Sunday, August 28, 2016

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - Gone Fishin - Episode Review

No Spoilers
Koda, Shelby, Chase, and Riley are fishing with Riley's bro Matt and Koda catches two with bare hands. Matt tells Riley it is not a competition when he tries measuring the fish. Chase keep catching trash. Tyler shows Ivan on his phone. 

Phillip and Jane's enter the base saying the silver energem is not on Earth and Kendall detects a small object landing on Earth. It is a message from Silver ranger, about the zord being on Earth and the message is intercepted by Singe. Kendall, Tyler, Ivan, James and Philip transform. 

They beat the back and take the device to the lab. Koda throws the fishing pole, Matt gets Chase's lucky hat. Matt leaves mad to his boat when Riley is too competitive. Meanwhile a,new monster is deployed. In the base, Keeper is surprised that the energem ends up in space. Tyler and Kendall want to send a message to the Silver Ranger. Hookbeard electrifies Matt's boat and Matt falls in the water. Chase finds a burned boat. Riley is worried that Matt is missing. 

Matt finds himself in a dark and wet place, he calls Riley. He sends a picture of the symbol and they find that he's inside the titano zord. The outdoor rangers contact the base rangers. Matt's phone dies/ Poisandra, Wrench and the Spikeballs arrive as Hookbeard attacks the lake to destroy the zord. 8 rangers reunite, morph and fight the bad guys. 

Red and Fury fight. Keeper dispatches Fury and releases Titano Zord from the lake. Red goes super, the Rangers fight as the Zord rise. Monster isn't destroyed, the victory and x chargers take out and destroy the monster. Monster grows, purple arrives. Kendall says all the chargers are needed. 

Riley demorphs, the Rangers put their chargers in it Matt is taken out. The Rangers enter the Titano Zord and destroy a Spikeball and fight Hookbeard. They form the Titano Charge Megazord/They fight. Hookbeard goes down.  Red calls the saber and destroys the monster. Back in Sledge's ship, Heckyl questions Singe. Singe and Heckyl fight, Singe leaves, saying he has a boss, Fury enters, Heckyl tells Fury to destroy Singe the next time he sees him. Fury is more than happy about it. Singe leaves in his space craft. 

Keeper returns the lake. Keeper says almost all ten energems are together. James says this will finally be over. James and Tyler hug, Matt and Riley talk. Riley apologizes. Matt says he wouldn't be here if he didn't save him. Riley says they might fight but they are still brothers. Chase is happy with his trash and Koda eats worms. 

The plot thickens with Singe. This is a jampacked episode, I feel like Riley and Matt's relationship could had been delved into more but oh well. There are just too many characters now to keep track of. I really do wish the Silver Ranger was Matt or someone we knew other than we already know it is, spoiled by foreign airings. No Spoilers here. Pretty good episode.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Power Rangers DinoSupercharge - Besties 4 Eva

Erin, best friend of Shelby's is making the male Rangers laugh at the Dino Cafe. Erin claims writing a Triceratops song. Shelby admits she wrote the song to Chase. Shelby says she takes credit for everything. Outside, Chase paid for ice cream and Erin takes credit for the Ice Cream. A Spikeball arrives, the Rangers run off and morph. Erin watches from a  tree. Pink Ranger takes on the Spikeball. The Rangers destroy the Spikeball and walk off. Erin sees the Spikeball's weapon. A reporter arrives and goes to Erin, asks what happened. They ask if she is a Ranger, Erin takes credit and says she is the Pink Ranger.

At Dino Cafe, Shelby looks for Erin. They watch Erin on a laptop, Breaking News. Shelby can't believe it. Koda asks her why she stops being Pink Ranger. Shelby is mad. Erin arrives and everyone crowds her for autographs. Shelby berates her. Erin avoids her. Shelby is in mid-speech until she gets a phone call for Erin. Erin says her battery ran out and needed Shelby's phone. Back at the ship, Heckyl eats a bad cookie for Half-Bake monster. They want cinnamon, which the Spikeball was after. half Bake wants to fight the Rangers but Heckyl and Wrench laugh. Half Bake tries running away but is stopped by Wrench and they fight. 

Half-Bake runs off and scares people in the city. Back at the base, they want to make Dino X Charger, with the power of all the Dino Chargers. They hear an alarm. Erin keeps taking pictures and she is told of a monster attack. She is hesitant but walks and the crowd follow her. She tells them to stay there. Wrench arrives and fights Half-Bake. The Rangers arrive. Half-Bake runs away. Wrench fights the others as Red goes after Half-Bake. Wrench short-circuits. Erin arrives at where Red is fighting the monster. Red is down. Shelby calls Tyler and he runs off. Wrench knocks down the Rangers, calls Viviks and runs off. Black calls his armor and fights Wrench. 

The Rangers fight Viviks. Red blasts the Rangers. Wrench escapes, Black reunites. Erin goes to the damaged car and the camera crew comes to interview her. The Rangers watch this in the base. Keeper and Shelby talk. Shelby says she doesn't want to stop being friends. Keeper asks if she has spoken of her concerns. Shelby responds no. He then asks how can she expect her to change? Then they see the monster capture Erin. Riley activates the track her down. Shelby tells them she has her phone. Kendall gives them the new charger. Half-Bake is about to bake Erin into a pastry and she admits she is not a Ranger. The Seven Rangers (With Purple!) arrive at the sewer due to the GPS. They morph and go down a tunnel. Half-bake wants their energems.

Red becomes Carnival... I mean T-Rex Super Charge. The Rangers pose. Half Bake throughs dough at them. He throws bombs. The Rangers fight him. They use the Dino X Charger and do Victory Maximum Final Strike. They save Erin. Erin apologizes to Pink. Heckyl is mad but makes the monster big. They tell Erin to hide and call the Megazords. Pink calls the Saber and they all go to Super Dino Drive Mode. They destroy the monster. Erin apologizes and tells the media the truth, the Rangers watch this on the news. Tyler says it takes guts. Erin comes to Shelby in person and asks if they can talk. Erin apologizes not only for being a Ranger, saying she is too nice to say anything but apologizes for taking credit for things she did. Shelby says it is okay. Erin tells the Rangers that the Triceratops song belongs to Shelby and they sing it together. 

I was going to dismiss this episode as just filler but it just gels, from Heckyl wanting cinnamon, Wrench malfunctioning, Erin's performance, funny instances and Shelby's acting. What doesn't quite work is Shelby being friends with Erin. She keeps saying Bestie' but we don't actually see them being friends for long. It is most like a sister or cousin. If it was just a boring filler, would have been better if this was aired with the first group of episodes. But it wasn't a boring filler. It was quite entertaining.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Poisandra and Zeo Legacy Figures coming soon, revealed at PMC5


Lots of things revealed at the Bandai Panel at PMC 2016 on Saturday 8/13/16 like Zeo figures in the Legacy line in the Fall. First Gold, yellow an Green and then later Blue, Red and Pink. 

Also Posiandra is coming soon too but it is unclear when. It is also unclear if she will be in the Dino Supercharge line or Ninja Steel like Rita was packaged with Samurai and not MMPR 2010. 

Power Rangers Dinosupercharge Production Stills

Besties 4Eva: 

This post will be updated once I get more pics from Saban Brands

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Power Rangers Ninja Steel cast revealed at PMC5

The two middle pics from Eric Berry

Will Shewfelt as Brody, Red Ranger
Chrystaine Lopes as Sarah, Pink Ranger
Chantz Simpson as Calvin, Yellow Ranger
Zoe Robins as Hayley, White Ranger
Peter Sudarso (Yoshi's Brother!) as Preston, Blue Ranger

I saw it live on Facebook via the Power Rangers and wow, the feels when Yoshi found out his brother was the new Blue Ranger. I have to give kudos to the casting directors for choosing two African-American Rangers in the same cast as it was an unspoken taboo before. I mean, we have so many white faces in the casts, why not more than one black? I'm an elementary school teacher and plenty of times black kids have said to me they don't like being the only kid. Now you might say, that is awfully young to feel like that but that's just how it is. It is the reality. I've always told them the color of skin shouldn't matter. It's nice to see more variety.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Ninja Steel toys, Power Sword, and other products revealed at PMC5

I went to the past two Power Morphicons but not to this one because of work, money and scheduling. Here are pictures from @PowerRangersNow and @DenO_tokunation

 Ninja Steel:

Upcoming Dino Supercharge toys!

Legacy Power Sword
Picture thanks to hassanahmed120

Legacy Dino Megazord for $40 at PMC.

Tamashii Nations reveals Soul of Chogokin Megazord.