Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Power Rangers Action Card Game dead but not forgotten

Some people, including me, really loved the Power Rangers Action Card Game that started in 2013. We were told there was going to be Series 5 and Series 6 but unfortunately Series 5 ended up in Europe only. Some people at Bandai say that the reason the Card line was canceled because 'one gimmick' a year. Since Megaforce's first season was based on Goseiger and it was about cards, they did cards in 2013 and since Megaforce's second season was based on Gokaiger and it has keys, this year is just the keys. I was hoping the cards would continue as it was not only about the Gosei Morpher but also about the game. Some cons even had competitions like Rangerstop in Orlando in November. Above image is from the now canceled 'Keepers of Hope' Series 6.
But there is some good news. Bandai will have an 'Action Card Game' Championship at Power Morphicon in Pasadena, California on Sunday August 24. They will also be giving out promotional cards. More info on their Facebook page. So as much as I love the Ranger Keys, I do miss the cards. My nephew was hoping for Super Megaforce cards.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zyuranger coming to DVD thanks to Shout! Factory

This news is out everywhere. That Shout! Factory, whom has produced DVDs from Mighty Morphin to RPM, VR Troopers, Beetleborgs and all 20 seasons on a Red Ranger head, will be producing a Zyuranger DVD set. Presumably it will be subtitled. It will be produced by Brian Ward who has produced the aforementioned DVDs. I don't even have to say that this is the first Super Sentai ever to be available on DVD in the United States. I hope sales are good so it will bring more Super Sentai to North America.

Green Samurai Ranger/Shurikenger's changing shade of Green

UPDATED 7/28/14
Picture above is from FuryDiamond at Megaforce Cast and it was taken at the San Diego Comic Con 2014. The Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm) is a lighter shade of green than the other green keys. I lighten up the pic a bit but FuryDiamond confirms it is lighter shade.

Above is an advertisement from 2011 of Ranger Keys for Gokaiger in Japan. The Shurikenger (Green Samurai Ranger) key is a darker and more muted shade than Dragonranger (Mighty Morphin Green Ranger).

Here are Japanese pictures of the Shurikenger key which I do not own. Some are dark and the one to the left is lighter shade. By all accounts, fans have had no problem with this shade. I am not sure if it matches with other green keys.

Above pic at left is a Ranger Key picture from Dice-O.com of Shurikenger Ranger Key and it indeed is lighter. The above pic at right is from Megaforcecast.com, it is from the Ranger Key app. It is indeed a lighter shade than the other green keys. It is the same shade as the Dice-O illustration. They might be following this color.

But the show props are the same shade. This is from a Gokaiger Ranger Key book.

Remember when I thought this green thing in the treasure box at SDCC 2013 was Camille?

Well it must have been Green Samurai Ranger by the color shade!

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Skirts on Ranger Keys

UPDATED 7.28.14
I couldn't start this post until I saw more female keys and thankfully it has happened with SDCC 2014, Bandai has shown us more. Now here is a curious thing, some promo pictures show the keys with skirts and they don't come with them. Some prototypes of Pink Rangers that have skirts don't come with the line. Some pictures are from Ranger Crew Blog, Megaforce Cast and Ranger Crew Facebook, thank you to Fury Diamond.
Wave 2 and 4 Keys
In the promo RPM Yellow and Ninja Storm Blue have skirt lines but the actual keys do not. Yellow Jungle Fury and Zeo Yellow who have skirts in real life do not have them on their keys at all. Top is promotional photos and bottom is the actual keys. The one to the left is from Rangercrew and the ones to the right are mine.
 Super Megaforce and Mighty Morphin
The promo for Super Megaforce Line had the skirt design but the actual key does not. Pink did not have the design on any of her promo pics that I know of. Both Rangers have skirts on the show.
As for MMPR, Pink had a skirt and Yellow originally had no skirt and no skirt is seen on any of her keys. The Mighty Morphin SDCC 2014 exclusive metallic pink ranger key has a skirt (thanks to Fury Diamond for the pic) but in the promo pic she does not. Neither does Mighty Morphin Pink and Yellow keys displayed at the Bandai booth this year. The top photos are the promotional photos and the bottom left is my photo and the bottom right are from Rangercrew.
Above picture from Megaforcecast/Rangercrew.
  SDCC 2013 Prototypes
I am referring to these as prototypes until further notice. Most of these pics are from TokuNation. Above are Lost Galaxy Pink, Aquitar White, Turbo Pink, RPM Silver, Time Pink, Wild Force White, Space Yellow and Space Pink. All photos from Tokunation. Lost Galaxy, Turbo and Space Pink had skirts on the show, as well as Space Yellow and RPM Silver but these prototypes had no skirts. Wild Force White, Aquitar White and Time Force Pink had skirts and have lines on the keys. All these keys except for Wild Force White and Space Pink appeared at SDCC 2014 and they remained the same. Operation Overdrive Yellow was also there but I forgot to put her on the pic.
SDCC 2014 Prototypes on Display
All above pictures from Megaforce Cast, I put RPM Yellow to show it has no skirt and it is like our keys. Pink Zeo, Yellow OO, Samurai Pink and Mystic White had skirts on the show. Out of all these keys, only Samurai Pink has a skirt. In this picture you can see Zeo Pink, Lost Galaxy Yellow, SPD Pink, Operation Overdrive Yellow, Samurai Pink, Wild Force Yellow, Mystic Force White, and RPM Yellow.
SDCC 2014 Banner Keys
At San Diego Comic Con, Bandai had posters and banners of other keys unreleased and not on display. All these pics form Megaforce Cast, in this picture you can see Mystic Force Blue, Mystic Force Pink, SPD Yellow, Dino Thunder Yellow, Megaforce Yellow and Lauren (Samurai Red). Mystic Force girls, Megaforce Yellow and Lauren have skirts on the show and they have them on these keys. Yellow Dino has a skirt on the show but not on the key on the poster from what I can tell. Lauren has been teased but hasn't been released yet. Samurai Pink, Samurai Yellow, Megaforce Pink and Yellow are said to come with the Toys R Us Deluxe Legendary Morpher and Ranger Keys. Megaforce Pink and Samurai Yellow have no clear pic so that's why I haven't included them.
So why is this a big deal?
It's not. It is just interesting to talk about. I always like the difference from prototype to actual product.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Keys are coming, how will they be packaged??


SDCC 2014 revealed more keys (Which I still don't believe is true until I see them in stores). Reps say that we will be getting Females and Sixth Rangers. If 3 keys come per pack, how would the keys fit in packs? Some teams only have 2 missing, some 4, and others as much as 7! Could be they do two more waves of 7 packs of 3 and stick the rest in Feature Megazord and Toys R Us Deluxe Legendary Morpher and Ranger Key set. They could also mix rangers in sets, not do per season but just random. Or they could sell them individually in baggies (like the one below).
 [Picture above from Tokunation.com]
Mighty Morphin
Pink and Yellow are available in Metallic in SDCC exclusive set and are said to come in TRU Deluxe Legendary Morpher set. But if they put them in a 3-pack, will they come with a Translucent Red Ranger? Or Maybe a Translucent White?
Pack Possibility: 70%
 [Pink and Yellow Ranger pics from Rangercrew Blog]

 [Picture above from https://twitter.com/SentaiRangers]
Alien Rangers
Since there are only 2 members left, maybe White And Yellow will come with Ninjor? SDCC 2014 Bandai booth has Ninjor on display and on a promo pic. White and Yellow Alien Rangers were also seen at SDCC 2014.
Pack Possibility: 70 to 90%
Easy to deduce what keys they will put in a pack: Green, Gold and Pink. Pink and Gold were seen at the SDCC 2014 Bandai Booth. Green was promised with the 2nd wave but was replaced by Yellow.
Pack Possibility: 95% (Very likely)
[Pink Ranger Picture from RangerCrew Blog]

 [Picture above from https://twitter.com/SentaiRangers]
This is a toughy. Missing Rangers are Pink and Yellow, but also TokuNation spotted Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion at SDCC 2014. So how will they put these 4? Pink was spotted at SDCC 2013 and 2014. Yellow has yet to be seen.
Pack Possibility: 50/50

[Phantom Ranger from SentaiRangers and Blue Senturion from RangerCrew Blog]


[Pictures from TokuNation above]
In Space
This is easy to deduce: Silver, Pink and Yellow. All three were spotted at SDCC 2013. Only Yellow was spotted at SDCC 2014 of the unreleased keys.
Pack Possibility: 50/50

 Lost Galaxy
This is easy to deduce: Yellow, Pink and Magna Defender. Pink was spotted at SDCC 2013 & 2014, Yellow and Magna Defender at SDCC 2014.
Pack Possibility: 90%
[Yellow and Magna Defender Pictures from RangerCrew Blog]


Lightspeed Rescue
Hopefully Pink, Yellow and Titanium, but Titanium will be part of the PMC exclusive. Titanium was not part of the keys on the wall nor banner. Only Red, Green and Blue were spotted on the wall.
Pack Possibility: Unknown
[Picture above from Tokunation.com]

[Above picture from GoldKingRanger]
Time Force
Best hunch: Pink, Yellow and Quantum Pink Time Force was spotted at SDCC 2014 and Quantum Ranger in a promo pic at SDCC 2014. All three are rumored to be part of the Feature Megazord.
Pack Possibility: Most likely Feature Megazord
[Quantum Ranger pic from Rangercrew blog, Pink and Green from TokuNation]


Wild Force
A no-brainer would be White, Yellow and Silver. White Wild Force was spotted at SDCC 2013, Lunar Wolf was spotted at both SDCC 2013 and 2014 and Yellow at SDCC 2014. White was seen on the banner.
Pack Possibility: 95% (Very likely)
Yellow and Lunar Wolf pics from:


Ninja Storm
The best hunch would be: Crimson, Navy and Green. Crimson was spotted at SDCC 2013 and 2014. Green and Navy were both spotted at SDCC 2014
Pack Possibility: 95% (Very likely)
Green and Navy pics from:

Dino Thunder
Yellow and White are the only missing, they were spotted at SDCC 2014 (white on the wall and yellow on banner). They could be included with a Metallic or Translucent Red (some fans want Triassic Ranger but I doubt it). Maybe better in individual bags.
Pack Possibility: 70%
[Yellow pic from RangerCrew Blog and others from TokuNation]

[Picture above from RangerCrew Blog]
This is another hard one. Pink, Yellow, Omega, Shadow and Kat are missing. Shadow was spotted at SDCC 2013. Omega, Pink and Shadow were spotted at SDCC 2014. Yellow was seen on the banners. What they could do is 2 packs: Yellow, Pink and Omega; and Metallic Red, Shadow and Kat. Kat was included in Japan.
Pack Possibility: 70 to 80 %
[Omega, Pink and Yellow from Rangercrew Blog, Green and Shadow from TokuNation]
[Picture above from RangerCrew Blog]
Mystic Force
Best hunch: Pink, Blue and Solaris Knight. Pink and Blue were spotted in SDCC 2014 promo banner/poster. Solaris Knight, White Mystic Force Ranger and Wolf Warrior were all spotted at SDCC 2014. They could do two packs: one with White Mystic and Wolf Warrior and a Metallic Red.
Pack Possibility (Pink/Blue/Gold): 95% (Very Likely)
Pack Possibility (White/WW/Red?): 80%
 [Blue, Pink, Wolf Warrior and White from Rangercrew blog]
Operation Overdrive
[Above picture from GoldKingRanger]
Pink and Yellow are rumored to come with the Feature Megazord. Yellow and Mercury Ranger was spotted at SDCC 2013 and 2014. A no-brainer would be Pink, Yellow and Mercury. Sentinel Knight was not seen but was included in Japan but who knows. Pink OO Ranger was not seen on the wall nor poster at SDCC.
Pack Possibility: Most Likely Feature Megazord

[Picture above from Tokunation.com]
Jungle Fury
Violet will be included in the PMC Exclusive. Violet and White were also spotted at SDCC 2014 wall. Missing are Violet, White, Dai Shi, Camile and Spirit Rangers. Who knows how they will handle this. Violet is also rumored to be included in Feature Megazord. Most likely we will get Violet and White in individual bags. It is a concern that only Violet is on the wall and not Titanium. Violet is also in the promo banner and Titanium is not. Most likely we won't get Spirit Rangers nor Dai Shi and Camile.
Pack Possibility: Unsure
 [Pic of Rhino from Rangercrew Blog and Violet from TokuNation]

Missing are Green, Black, Gold and Silver. Silver, Green and Black were spotted at SDCC 2013. Green, Gold and Silver were spotted at SDCC 2014. Black was not spotted at SDCC 2014. Who knows how they will handle this. Yellow in promos had a skirt line but we know the actual toy does not.
Pack Possibility: 60 to 80%
 [Picture above from Razzle]
Pink and Yellow are said to come in the TRU Legendary Morpher set. Pink and Gold was spotted at SDCC 2013 and 2014. Gold, Pink and Lauren were spotted in the SDCC 2014 promo. Lauren has been in promos but yet to be released. Could be they release Gold and Lauren in one pack and leave Yellow and Pink for the TRU set. Or maybe they will come in individual bags.
Pack Possibility: Unsure
Individual Bag Possibility: 70 to 80%
 [Not adding a new pic of all keys until I have a good one of Yellow Samurai]
[Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/BigMike8109]
Robo Knight comes with the Silver Spear. Pink and Yellow are said to come in the TRU Legendary Morpher set. It is unknown if they will get a pack. Robo Knight, Pink and Yellow were spotted in SDCC 2014 promo poster.
Pack Possibility: Slim
 [Not adding a new pic of all keys until I have a good one of Yellow and Pink]

According to FuryDiamond, these are the keys present (bold are unreleased):
  1. Red Armored MM Ranger
  2. Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
  3. Red Alien Ranger
  4. Red Zeo Ranger
  5. Red Turbo Ranger
  6. Red In Space Ranger
  7. Red Lightspeed Ranger
  8. Red Time Force Ranger
  9. Red Wild Force Ranger
  10. Red Ninja Storm Ranger
  11. Red Dino Thunder Ranger
  12. Red SPD Ranger
  13. Red Mystic Force Ranger
  14. Red Operation Overdrive Ranger
  15. Red Jungle Fury Ranger
  16. Red RPM Ranger
  17. Red Samurai Ranger
  18. Red Megaforce Ranger
  19. Red Super Megaforce Ranger
  20. Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger
  21. Blue Alien Ranger
  22. Blue Zeo Ranger
  23. Blue Turbo Ranger
  24. Blue In Space Ranger
  25. Blue Lost Galaxy Ranger
  26. Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
  27. Blue Time Force Ranger
  28. Blue Wild Force Ranger
  29. Blue Ninja Storm Ranger
  30. Blue Dino Thunder Ranger
  31. Blue SPD Ranger
  32. Blue Operation Overdrive Ranger
  33. Blue Jungle Fury Ranger
  34. Blue RPM Ranger
  35. Blue Samurai Ranger
  36. Blue Megaforce Ranger
  37. Blue Super Megaforce Ranger
  38. Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger
  39. Yellow Alien Ranger
  40. Yellow Zeo Ranger
  41. Yellow In Space Ranger
  42. Yellow Lost Galaxy Ranger
  43. Yellow Wild Force Ranger
  44. Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger
  45. Yellow Mystic Force Ranger
  46. Yellow Operation Overdrive Ranger
  47. Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger
  48. Yellow RPM Ranger
  49. Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger
  50. Green Mighty Morphin Ranger
  51. Green Zeo Ranger
  52. Green Turbo Ranger
  53. Green Lost Galaxy Ranger
  54. Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
  55. Green Time Force Ranger
  56. Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)
  57. Green SPD Ranger
  58. Green Mystic Force Ranger
  59. Green RPM Ranger
  60. Green Samurai Ranger
  61. Green Super Megaforce Ranger
  62. Black Mighty Morphin Ranger
  63. Black Alien Ranger
  64. Black Space Ranger
  65. Black Wild Force Ranger
  66. Black Dino Thunder Ranger
  67. Black Operation Overdrive Ranger
  68. Black Megaforce Ranger
  69. Mighty Morphin White Ranger
  70. White Alien Ranger
  71. White Mystic Force Ranger
  72. White Dino Ranger
  73. Omega Ranger
  74. Rhino Ranger
  75. Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger
  76. Pink Zeo Ranger
  77. Pink Turbo Ranger
  78. Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger
  79. Pink Time Force Ranger
  80. Pink SPD Ranger
  81. Pink Samurai Ranger
  82. Pink Super Megaforce Ranger
  83. Blue Senturion
  84. Ninjor
  85. Navy Ranger
  86. Shadow Ranger
  87. Magna Defender
  88. Phantom Ranger
  89. Wolf Warrior
  90. Crimson Ranger
  91. Solaris Knight
  92. Gold RPM Ranger
  93. Gold Zeo Ranger
  94. Gold Samurai Ranger
  95. Violet Wolf Ranger
  96. Silver RPM Ranger
  97. Lunar Wolf Ranger
  98. Mercury Ranger

New Rangers seen in promo posters but not on display:
  1. Lauren (Red Samurai Ranger)
  2. Quantum Ranger
  3. Pink Mystic Force Ranger
  4. Blue Mystic Force Ranger
  5. White Wild Force Ranger
  6. Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger
  7. Yellow SPD Ranger
  8. Yellow Megaforce Ranger
  9. Pink Dairanger (Houhouranger)
  10. Green Dairanger (Shishiranger)
    Quantum Ranger above 
    Press 'Read More' for the full list of all the Ranger keys on the banners!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SDCC 2014 News: Legacy Titanus, Tigerzord, Saba, Movie Morpher, PMC Exclusives, and More Ranger Keys

UPDATED 7/25/14 10:30PM EST
Pictures thanks to Sentai Rangers, TokuNation and Megaforcecast.com
Pictures from @SentaiRangers

 Legacy Tigerzord, Legacy Saba, Legacy Titanus (coming soon), surprise-surprise Legacy Movie White Ranger Morpher and PMC Exclusive Violet Jungle Fury Ranger and Titanium Ranger Keys. And shocker we getting the Movie Morpher. I never imagined the day. I just bought the Gold one, I definitely am saving up for this one.

The Dino Charge Megazord toys, everyone is complaining about the Purple Dricera (Triceratops), it is supposed to be Pink.

Other Dino Charge items are the morpher (a gun), 5 inch figure and the batteries.

Following images from Tokunation:
PMC Exclusive Violet Jungle Fury Ranger and Titanium Ranger Keys. This is a surprise that we are only getting TWO keys for PMC.
 Legacy Power Morpher
White Ranger
Movie Edition

There are various Rangers in the promo poster and banners that are not live on display such as Quantum Ranger, Yellow Dino Thunder, Yellow SPD Ranger, White Wild Force Ranger, Green Dairanger, Pink Dairanger, Blue Mystic Force, Pink Mystic Force, and Lauren.
[Bold as Un-Released, Regular as Released]
Top Right to Left:
Zeo Pink, RPM Gold, Samurai Red, Ninjor, Sentinel Knight, OO Red, White Dino Thunder, Yellow Alien Ranger, Blue Jungle Fury, Black In Space, Red Dino Thunder, OO Blue, Green Lightspeed Rescue, Shadow Ranger, White MM Ranger, Blue Samurai Ranger, Blue Ninja Storm, MM Green, Lighstpeed Red, White Alien Ranger, Mercury Ranger, Blue Senturion, Manga Defender, Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger, Wolf Warrior
Second Row from top Right to Left:  
Yellow Wild Force, RPM Blue, Red Super Megaforce, Alien Black, Navy Ranger, Samurai Green, Time Force Pink, Blue Dino Thunder, In Space Red, Yellow OO, Megaforce Blue, Red Armored Mighty Morphin, Violet Wolf Ranger, RPM Yellow, Blue Wild Force, Green Super Megaforce, Silver RPM, Blue In Space, Blue Alien Ranger, Turbo Pink, Blue Zeo, Red RPM, Black Dino Thunder, White Rhino Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)
Third Row from top Right to Left:
Lost Galaxy Blue, Samurai Gold, Lunar Wolf Ranger, Wild Force Red, Pink Samurai, Lost Galaxy Yellow, Omega Ranger, SPD Pink, Black Megaforce, Red Mystic Force, Yellow Mighty Morphin, RPM Green, Blue Time Force, Pink Lost Galaxy, Yellow Super Megaforce, Red Ninja Storm, Green Time Force, White Mystic Force, Green Lost Galaxy, Red Mighty Morphin, Black Mighty Morphin, Blue Turbo, Yellow Ninja Storm, Green SPD, Phantom Ranger
Bottom Row Right to Left:
MM Pink, Jungle Fury Yellow, Megaforce Red, Red Alien, Migty Morphin Green, Red Jungle Fury, SPD Blue, Crimson Ranger, Gold Zeo Ranger, Zeo Green, In Space Yellow, SPD Red, Blue Super Megaforce, Red Time Force, Black OO, Blue Lightspeed, Yellow Zeo, Red Turbo, Pink Super Megaforce, Yellow Mystic Force, Green Turbo, Black Wild Force, and Red Zeo
 Check out Rangercrew's close-up pics:
I won't believe it until it is seen on Amazon or stores. We were tricked at the last SDCC. There are 98 keys on display, there is about 36 unreleased, there is so far 64 keys available. There are around 10 on the banner that have not be released and were not on display (Pink and Green Dairanger, White Wild Force, Lauren, Pink and Blue Mystic Rangers, Yellow SPD, Yellow Megaforce, Yellow Dino Thunder, and Quantum Ranger) I don't know what to think!!!! My nephew Jaiden is excited about Ninjor. Phantom Ranger and Titanium Ranger (as he doesn't exist in Sentai) did not get keys in Japan so they are US-exclusives.
Picture from TokuNation:
Power Ranger Cosplayers get a special Translucent Green Ranger Key at SDCC 2014.
Some pictures from FuryDiamond of RangerCrew, MegaforceCast and RangerCrew Blog: