was switched. It was switched for some unknown reason. People say that the hooks that come out of the device reminds people of Triceratops zord.
Black Ranger
Most fans thought that the Black Ranger had no special thing. In the shooting script, he had the Stega Stinger but that was given to Blue Ranger. I believe the toy he won't have anything either, just the Blade Blaster.
 I have rewatched the MMPR movie multiple times but right now my nephew watched the movie so much he scratched the DVD and I have lost it. But anyway I did notice the image before but I thought it was a reflection or something. I never paused it. I did notice something off about the scene. This scene is when Tommy says "Let's Power Up" when the Rangers face the Oozemen. Razzle1337 has spotted there is something different with the Black Ranger's helmet. It is like a alternate version. Because it is protruding out of the side of it, it makes me believe it might be the Mastadon ear popping out.
It COULD be the Audio Enhancers. But that I know of, fans have not seen pictures of this helmet alternative prop. Now why would it pop up in the film? Most likely they made the helmet, shot a scene for it, cut the scene out but used one shot where he still had it on for a split second. The only reason I can think why they cut it out was for time (full movie length) or that maybe the Audio Enhancers was a bit tedious after already seeing Power Scope and Power Beams. It makes sense that 3 Rangers had handheld weapons (stinger, whip and saber) and 3 Rangers had helmet upgrades (beams, scope, audio). It would've been cool if the toy came with it too but I guess Bandai doesn't even know.

Razzle apparently brought this back up in 2011:

Here are captures from Netflix thanks to Razzle:


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Best and Worst of 2014: Power Rangers and Super Sentai

It is almost the end of the year, magazines, TV shows and websites do their Best and Worst of the year so here is mine. I usually split it up by series, Power Rangers and Super Sentai, now I am just clumping them in Best and Worst.
BEST of 2014

Best App
The Dino Charge app just came along on Thanksgiving but it has to be the best app for Power Rangers ever. It has the new theme song, stickers for pictures, 3-D morph images, 'prizes' and 'levels.'
Best Butt
I did best Abs last year and I am sure some fans will complain that 'this is too gay' but I bet you if I did 'Best Butt' of a girl, there would be no problem. This goes to Azim Rizk (Jake).
Best Theme Song in the last six years
We finally got a song that doesn't recycle Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song. It has the 'Go Go Power Rangers' hook but at least it sounds different.
Best Use of Orange
Toq 6 Gou is the second Orange Ranger, other than Battle Cossack of Battle Fever J (1979).
Best use of a Dog Mecha
People might not agree with the choice of mecha for Ninninger or even the use of another train since the pervious Sentai was all trains. I sure liked the dog.
WORST of 2014
Worst Finale
  I won't mince words. I wish I could put this in the middle but this is best and worst, not kinda okay list. This was a major disappointment for fans. Fans were hoping to see Tommy actually fight and see more or hear more of the other veteran Rangers. Even in Gokaiger (which Super Megaforce got footage from) there were cameos without lines (voice) but they had A LOT of cameos. Americans can't even top that? Gokaiger had more consistent footage. The use of Legacy War and new footage, Rangers disappeared and reappeared. Even with Extended Version, it still didn't fulfill fan's wants or even made the episode any better. Now I am not saying it is the worst finale of Power Rangers history, just worst finale of the year.

 Worst Misuse of Powers
The Super Megaforce Rangers did not transform into full teams of Lightspeed Rescue, In Space, Time Force, and Operation Overdrive yet they transformed plenty of times in SPD. This was because of the footage, Gokaiger concentrated more on later seasons. Also while the Gokaiger became Extra Heroes, the Super Megaforce Rangers did not become Shadow Ranger, Sentinel Knight, Blue Senturion, Dai Shi, etc. But the Rangers did get "New Powers" and didn't concentrate on old seasons. Noah did become Blue Lightspeed in the extended "Legendary Battle," Emma became Pink Time Force in "Samurai Surprise," Red Operation Overdrive was used in "Super Megaforce" and extended Legendary Battle, Gia became Yellow Space and Troy and Orion became Red and Silver Space.


Worst Editing
Megaforce had the worst editing with splices of Non-Power Ranger scenes from Gokaiger footage (Turboranger in "A Lion Alliance," Midoranger key popping up, etc.) and the Japanese "Power Cards" from Goseiger. Also the Legendary Battle was just a mess. I could go on and on about Super Megaforce but I don't want to bore you guys, you guys know already. It is not the worst season (cough cough Operation Overdrive) but I think the biggest letdown is that it had so much potential and promise.

Winners and Losers of 2014: Tokusatsu and Anime

TV Shows, Magazines and websites do "Winners and Losers," I've done it for the last two years, so here my mine for this year. You may not agree, I may me completely wrong, but there we go.
Sailor Moon Fans
Sailor Moon has been revived with new merchandise in order of the 20th anniversary and then a brand new anime Sailor Moon Crystal. On top of that, Figuarts, dolls and recreations of the wands and brooches.
Kamen Rider Gaim Fans
A good series is a good series. Kudos. It is a well written series, it had multiple Riders, it has creative fruit-based weapons, arsenal and belts.
White Rangers Fans
We haven't had a White Ranger since Gekiranger (2007). And there was not a female White Ranger since Magiranger (2005) and not a female White Ranger in a core five-member team since Gaoranger (2001).
Dino Charge Megazord Fans
We dodged a bullet, the Triceratops was going to be in Purple and it showed up at SDCC 2014. Now it is correctly pink. Why purple? Bandai America feared boys wouldn't buy the Megazord because it had pink in it. But there will be a purple zord and also with the Dino Charge Power Packs, there are more purple ones. I have no problem with purple, it is just the show accuracy.

Power Rangers Fans older than 12
Fans who have grown up with Power Rangers and know the past seasons were hoping for a lot out of Super Megaforce. Especially those who saw that Saban Brands was hyping up the Legendary War (with the PMC 2012 promo, in early eps of Megaforce, etc.) and the 20th Anniversary. Sure, people can say that I am expecting too much from Saban Brands and that it is not going to be good because Samurai wasn't any good. Also actors have stressed the worked really hard on the show. But think about it this way. The majority of the populace agree that the Super Mario Bros Movie and Batman & Robin were not good films. While personally I think they are both hoots and a half, really small cult films or campy kitsch. If it is not good, it ain't good. Now yes, the Megaforce seasons had redeemable qualities and the cast wasn't bad. I am just saying this was a lowpoint.

Ranger Key Collectors
Now Bandai America didn't promise we would get all teams. Fans were just hoping they would. At San Diego Comic Con of 2013, they showed a variety of female and sixth rangers but when the actual keys came around, it was just 3 per pack and all males. Then there was the bombshell at the Toy Fair that they would only do 60 keys. Because of fan complaints, they then announced at SDCC 2014 that there would be more keys. They said they wouldn't say how because they hadn't finalize agreements with their partner. Razzle1337 then spotted new key listings at Toys R Us. Then a fan found pictures of these listings on a foreign website that usually just have prototypes that never make it to stores. I am included in these "Losers." I don't mean Losers like you are a loser, just that this was a sore spot.
Super Sentai Fans
Super Sentai fans that were hoping Dairanger and pre-Zyuranger Sentai would be free of not being part of Power Rangers now can't rest easy with this. Changeman, Flashman, Fiveman, Maskman, Dairanger and inadvertently Dynaman have been included in Super Megaforce as "New Powers." To add insult to injury, they didn't even keep the names straight. In one episode Maskman is called Blitz, then later called Lightning. Changeman is called Dragon in one ep and then Blitz in another. Ugh.

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Poll Results: Ninninger and Extended Legendary Battle

What do you think of the color combo of Red-Blue-Yellow-White-Pink?
  140 (74%)
  69 (36%)
  19 (10%)
  16 (8%)

What do you think about the Ninninger designs?
  140 (81%)
  39 (22%)
  12 (7%)
  13 (7%)


Extended Edition of "Legendary Battle": Favorite Part?
Astronema Cameo
  84 (62%)
Mavro Land Battle
  84 (62%)
Mystic Morph
  29 (21%)
Blitz Megazord use
  27 (20%)
Extended New Powers
  43 (32%)
Q-Rex Battle
  28 (20%)

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Ninninger: Shurikenjin and other mecha

UPDATED 12/9/14 5:30 PM EST
It also becomes some sort of beast.
Shinboumaru (Red) - Humanoid
Dragomaru (Blue) - Dragon
Danpumaru (Yellow) - Dump ruck
Wanmaru (White) - dog
Byunmaru (Pink) - train
DX Paonmaru - Elephant
DX UFOmaru - UFO

DX Karakuri Hengen
 Another piece of the Ninningers’ arsenal is the Karakuri Hengen- a massive Shuriken capable of 3 distinctive forms- Blade, Claw and Bow. Each Ninninger carries Shurikens in the Ninnin Buckle.

DX Gamagamaju - The Shinobi Shurikens can unlock new powers, weapons and can create new weapons and features when used with individual mecha as well as DX Shurikenjin. The Ninningers also have a blaster weapon, the Gama Gama Ju- a gun shaped like a frog

 Red, Blue and Yellow get articulated figures (Ninnin Action Series figures) while all 5 get the usual vinyl figures.

 Looks like Bandai Japan adapted the Bandai America idea of barcodes on the toys

DX Shinobi Ichibangatana
The Ninningers’ main weapon and changer, the Shinobi Ichibangatana is a sword that all five Ninningers take into combat.

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Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 11 Reunion - Endymion - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Usagi finds herself in the Moon Kingdom ruins and runs after Tuxedo Mask until she is awaken by Luna at home. Usagi wonders where he is. Luna guesses she doesn't care for her anymore. Usagi picks her up and hugs her. Luna figures Usagi has been through a lot, she tells her that she can talk to her about anything. Usagi bumps into Mamoru and her watch falls, the watch that belonged to Mamoru, it starts working. Usagi says it looks like him but it can't be him. Motoki and a guy named Endo bump into Mamoru. Mamoru hypnotizes Motoki into thinking he is Endo and to forget the other guy. Reiko, Motoki's girlfriend comes and meets "Endo," who Motoki introduces as his best friend. She drops a book about crystals that has the four--Kunzite, Jeadite, Zoisite and Nephrite.
The girls head over to Ami's apartment building, which Usagi is impressed with. Minako wonders if she looks suspicious holding the huge honking Legendary Sword. Ami has a big hard diamond and as a test, Minako smashes it with one little tap of the sword. Ami says the holy sword is poisonous, the Moon castle was turned into poisonous stone. Usagi is sleeping, they agree to let her sleep. Usagi awakes and everyone is gone. She said she saw the sunset when she awoke in Mamoru's apartment, she tears up. She spots the four plotting, she writes a note for them, she runs off to the Crown Arcade. She spots Mamoru there. Motoki greets her. She is shocked to find Endo. Endo acts like he doesn't know her. She calls him Mamo-Chan.
Motoki says he is his best friend Endo, he is  part-timer. Endo says that she has hair like Sailor Moon. He wonders if she will teach him the Sailor V Game. Luna is watching and warns the others. They go there and know he is Mamoru, even though they thought he was in the Dark Kingdom. Rei says it can't be him, his eyes are different, that she has a bad feeling. She wants Usagi to stay away. Usagi is walking alone and Luna tells her that it is not Mamoru. Usagi says Luna always says no. Luna wonders if she is hurting her again. Endo and Usagi hang out and play the Sailor V game. Endo says he has met her too. Usagi says Sailor V is more dependable than she is. Endo asks, "More dependable than Sailor Moon?" Usagi is shocked. Endo wonders where the command center is. Usagi rushes off.
 Endo tells her he wants to know more about her. He says his hypnotic suggestion didn't work. She wonders what to do, she runs off. She says Mamo-chan called her Usako. Makoto and Ami watch. They then spot Reiko, who says she belongs to the same club as Motoki but she doesn't know Endo. Reiko says she knows another Endo who was kind of feminine but haven't seen him lately. They never seen Endo before. Ami says Endo looks like someone they know. Endo tries to get in the Command Center, Mako confronts him. His eyes glow. Everyone else run to the command center and ask Mako what happened. Mako tells Usagi to stay away from Endo, he wants the crystal.
Usagi shows the crystal, the alarm goes off. Mako tries going for it, Rei stops her. Tuxedo Mask and Motoki appear, they wanted to get into the command center. He hypnotized Mako. Minako transforms first and followed by the others. Venus, Mercury and Mars do speeches. Venus throws her chain at Tuxedo. Motoki tries taking the crystal. Venus does the Venus Love-Me-Chain at Motoki. Venus gets the crystal but Tuxedo attacks her and takes her. Mercury does Aqua Mist but fails. Tuxedo gloats that he has it, Mars tries kicking it out of his hand and is knocked down. Moon wonders why everyone fights Tuxedo Mask. Luna tells her to fight. Sailor Moon can't phantom this. Luna says it is a fake Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo tells Usagi to go with her. Luna says she let her down but she knows who she truly loves and she is her ally, she jumps on Tuxedo. Tuxedo knocks her down.
Usagi is finally convinced it is not him, by how cold he is to Luna. She transforms into Sailor Moon. Moon cries as she hugs Luna. The crystal glows. She gets the Moon Stick and does the Moon Healing Esclation and heals Mako, Motoki and Luna.  She blasts at Tuxedo and Beryl appears. She now has the crystal. Moon asks how she can do such terrible things. Beryl says she is weak. She introduces herself as Queen Beryl. Beryl says she is no longer the same person. She wants Endymion to kill Usagi. Usagi wonders if he is Mamoru. To Be Continued...
Episode Review:
I almost cried at the Luna scene. People are complaining of the animation but I see no problem with it. I did like the inclusion of Reiko. And this is following my favorite story of the Manga, of Endo. It was a great episode, very nicely paced and had the right amount of surprise and suspense. I know I was a naysayer of the series but I now have come to appreciate its nuisances. Next time it looks like Beryl and ENdymion fight Moon and she has no choice. The next ep is called Queen Metaria.