Friday, July 10, 2020

Musings about Star Wars The Mandalorian and ideas for the future of Power Rangers

Disney Plus not only released Star Wars: The Mandalorian late last year but also Disney Gallery which is a behind the scenes round table show with the creators John Favreau and Dave Filoni and the directors and cast. Watching all the episodes, I got inspired. In "Connections" (the last episode), they reveal the various props and easter eggs from comics, video games, animated series and other things used in the Mandalorian. 

Dave Filoni mentions the difference between doing a lipservice to fans and weaving in canon and callbacks into the story and emotion of the story. He says it takes time. He says it is better when the producers actually understand where fans come from than just saying "Look, it's this past thing." just to make fans happy. It has me thinking of recent callbacks in Power Rangers seasons trying to service to fans that come out hallow. They even made a vehicle based on an old Kenner/Hasbro toy to put in the show. It was never used in the movies and was only a toy.

What had me interested is in the cosplay group 501st stormtroopers. It is a large group of cosplayers who are usually called for big public events. They also go to charitable events and hospitals. They made their armors themselves. Mandalorian producers called them and they didn't know they were going to be in the show. Needless to say, they were surprised and happy. It has me thinking about Power Rangers cosplayers. For the Legendary Battle, they hired extras to be other Power Ranger teams but they didn't have enough of them. It would be great if cosplayers got together like a big group and each one as assigned a team and could get together to be each team. So this is speculations and dreams, it would be great if a company was doing a mini-series or movie that needed past Rangers and called this hypothetical cosplayer group.

Has me thinking of Shattered Grid which had all Ranger teams get together and battle. It would be great if there was a mini-series or TV movie based on Shattered Grid or something similar. Or maybe a series similar to Mandolorian that dealt with past teams and had one lone ranger from the future or something like that. And it could be an open sandbox to play with toys--using props and characters from past seasons, comics, games, and movies. I always had an idea about the "Last Power Ranger" which the Power Rangers Super Legends game had the Omega Ranger from the future. So let's say this idea could tie in with "Sliders" and the aim is the protagonist Ranger can travel to different dimensions since Dino Charge and RPM teams are in other dimensions. 

What do you guys think? Would it be great to have live-action mini-series or TV movies that deal with the canon and large Power Rangers universe? Amit B. had an idea for Power Rangers Ninja Storm called "Hexagon" where the rangers had an "Avengers" like organization. And there would a divide between two sections of Rangers. Even though I like that idea, I think the "Last Power Ranger" idea would be interesting, in order to cover different aspects of the Ranger universe. Also, if said mini-series is successful, it could lead to the "Hexagon" idea and other spin-offs. So reiterating what I already said, it would be cool to have a mini-series and a cosplay group of past ranger teams in case they can be used for any movie, etc. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Hasbro breaking ties with Toei?

Illuminerdi claims Hasbro has cut ties with Toei. Toei, for those who do not know, is the company that creates the source footage of Super Sentai. Toei has been tied to Power Rangers since the beginning in 1993 and also created Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes, and other series that were adapted into Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, and VR Troopers. Illuminerdi says after Dino Fury, they will no longer be adapting from Sentai and future plans have not been announced. This is all speculation. Some fans say this could be a hoax but usually, bad news is true news. Last year on Netflix's The Toys that Made Us said Hasbro was no longer working with Toei, which fans took as a mistake. The only reason I can think of dropping Toei is to save money and not rely on the footage, which it was rumored Disney wanted to do. The following are not true and these are my guesses only.

Here are my speculations and ideas:
1. Hasbro creates its own footage
This would be the ideal that Hasbro creates their own footage instead of Sentai, which includes arsenal, ranger, zords, and villains created by Hasbro. I would love to see designs and footage created from Hasbro. 

2. Animated Series -- comic-based
An animated series is the most obvious choice if Toei is gone. Going animated would be cheaper. With Transformers, Hasbro has gone from regular traditionally animated to computer-animated. The Boom comics are popular and fans have loved the storylines. Having an animated series based on Shattered Grid would be a dream for fans. The comics are mostly for teenagers and adults, so an animated series based on the comics would be for age group older than the usual age group. I would love it to be not TV-MA but at least TV-14.

3. Animated Series - based on the past
Disney had ideas of an animated series based on Doggie Kruger from SPD with a new team or a team mixed with old characters. An idea for an animated series would be not based on comics but a story that continues the canon. It could have the MMPR team or a team made of rangers from different teams. As it is animated, it doesn't have to rely on actors, they could have other voice actors.

4. Animated Series - Newly created series
Hasbro can choose just to make a new series like Sentai does but animated. It can be unrelated to the lore and canon like any other season. 

5. Independent streaming series 
They could have a regular series (live action or animated) for the young audience and then an independent series for older audiences like mentioned before. it could be animated or it could be live-action. 

Friday, June 26, 2020

Psycho Ranger Lightning Collection 5-Pack

This 5-pack comes with several accessories inspired by the characters, including the cult weapons of the Psycho Rangers Contains 5 figures, 8 accessories and additional hands. At this time it unknown if this will be sold exclusively at Gamestop, online or at a convention. Fans were wanting Silver instead of Red and blue, to have Silver. Because if someone already bought Red in the Lost Galaxy set and Blue as a Gameboy exclusive, now you will have twice. I personally own Bandai Pyscho Red and Blue. I am selling Gamestop Blue on ebay. I would get this full set anyway.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Lightning Collection Waves 2-5

I realized I covered Wave One but I didn't cover the other waves.

(Summer 2019)

We were told we would get Pink Ranger, Goldar, Magna Defender, Red Beast Morpher and gold.


(Winter 2019)

Dino Charge Gold, Beast Morphers Blue, Lord Drakkon, Red Ranger (Jason)

(Spring 2020)

Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger (Trini), SPD Red, Zeo Ranger Three Blue, and Blaze.

(Summer 2020)

Gold Ranger (Trey), Ranger Slayer, Time Force Red, and Mighty Morphin Blue

SDCC 2019 Red Ranger/Gold Ranger (Jason) Two-Pack.


Gamestop Exclusive - Goldar (summer 2019)

Walgreens Exclusive - Black Ranger with Dragon Shield (Zack) (Fall 2019)

Gamestop Exclusive - Pyscho Blue (Fall 2019)

Lost Galaxy Red Ranger/Psycho Red Two Pack (Fall 2019)
Fighting Collection Mighty Morphin Green Ranger and Putty (Summer 2019)

Walmart - MMPR Alpha and Zordon (Fall 2020)

Gamestop Exclusive - Rita and Zedd (Summer 2020)

Putty Patrolers Two Pack (Summer 2020)

Psycho Green (Summer 2020)

Omega Ranger and Uniforce Cycle

Psycho Rangers

Monday, June 22, 2020

Lightning Collection Rumors

Whenever there are Amazon or EntertainmentEarth listings for new Lighting Collection figures, there is a code. Fans try to find out what the new figure will be. There are always rumors and I usually do not post rumors. But since the majority have been true (like Time Force Red, Ranger Slayer, MM Yellow, MM Blue, Blue Zeo, etc.). So here are the newest rumors:

This is said to be SPD Omega Ranger with his Uniforce Cycle. This would be the first figue to come with a vehicle.

UPDATED 6/26/20
Box art has been revealed for all five

I couldn't find any pics of listing but there is also a rumor of a Psycho Ranger team pack saying there will be four. Many fans have guessed what figures they will be. Red has already been released with Leo Red Galaxy Ranger. Blue Pyscho Ranger was released too. Green Psycho Ranger will be released by Hasbro Pulse. I would wish they would be Black, Yellow, Pink, and Silver. That would be the ideal. Thinking in the old Bandai way, they might re-package an old figure like Red, Green or Blue. I would really love if Pink would have the Savage Sword and many fans have felt the same too. 

UPDATED 7/10/20
It has been revealed that there indeed will be an Omega Ranger and his cycle.

Remember Dairanger Ranger Keys in Comic Con and Promos?

This post blew up on Twitter. This post is the update on the old one.

In the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2013, there was a treasure box and in it, there was Ranger Keys and some standing on it. Among the keys were a green Dairanger key (Shishiranger). 

Houhouranger at Comic Con 2013 treasure box.  

At the Comic Con 2014, the Dairanger appeared once again but in the banners. Also in the background images behind the Ranger Keys on display.

The Houhouranger (Pink Dairanger) Ranger Key even appeared in the Super Mega Cannon promotional photo and appears in the cover art, back and front.@BigMike8109 took this photo of the back of the Super Mega Cannon box. 

The Dairanger were first called 'New Powers' and then later 'Squadron' so fans have called them "Squadron Rangers." We still don't know why Johnathan Tzcahor chose Dairanger, Changeman, Flashman, Fiveman and Maskman were chosen to be in Super Megaforce. I do know he is a fan of Sentai and probably wnated to honor the Sentai that came before Zyuranger. Fans call these the 'Pre-Zyu' teams. As for Bandai, I think they just made keys of Zyuranger to Gokaiger, forgetting to skip Dairanger.