Friday, May 15, 2020

Hasbro Reveals: Dino Fury, Power Morpher, Putties, Alpha & Zordon, Psycho Green and MLP

Hasbro dropped bombs today. 

Power Rangers Dino Fury
Logo and premise in link here at IGN.
I like the logo but it doesn't really fit with the Power Rangers logo above. Also, I am not crazy about the name 'Fury' being used again, but what can we do? I didn't like "Thunder" used in Dino Thunder either but oh well. I guess "Dino Knights" would've been too obvious.

Also to be released is Putties 2-pack (which one has a sword arm and another a boulder hand.) And Hasbro Pulse exclusive Psycho Green (from the comics).

Alpha 5 and Zordon Lightning Collection 2-pack is a Walmart exclusive. I do like the Alpha but not Zordon.

Also the Lightning Power Morpher
I wondered how Hasbro would do the power Morpher since Bandai America already did one. Each coin activates different color lights.

Lots of people have said it looks ugly. I don't think so. I showed my niece and she liked it. It is Morphin Pink Pony with the My Little Pony/Power Rangers crossover collection

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Lavender Ranger's eerie guess to Kirame Silver

There is no clean image yet, just pictures of magazines but here is the sixth Kiramager--Kirame Silver.
Here is my guestimate from January, I thought he would be more silver but I did correctly guessed the weapon would have orange, blue and black. 

Kirame Silver is a young man named Crystallia Takamichi who travels the world hunting for treasure and recording his adventures in a special journal. Using the Shiny KirameChanger, Takamichi can monitor locations where treasure is found. Kirame Silvers’ weapon is the Shiny Breaker, which has multiple weapon configurations and can defeat foes using a Shining Beam attack. The Kiramagers’ will also face a new enemy know as the MonStone, a sentient KirameStone that can merge with humans to cause tremendous destruction.

Mystic Knights Battle Thunder confirmed

I have mentioned Mystic Knights season two here before. Mostly rumors. One webpage mentioned a new character by the name of Liam, Knight of the Swamp. But actually, it was Lightning. Power Rangers Media Info bought media release info from Bandai America back from 1999. Bandai was planning a second season of toys but because of poor toy sales and other circumstances, Saban decided to cancel Mystic Knights. The funds went to Power Rangers. At PMC 3, I asked Scott Page-Pagter and some other producers if a second season was planned and they said no. Maybe they werre not in the know.
I couldn't get a confirmation from a fellow fan but rumors were that the actor who played Angus wanted to leave, hence to the use of Liam. Also Garrett who inherit Angus’ powers somehow. Thanks to PR Media Info.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Boxed in - Episode Review

"Boxed in"
This was a special extra episode, I believe this was supposed to be Olympics-themed but because the Olympics were canceled and they don't call it by name, it is confusing.

Episode Summary:
Zoey's mom talks about the Pan Global games on the news and the Rangers talk about it. Commander needs three of them to check on the towers. Ravi and Steel really want to go. Devon is for all of them going. Ravi wants to draw names out of a hat. Nate and Steel are for it except for Devon. Ravi and Steel celebrate. Roxy watches the news and turns it off. Blaze says with the Rangers distracted, they can do their plan. At a tower, Devon, Zoey, and Nate ave one down and more to go. A new Robotron confronts them. Ravi and Steel are disappointed when called. The Rangers morph.

The Rangers fight the monster out-strengths them with a giant weight on top of them. Ravi and Steel arrive, Ravi wrestles the monster and then blasts him away. Steel tries taking it off but fails. Ravi uses his Gorilla strength to pull it off. They de-moprjh.  Ravi is upset at losing one event. He asks Devon how hard he tried without him. Cruise arrives. Devon says he doesn't care much about the tower and leaves on Cruise. Commander tells Devon of a danger. The others have trouble with traffic. Blaze and Roxy arrive at a stadium and Blaze inserts a key and it glows purple. Racer Zord is deployed. 

A Gigadrone arrives and Racer Zord fights it. The stadium sucks them in and they find themselves in a giant boxing ring. Someone announces. Alphadrone gets a fancy entrance. Alphadrone fights Racer Zord. The other Rangers arrive and see what's happening on the wall. Ravi tries going in the building to no avail. Nate and Steel run off to get the Striker Megazord. Striker Megazord attacks the building but it is no good. The new Gigadrone brings in a giant dumbbell for Racer Zord. Racer Zord knocks him down and Alphadrone comes back in and kicks Racer Zord repeatedly. Racerzord gets beat up. Another Gigadrone arrives in the city. 

Racerzord moves out of the way and Alphadrone kicks the Gigadrone. The Rangers try getting sucked in the building but they get spit out. They fight Tronics. Blue and Yellow go to Beast X Mode. Nate thinks of using Beast X King Megazord with the Ultrazord. Deltadrone arrives and tag teams with Alphadrone. They both fight Racerzord. Racerzord gets beat up./ Nate made the adjustments and they run off. The other zords arrive. They make Beast X King Ultrazord combine. They try diggin the building and knock out another Gigadrone. They figure out the commentator and building was a Gigadrone named Boixadrone. The Zords destroy Gamerdrone and Alphadrone. Boxadrone is the only one left. The Ranger fight. Ultrazord destroys Gigadrone. Back at the base, Ravi realizes the games are over. He apologizes for being selfish. Steel apologizes too. The five do the job together and later attend the karate final.

WIth its over use of footage and tacked on "lesson," this is the equivalent of a Ninja Steel episode. 

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Secret Struggle - Episode Review

Nate shows Ben and Betty the Beast-X King Spin Saber and Betty grabs it and it becomes a helicopter that take her and Ben for a ride. They then crash into barrels. Steel arrives and asks for help for his zord. He rebuffs Zoey. Zoey comes in with concerns on zords and Nate offers to do it tonight. Steel voices his confusion to Zoey and refuses he 'like likes' Zoey. Steel soon becomes a Zoey-Nate shipper when Zoey reveals they do like each other after he finds a dating magazine. Zoey tells him to not say anything about the rule between dating. Robo Roxy looks for Evox and gives him Morph-X so he can become the mayor.

Zoey spots them together and the mayor lies that Roxy is trying to kidnap him. She takes out guns and the two girls fight. Zoey morphs and uses Beast-X Mode. Roxy does Jackrabbit Spin strike and Roxy sparks. Roxy says she will pay and teleports away. She tells the Mayor he is safe. He thanks her. Back at GB, Nate injects a tracker into the Mayor. He is kinda mad. He asks if it is necessary. They say they can track him. Steel volunteers Zoey and Nate to be bodyguards for the mayor. The mayor leaves to not so discreetly make a phone call to Scrozzle.

He needs more Morph-X. Roxy and Blaze come up with a plan. Nate and Zoey back when Ben and Betty come in with Clothing Capsules. They throw the Clothing Capsules at them and they are dressed up for prom. Nate says they are supposed to blend in and not stand out. Ben throws one on Steel and he dons a pink dress which he likes. He offers Zoey and Nate chocolates and roses and Nate realizes what he is doing. Nate and Zoey leave.

At the Mayor's meeting at the park, Nate gives Zoey ramen. Steel is behind them and drops Nate's ramen. Zoey and Nate are force to share the noodles. They have a Lady and the Tramp moment and almost kiss. The hot ramen fall on Zoey and breaks the moment. Evox takes the opportunity and sneaks off. Nate calls the commander to say they lost the mayor. Roxy and Blaze arrive. Nate and Zoey arrive. Roxy and Blaze teleport away. They go back to the base. Commander shows them the footage of the almost kiss. Nate and Zoey confess. Commander tells them dating is a violation. Steel reveals he dropped the ramen. "What use is a rule if it makes people unhappy?" The Mayor leaves. Ravi is to replace Nate and Zoey is commanded to leave. 

Zoey and Ravi check out the area while Evox/Mayor talk on the phone with Blaze and Roxy. The trio walk around. Blaze and Roxy arrive. Roxy grabs a tiara from a little girl and makes it into Tiaratron. Tiaratron gors to attack the mayor. Zoey fights her. Zoey and Ravi morph. Ravi fights the monster while Zoey protects the mayor. A Gigadrone arrives and Racerzord rides the Lion. Ravi overheats and Gold and Silver fight Tiaratron. The new Gigadron throws out Tiara drones that attacks Racerozrd. Ravi cools himself down. Ravi rejoins the fight. Blaze and Blaze become their robo forms and confront Zoey. Zoey calls the Spin Saber and fights the two robots. 

Blue activates Beast-X Mode and uses  a huge gorilla fist and slams Tiaratron. She is destroyed. Zoey de-morphs. Roxy blasts but Nate takes the blast and de-morphs. Zoey grabs the spin saber and destroys the two robots. Nate and Zoey hug.. Mayor tells them well done and thanks them. Gigadrone goes after Racerzord. Racerzord destroys it--Devon uses his blaster. Back at the base, Commander sees the two hug. The gang arrive and the Commander gets rid of the rules, saying the closer they are, the more successful they are. Mayor continues coughing and runs out. Devon runs out concerned about him. The whole gang go out of the building and find out the Mayor is Evox. Evox plainly say that the Mayor is dead and leaves, but Devon states that they are share a body.

My dad watched today and he brought up why they told Commander they lost the mayor if they can track him. As for the ending, I like Evox turns around the Star Wars quote and says "I am not your father." Devon completely missing the point is hilarious but not on purpose. So now we have a whole summer hiatus (or until international spoilers) to wait to see what happens.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Beast King Rampage - Episode Review

Pictures from Pictures from @powerrangersfun
Evox brainwashed Nate to create malware and Scrozzle put it in a dart for Blaze and Roxy to put in a new weapon. General Burke has a new weapon. He is about to show a video, but it was Betty and Ben in an embarrassing karate video. Burke reveals they made a new zord Beast-X King which makes the commander and the rangers upset. They plan to make a bunch of them to guard the Morph-X around the planet. The mayor brings in Megan, who the Rangers have bad blood with. Megan created the Beast-X King Zord and the majestic zord comes out of mountains. Megan apologizes to the Rangers because of her past actions. 

Blaze and Roxy are next to it and throw the dart that makes it go wild. Beast-X King shoots fire. Nate asks if the zord has a firewall against viruses. Nate says it is Evox. Commander tells Devon to go in his zord. The mayor smirks. Cheetah is deployed against the lion and they tackle. Cheetah goes to battle mode and climbs on top while the lion runs off. Devon and the zord is dropped down. Nate tries to take care of the virus. He shows footage from earlier, the dart. His guess is the dart with from Evox. He blames Megan from not installing a firewall.

Megan offers help but Nate doesn't want it. Megan gives Zoey the morpher and controller. Megan wants tot alk to Zoey. Steel and Ravi go in a van with a satelite dish. Megan tells Zoey that Nate's plan will backfire and apologizes. She wants her to believe she has changed. She wanted a second chance after showing them she wants to help. Zoey leaves regardless. Ravi and Steel arrive with the satellite and laptop. Nate sends the reprogramming signal. Devon tries to give them a clear shot by jumping on the new zord. The zord tries knocking them off.

Nate sends the data and the lion flips Cheetah off. Beast-X King changes modes to a battle mode. The two robots fight. Nate sees he gave it a battle mode. Zoey calls the duo back. Devon fights the zord within his zord. Zoey brings up Megan to Nate. She convinces him to get her to help. He runs to her and tells her what happened. She says something has to shoot into the zord. He shows her the Ultra Bow, which has Gorilla and Rabbit DNA. She suggests adding Lion DNA so it is compatible. They initiate the lion dna and it changes with a lion head. Beast-X King Ultra Bow is now the name. Nate congratulates and thanks Megan. The Rangers leave to the site. 

Blaze and Roxy arrive and fight the Rangers. Nate asks for a clear shot. Cheetah punches the lion and Nate shoots the power bolt. Beast-X King turns into a lion and is tamed. The Rangers celebrate. Evox/Mayor is upset and leaves. Cheetah gets on the lion and goes back to base. The Rangers fight the Tronics and Roxy. Blaze leaves to fight Devon. The Rangers morph. Blaze arrives in his rebuilt zord. It blasts at the Racer zord on top of Beast-X King. Beast-X King becomes a motorcycle. Nate destroys Robo-Roxy with his bow. Blaze's zord falls down. Cruise tells Devon they are out of Morph-X. He enters the Beast-X King Zord. He changes it to battle mode. Blaze brings his zord up. The two fight. Beast-X King destroys the zord/Gigadrone. Blaze is destroyed too, seemingly. In the base, Ravi has Evox's dart and says they will destroy it. Megan gives Devon the key and morpher. The General apologies for not informing them. Nate and Megan hug. Megan thanks them. Ben and Betty come in with the camera fixed. Ben grabs the evox dart and throws it at Steel and it goes wild. He detaches his legs. His legs go wild. Ben and Betty take Steel on a cart to get the legs. Everyone laughs. 

If more episodes were like the first act of this episode, bringing in together the plot threads and characters back from other episodes and not just being standalone. The first act ties in Nate being brainwashed last episode, the Mayor being taken over by Evox which has been in all season 2, and Megan from a past episode. It creates conflict between the Rangers. The look on their faces when they find out a zord was created without them was priceless. This episode tries to redeem Megan and the Rangers are understandably hesitant to trust her. This is a good episode with layers that are rarely done in recent Power Ranger seasons. Evox is still affably evil, just for the evulz. It would be better if he had a drive with more depth than just being 'an evil virus.' Venjix of RPM at least had a creator in the mentor. I am not saying Nate should've created Evox but at least having some sort of connection to Evox. 

The majority of the story is from Go-Busters but the Beast-X King Ultra Bow is new. But it was clever to add it to the plot as the Go-Busters threw a cure dart on the zord. So it is unknown if the bow idea came from the story or it was just a coincidence. Anyway one of the better "Introduce new toys" episodes. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Blame Game - Episode Review

Pictures from @powerrangershype
Episode Summary:
The Rangers are playing at the park. A little girl drops trash on the ground and her father reprimands her. Steel observes this and the Rangers teach him about discipline. Blaze and Roxy give a puppet to Scrozzle. Evox wants the Gold Ranger. Scorzzle makes Controlatron. Blaze and Roxy takes them to Grid Battleforce. Ben and Betty struggle with a leaf blower and Betty adds Morph-X to it. They end up sucking up a tree from its roots. Back inside, Cole is the security check guy. He was about to let a worker go without scanning a package. Steel reprimands Cole. They clarify the worker had her lunch. Steel punishes Cole by sweeping outside. Zoey tells him he is being harsh. Ravi agrees. Cole says working at GB is a dream so he goes to sweep. Devon doesn't think it was necessary. 

Controlatron gives Blaze two puppets. Blaze runs over and drops a package with a puppet of Cole. Cole spots the puppet, thinks it is cute and picks it up. He is instantly controlled like a puppet by Controlatron. Controlatron sends Cole to Nate to deliver the package. Nate is practicing with a new bow weapon. Nate opens it and touches the puppet and becomes controlled. Back at Riptide Gym, the Rangers group up. Steel tells of all the reprimanding he did at the base. The server brings them smoothies and Steel has him spit out gum. He wants to punish him but Devon stops him. Zoey thinks he is overboard. The Rangers get called. Nate is not answering. 

They find the Controlatron and Gold Ranger being controlled by him. "I'm a good little puppet," Nate says. Nate fights the unmorphed Rangers.  Controlatron shows he controls Nate. The Rangers morph. Nate calls Tronics. The two groups battle. Steel tries to stop Nate but fails. Zoey uses a broom to fight. Ravi and Steel are knocked down by Nate. Nate and Controlatron teleport away. In the dark dimension, Nate completes the programming for Evox's secret project. Evox tells Blaze and Roxy reasons why they suck. 

Nate is done. Evox says Nate can help battle the Rangers. Scrozzle sends two Gigadrones. Ben and Betty send Devon outside, saying they spotted Nate outside. Steel and Ravi show the commander Cole handing a package to Nate that controls him. Cole says he doesn't remember, everything was a fog. Steel wants to fire him. Commander Shaw concurs, after Zoey's protests. Cole leaves the building. The Rangers go with their zords to fight a Gigadrone. Nate pops up behind Devon about to attack him but Cole saves him.  Cole ducks behind a car and Nate and Devon fight. Nate and Devon morph and battle some more. The Zords are deployed. They fight one Gigadrone. 

Gorilla punches the first one down. Gold and Red continue to fight. Another Gigadrone comes up behind Gorilla and uses it as a puppet. Steel and his megazord are attacked by the gorilla. Devon sees Controllatron, aims for Nate but throws his saber at Drillatron's puppet. Devon snaps back to normal. Devon uses Beast-X Mode. Controlatron kicks them with a blast. Red destroys the monster with his Cheetah Charge. Zoey blasts the puppet of the Gigadrone and Gorilla is freed from its control. Cheetah Zord arrives and they form the Megazord. Gold joins Silver. The two Megazords destroy the two Gigadrones. At the base, Nate mentions a fog. Steel remembers what Cole said and admits he messed up. Betty uses one drop of Nate's tree growing solution on a seed and makes a sapling. But in saying hello to the commander, she accidentally drops the solution. Steel apologizes to Cole and he is rehired. The tree grows huge with Ben and Betty hanging from it.

Episode Review:
Commander Shaw firing Cole gets me mad because they could've seen the security footage of the parking lot where Cole was controlled like a puppet. Even worse, they could've waited for more explanations. Also, Cole is played by the same actor that played Levi's superfan in Ninja Steel. 

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Cruisin for a Bruisin - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Devon says whoever misses target practice has to pay for smoothies. Steel says he can't drink a smoothie. They all fire on their targets. Cruise has the remote control and calls a real Tronic that moves. It moves too fast and everyone misses. Cruise shows them and manages to hit the Tronic. making Devon believe he is an awesome shot to use on the team. Nate says Beast Bots were not built for ground fights. Devon convinces him to make him blasters. The Tronic stumbles upon Ben and Betty and they think its real and rope it but it keeps moving and takes them for a ride. They decide to use it as a mopping machine. Back in the dark dimension, Scrozzle made a new Robotron that absorbs tech. 

Nate makes Cruise some wheel blasters. Commander sends them to a disturbance. Nate and Devon talk again about Nate's concerns for Cruise. Digitron absorbs tech all over the city. The Rangers morph. They fight Tronics. Digitron targets Cruise. Cruise asks for help and Devon can't make it. Digitron absorbs Cruise. Devon manages to get the Tronics off but it is too late. He speeds up to fight the monster but he knocks Devon down. Zoey and Ravi are also knocked down as Digitron is stronger. Nate and Steel return. Devon tries cable strike but Digitron teleports away. Devon falls to his knees.

The other Beastbots miss him. Devon blames himself and says he didn't listen to Nate. Ravi says if it wasn't Cruise, it would have been Steel. Devon has an idea using Smash and Jax, they could combine with their Beast Bots and power up. Nate agrees to it. He says he can reverse what happened to Cruise. Back at the dark dimension, Blaze and Roxy tell Scrozzle he did a good job but not get too cocky. Nate gives the Rangers keys to digitize the Beast Bots. Ravi and Zoey digitize Smash and Jax. Nate gives Devon a key to get Cruise out. They are given visors to attach to their morphers to call upon Beast-X Mode. The Beast Bots will become their armor. 

 The Rangers morph and fight the bots. Digitron knocks down the main trio. Devon stands up and gets the Beast-X Visor. He gets the key and runs toward the monster. Nate and Steel hold down Digitron and Devon pulls out Cruise. He digitizes Cruise and activates Beast-X Mode. Ravi and Zoey also don Beast-X Mode. Digitron feels weaker. Tronics fight the newly powered-up Rangers, who have new tricks. Steel and Nate just watch. Devon destroys the monster. 

The Beast Bots return. In the Dark Dimension, the mayor becomes Evox. Scrozzle tries to distract him but Evox knows he failed. Blaze and Roxy told him. Evox wants the Gold Ranger. Cruise returns the Wheel Blasters, saying he likes the Beast-X Mode. Cruise apologizes to Devon but Devon does reverse and says he is his best friend. Ben and Betty have their Tronic clean up but as always, it becomes messy when the Tronic goes after the gang. Cruise destroys it with his Wheel Blasters.

Episode Review:
As an adult, the slow way they explain pretty simple Sci-Fi tropes as digitization reminds me of "Technology Marches on" trope because this tech or sci-fi might be outdated in ten years. What I mean is they explain digitizing the Beast Bots in a simple and slow way for kids. Digitizing in real life only works for paperwork and data, not solid objects or living things. Now this notion of Digitizing might be outdated soon so the sci-fi notion of digitizing robots and people might be old news soon too. As for Devon and Cruise, fans say the Beast Bots don't get as much attention as they did in Go-Busters and the impact of losing Cruise is not there. I think Steel represents the Beast Bots in many ways. I think fans would have been more devastated if Steel was digitized. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Power Rangers and other Toku Cast and Crew who died

Robert V. Barron 
December 26, 1932 – December 1, 2000; 67 years old
Cause of death: unknown  - Was an ADR writer for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episodes from “Day of the Dumpster” to “Doomsday – part II”.   He was Abraham Lincoln in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Roger Olkowski 

April 12, 1952 – June 18, 2001; 49 years old
Cause of death: brain cancer  - Was the 2nd Unit Director of Photography for Power Rangers Zeo episodes “A Zeo Beginning (both parts), “The Shooting Star”, and “Target Rangers”.  - Was also the camera operator for Power Rangers in Space episodes “A Line in the Sand” and both parts of “Countdown to Destruction”.  

 Lawrence L. Simeone 

April 30, 1953 – February 3, 2002; 48 years old
Cause of death: complications following open heart surgery  - Directed Power Rangers Turbo episodes “The Curve Ball” and “Carlos and the Count”.   

Hal England 
(October 2, 1932 – November 6, 2003; 71 years old)  Cause of death: heart attack  - Played Earl in the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode “A Test of Trust”.     

George “Buck” Flower 

October 28, 1937 – June 18, 2004; 66 years old
Cause of death: cancer  - Played a civilian in the Power Rangers in Space episode “Countdown to Destruction – part 2”.  - Played a homeless man in the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode “The Great Egg Caper”.  - Played a bartender in the Power Rangers Time Force episode “Movie Madness pt. 2”. He was in Back to the Future as the neighborhood bud. 

Kerry James Casey
November 9, 1954 – November 25, 2015; 61 years old)\
Cause of death: cancer
- Suit actor for Goldar in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Gary Glasberg 
July 15, 1966 – September 27, 2016; 50 years old 
Cause of death: unknown (died in sleep) - Wrote the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episodes “Big Sisters” (w/Shuki Levy), “Green with Evil – part I: Out of Control” (w/Stewart St. John), “Green with Evil – part V: Breaking the Spell” (w/Shuki Levy), and “The Green Candle – part II” (w/Stewart St. John)”.

Allison Ivy Shearmur (née Brecker)
October 23, 1963 – January 19, 2018; 54 years old
Cause of death: lung cancer

- Executive producer for Power Rangers (the movie).

Other AmeriToku actors who have passed on

Here is a list of actors from other American Tokusatsu (AmeriToku) who have passed on. Special thanks to Khal F.

Gardner Winston Baldwin
March 22, 1951 – September 7, 2011; 60 years old
Cause of death: heart attack
- Played Karl Ziktor and voiced Grimlord in VR Troopers.
- Voiced monster Mandible in the Masked Rider episode “Pet Nappers”.

Richard L. Rabago 
August 14, 1943 – May 18, 2012; 68 years old
Cause of death: unknown
- Played Tao Chong in VR Troopers.
- Played Master Lee in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode “Plague of the Mantis”.

John Finbar Cassin (a.k.a. Barry Cassin)
November 23, 1924 – January 14, 2017; 92 years old
Cause of death: unknown - Played Cathbad in Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog.

Vivian Lee Smallwood 
June 18, 1933 – July 22, 2017; 84 years old
Cause of death: natural causes - Played Nano Williams in Big Bad BeetleBorgs and BeetleBorgs Metallix.

Peadar Lamb 
1930 – September 1, 2017; 86-87 years old
 Cause of death: unknown (died in sleep)
Played King Fin Varra in Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog.

\Verne Jay Troyer 
January 1, 1969 – April 21, 2018; 49 years old
Cause of death: suicide by alcohol
- Played Ferbus in Masked Rider.

Joseph Pilato (a.k.a. Joey Pal) 
March 16, 1949 – March 24, 2019; 70 years old
Cause of death: unknown (died in sleep)
- Voiced Vexor in Big Bad BeetleBorgs.
- Best known for his performance as Captain Rhodes in the 1985 film Day of the Dead.