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Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Making Bad - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:
Evox wants to bring back more villains. Sledge says they have weapons from Ryjack's collection. Scrozzle can make the villain clones stronger with gems. A new Robotron are stealing diamonds. He has enough diamonds to make one. He uses a key with video records of old villains. He shows clips of Koragg from Mystic Force. Roxy comes in and shows how he turned into a good guy. She shows a clip where Koragg became Leanbow. Then Leanbow becomes Wolf Warrior in the clip. Back at the hangout, the Rangers watch a news report about a thief stealing diamonds. They wonder if the thief is invisible. Ravi says the stores are being hit in Alphabetical order. He wants to check out the next hit store, the main 3 leave. Back in the Cyber dimension, Roxy shows Astronema. Scrozzle shows clips. Blaze shows that she turned good. She turns into a Pink Ranger. Roxy is upset. Scrozzle takes out Zedd's staff and all the villains back up. He shows clips of Lord Zedd, with the wrong voice. Roxy shows how he betrayed the Machine Empire. 

Poisandra mentions to Sledge how Zedd had a nice wedding with Rita and she got nothing. The Rangers spot a Robotron using their spy glasses. They expose Thieftron and he runs away. Devon takes the diamonds from him. Thieftron says Scrozzle needs a thousand. The Rangers morph and fight him. They go Beast-X Mode. They destroy him with the bow. They go back to Grid Battleforce and Nate tells Ravi he was right all along. Ravi says there is only one Diamond factory left. Back at Cyber Dimension, Poisandra and Sledge are still bickering. Poisandra tells Scrozzle to send a Gigadrone. Poisandra finds the address of the next Diamond Factory and leaves. Blaze thinks of the Psycho Rangers and takes out a data card. Scrozzle shows Psycho Rangers. Roxy has Scrozzle show his demise by Andros and Leo. Snide keeps searching. The Rangers arrive at the factory. A Gigadrone arrives to the city. Nate and Steel board their zords.

Poisandra and Curio arrive at the factory too. The BM Rangers find them. Fury and Wrench arrive. They fight. Wrecker Megazord fights the Gigadrone. It steals their blasters and blasts them. They call Beast-X King Zord. They regain their weapons. They destroy the Gigadrone. The Rangers fight the Dino Charge villains. The four do a group attack and the Rangers lose their armour. The other two BM Rangers arrive. The Rangers call their weapons and destroy the four villains. They run off. Sledge bemoans Poisnadra's death. Evox arrives and has selected Goldar to destroy the Rangers. He shows clips of Goldar, also with the wrong voice. Evox takes out Goldar's sword. Scrozzle adds the diamonds to the Reanimatizer and creates a new upgraded Goldar. Evox tells him he is his master. SLedge insults him and Goldar kicks him. Evox tells Goldar to destroy Sledge which he does. Back at Grid Battleforce, the Rangers wonder what Evox wanted. Devon figures it might have been Poisnadra who wanted the diamonds. The Rangers laugh about Steel's butt.  

Episode Review:

If you are going to use clips from old episodes, and can't use the original voices or audio, then don't use it. Also, why can't you get the original voice actors? I understand about budgets but what not, it just ruins the clips and episode. Plus, fans and kids could watch the original episodes on Netflix. Also, since Robert Axelrod died, it is sad they replaced his voice. Great idea and premise but not an ideal execution. If it didn't have that voice problem, it would be up there in great Halloween clipshows along with Power Rangers Samurai's Party Monsters.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Vehicles in Super Sentai #5 (2020)

 This is the fifth one of these. I am not including the Liveman, Jetman, Hurricanger (Ninja Storm), Go-Onger (RPM), Goseiger (Megaforce) nor Kyuranger because I already included them under Animal and they are majorly modeled after animals. I might have miss some, please kindly point them out, not rudely. If one vehicle appeared just once, then they are not mentioned here. So if you say... "You forgot Toqger's Shield Reesha or Diesel Reesha." I'll say...  "There's just one of those so far." If you read this and it is no longer 2020 and there is a new vehicle, keep in mind this was written in 2020.


Racers/Dragsters (8)
Turboranger (1989) - Turbo GT Fiveman - Land Gamma
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Red Vehicle/Red Lightining
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Yellow V Dozer/Star Racer
Boukenger (2006)/PROO (2007) - Black Gougou Formula / Speed Driver
Goukaiger (2011) - Green Goukai Racer
Go-Busters (2012) - Red CB-01 Cheetah
Lupinranger vs Patranger (2018) - Goody Striker (jet/racer)

Police Cars (8)
Carranger/Turbo - Blue V-Police/Siren Blaster BlueWhite Robo Racer/Sirender 
Boukenger/Operation - White Gougou Police/Zord #12
Dekaranger/SPD - Red PatStriker/Delta Runner 1
Gokaiger (2011)/Super Megaforce (2014) - Red PatStriker/SPD Patrol Zord
Toqger (2014) - Police Reesha
Patranger (2018) - Trigger Machines

Fire Engines (6)
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - V Fire/Lighting Fire Tamer 
Lightspeed (1999)/GoGoV (2000) - Pyro Rescue One/Red Ladder
Boukenger (2006)/Operation (2007) - Gougou Fire/Zord #11

Toqger (2014) - Fire Reesha
Patranger (2018) - Trigger Machine Splash
Kiramager (2020) - Mashin Fire

Trucks and/or Trailer (6)
Flashman - Titan Boy
Turboranger (1989) - Black Truck
Fiveman (1990) - Five Trailer
Dekaranger (2004)/SPD (2005) - Green and White PatTrailer/Delta Runner 3
Goukaiger (2011) - Yellow Goukai Trailer
 Go-Busters (2012) - Blue GT-02 Gorilla

Dumps (6)
Google V - Yellow Dump
Carranger/Turbo - Green V Dump / Thunder Loader
GoGoV/Lightspeed - Yellow Armor/Haz Rescue 4
Boukenger/Operation - Red Gougou Dump / Dump Driver
Ninninger/Ninja Steel - Yellow Otomonin
Kiramager - blue Mashin Duston

Drills (4)
Maskman - Black Masky Drill

Boukenger (2006)/Operation - Orange Gougou Drill/Drill Driver
Gokaiger (2011) - Gouzyu Drill
Toqger (2015) - Drill Reesha
Patranger (2018) - Trigger Machine Drill

Tanks (4)
Goggle V - Goggle Tank 
Flashman - Tank Commander
Maskman - Masky Tank

Toqger - Tank Reesha
 Lupinranger vs Patranger - Siren Striker

Ambulance/Emergency Vehicle (4)
Carranger/Turbo - White Wind Rescue/V-Rescue 
GoGoV/Lightspeed - Pink Aider/MedRescue Five
Boukenger/Operation - Gougou Aider/Rescue Runner
Dekaranger/SPD - PatSignlar /Delta Runner 5 (not ambulance, but emergency vehicle-like)

Cranes (3)
Boukenger - Indigo Crane
Go-Busters - BC-04 Beetle
Patranger (2018) - Trigger Machine Crane

Bikes (3)
Dekaranger - DekaBike (Omega MaxCycle)
Go-Busters (2012) - LT-06 Tategami Lioh Trike form
Patranger (2018) - Trigger Machine Biker

Vans (3)
Turboranger (1989) - Pink Turbo Wagon
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997)- Yellow Vehicle/Dune Chaser (SUV) 
Green Vehicle/Desert Thunder (Mini-Van)

Jeeps (2)
Turboranger (1989) - Blue Jeep 
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Blue Vehicle/Mountain Blaster

Mixers (2)
Boukenger (2006) - Green Gogo Mixer
Kiramager (2020) Lime Green Mashin Magellan

Shovels (2)
Boukenger (2006) - cyan Gogo Shovel
Kiramager (2020) - yellow Mashin Shovellow

Trains (23)
GoGoV (1999)/Lightspeed (2000) - 5 GoLiners/Rail Rescues
Magiranger (2005)/Mystic Force (2006) - MagiTrain/SolarStreak
Toqger (2014) - Toqger's main Reesha (Locomotive, bullet and subway)
Ninninger/Ninja Steel (2015) - Otomonin Byunmaru
Lupinranger VS Patranger (2018) - X-Train Gold, X Train Silver, X Train Fire, X Train Thunder
Kiramager (2020) - King Express and Mashin Express, Mashin Zabyun

Jets (24)
Dynaman - Red Dyna Mach
Bioman - Bio Jet 1 & Bio Jet 2
Changeman - Jet Changer 1
Flashman - Red Jet Delta and Blue Jet Seeker
Maskman - Red Masky Fighter and Yellow Masky Jet
Timeranger - Five Time Jets 
Dekaranger/SPD - Red &
 Blue DekaWing/SWAT Flyer
Boukenger/PROO - Gougou Jet/Sonic Streaker
Boukenger/PROO - Red Gougou Commander, Yellow GouGouAttacker and Blue GouGouFighter/Battlefleet Zords
Gokaiger (2011) - Blue Goukai Jet
Go-Busters (2012) - Silver and Blue SJ-05 Stag Beetle
Scissors and Blade Dial Fighters, Victory Striker, Jackpot Striker
Kiramager (2020) - Blue Mashin Jetter

Planes (3)
Lupinranger - Lupinranger - Red Dial Fighter (military aircraft) and Blue Dial Fighter (air racer)
Kiramager (2020) - Gold Mashin Hakobu

Shuttles (14)
Denjiman - Denji Fighter
Changeman - Shuttle Base Flashman- Star Condor
Fiveman- Red Sky Five
Star Carrier (Not Pictured)
Megaranger/PriS - Mega V2
GoGoV/PRLR - LinerBoy/Max Shuttle
GoGoV/PRLR - the five Mars Machine/Omegazords
Dekaranger/SPD - Yellow PatWing 4 and Pink PatWing 5/SWAT Flyers

Helicopters/Gyros (9)
Changeman - Blue Helichanger 2 (belonging to Black and White)
Maskman - Pink Gyro
GoGoV/Lightspeed - Green Hover/Aero Rescue Three
Dekranger/SPD - Blue Patgyrer/Delta Runner 2
Boukenger/Operation - Blue Gougou Gyro/Gyro Driver
Go-Busters (2012)/Beast Morphers - Yellow RH-03 Rabbit
Lupinranger (2018) - Yellow Dial Fighters, Cyclone Dial Fighter
Kiramager (2020) - Mashin Helio


Marine Divers (2)
Boukenger (2006) - White/Black with little Pink - Gougou Marine Diver
Gokaiger (2011) - White/Black/Pink/Gold Gokai Marine

Toqger (2014) - Build Ressha (Construction train), Shield Ressha, Claw Ressha, Hyper Ressha
Kyuranger (2017) - Battle Orion Ship
Lupinranger vs Patranger (2018) - Magic Dial Fighter (Blimp), Hammer Dial Fighter (tiltrotor)
Kiramager (2020) - Mashin Rolland, Mashin Lifton

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Props and Concepts from Tokusatsu used in Power Rangers

 I have covered a couple of these topics before but here they are complied with some new ones. I will not include monsters that were reused later because there are too many to mention. 

Aura Changer/Manga Morpher
The Aura Changer, the morpher from Dairanger (1993) was changed to the Manga Morpher for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1998). They changed the colors and name of Dairanger changed to silver. The toy had the name of Lost Galaxy while the show just had it silver. They changed the knots on the extending item to silver.

Gorma Emperor/Master Org
The costume for the main villain Gorma Emperor from Daitanger (1993) was used for Master Org in Power Rangers Wild Force (2002).

Nanami (Hurricanger 2002) was a singer, this trait was not moved to her counterpart Tori in Ninja Storm (2003) but given to Kira in Dino Thunder (2004). This was probably done because back then they usually got a few episodes in advance. They probably were already locked in character traits in Ninja Storm, that later after Hurricanger ended, producers liked that concept for Dino Thunder.

Rije/Mora and Rijewel/Morgana
In Abaranger (2003), the villain Rie was child-like became the woman Rijewel. The Dino Thunder series didn't have this concept. This concept was used for Mora/Morgana in Power Rangers SPD (2005). Morgana did get the battle suit from Succubus from Dekaranger (2004) so it was a composite character. This was probably done because back then they usually got a few episodes in advance. They probably were already locked in for villains for Dino Thunder and were not aware that concept would happen. Later after Abaranger ended, producers liked that concept for SPD.

Abarepink / Orange Ranger
In Abaranger (2003), Abarepink was a friend of the gang dressed as a fan-made pink ranger. This concept was not used in Dino Thunder. In SPD (2005), Boom made his fan made Orange Ranger costume. 

Thunder Stinger
B-Fighter (1995)/Beetleborgs (1996)'s Thunder Stinger becomes an unnamed weapon for Dr. K in RPM (2009). 

Baron Nero/Cosmo Royale
Toqger (2014)'s Baron Nero was used for Cosmo Royale in Ninja Steel (2017). They changed the face.

Jirayu and Gavan/Skyfire and Chaku
Jirayu (1993) appeared in Ninninger (2015) and Gavan (1982) appeared in Go-Busters (2012). Then when Ninninger was adapted as Ninja Steel (2017), Jirayu became Skyfire. Then when Go-Busters was adapted as Beast Morphers (2019), Gavan became Chaku.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Finders Keepers - Episode Review


The Rangers are separated looking for Ryjack's ship and Zoe stumbles upon it. Everyone heads for her location. An intruder is heading for it and Zoe is asked to stop and wait. She doesn't and tries entering the ship. The ship self destructs and flings her down. Scrozzle tells the other villains and Evox sends Roxy and Blaze. Scrozzle gives them the device to bring villains back from weapons. Zoe is knocked out. Roxy and Blaze finds Snide's sword and reanimize him, telling him they are his new best friends. They see Zoe and sneak away. Zoe wakes up and spots Keeper, thinking he is an intruder. She finds a Compliance Collar and swings it on Keeper. The other Rangers arrive and Ravi and Nate recognize him as Keeper. The Rangers pick up villain weapons. They put Keeper in a truck, the Vivix steal it, and drive away. 

The main three morph. Red heys pm Cruise and races towards the truck. A portal opens and the Dino Charge Rangers (Red, Blue, Black, and Gold) appear. They head for the truck when Vivix and Triptoids appear. The two teams fight Vivix, Putties, and Triptoids. Snide opens the truck and gets Keeper to follow them. Ravi and Tyler spot this but it is too late. The baddies teleport away. In the evil base, Blaze says Keeper must have knowledge about them. Keeper talks about the Energems. At the good base, Tyler says Keeper was trying to get the evil weapons so they wouldn't fall in wrong heads. Everyone accuses Zoey and she apologizes. Koda says they should work together. Back at the evil base, Evox takes Keeper's staff and says he needs the Energems. Snide says he can plan a trap with Keeper as bait. Back at Gridforce, Evox tells them they will give Keeper if they give the evil weapon. Commander Shaw agrees, saying she knows too much. Tyler says Keeper is their top priority. 

The Rangers got the weapons in a case and go into a warehouse. Snide, Scrozzle, and Keeper walk in. Scrozzle checks the box and sees the weapons. Snide breaks the deal. Scrozzle teleports away with the weapons. The two Ranger teams morph. Shaw tells them of a Gigadrone. The Dino Charge Rangers fight Snide. Tyler calls Shelby and Riley who come from a portal. The Beast Morpher rangers go fight the Gigadrone. The DC rangers fight Snide. Tyler goes Supercharge mode. The Rangers does the Victory charge and final strike. Evox watches and Scorzzle brings back Sledge, who reacts as if there was a bomb. Evox wants Energems, which Sledge agrees. Scrozzle brings back his crew. A Gigadrone drains Morph-X whem the zords arrive.  Wreckerzord and Beast X Megazord are formed. They fight the Gigadrone. They destroy the Gigadrone.

Sledge returns and Koda says they destroyed him twice. The crew (Fury, Poisandra, Curio and Wrench) fight them. They take down the Rangers. Before the crew can steal the Energems, the BM Rangers arrive and fire at Sledge. They rescue Keeper and retreat. Sledge and Snide argue over whose fault this is before they all teleport back to the Crystal Dimension. At Grid Battleforce, Nate and Zoey remove the compliance collar off of Keeper, who has no memory of what happened when he was Evox’s prisoner. Despite that, Zoey promises that the Beast Morphers Rangers can handle this new threat. The Dino Charge Rangers and Keeper say their goodbyes as they leave to their own dimensions, with Keeper forgiving Zoey for putting the compliance collar onto him. After their new friends leave, Commander Shaw reminds them that Evox might have obtained valuable intel from Keeper, and with Ryjack’s relics in his hands, the Rangers must be on their guard.


I don't like how this looks for the Beast Morpher Rangers. First, the Rangers attack Chaku, not knowing he was a good guy and now Zoey throws a collar on Keeper. Do they have no eyes for the good guys? Keeper is clearly not a creeper, big or formidable. And which villain would be in solid silver? Well, some monsters come to mind. Never mind. Anyways, it was good to see four of the Dino Charge Rangers. Fans have their theories on why Riley and Shelby did not return. But at least we got some of them. I know those four (Brennan, Yoshi, James and Davi) are always game to return. Funny enough, they said they were there for a convention and tried to throw us off the scent. Why everything has to be a secret? Fans will always find out.  Word from Brennan Mejia is that Michael Taber and Camila Hyde did reprise their voices but were uncredited.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - The Greater Good - Episode Review

Chaku misses Ryjack stealing Morph-X. Apparently, he has been doing this for weeks. Scrozzle is happy about using Ryjack and Evok's plan is to betray him and take the Ranger weapons for himself. Commander Shaw asks Chaku if he would like to join the team, he hesitates but ultimately agrees. Ben and Betty play with a killer plant and get ooze squirted on them. Nate then stumbles upon Chaku speaking to his daughter Starlight. He later tattles to the other Rangers and they are surprised to hear he is a father and that his daughter is human. Chaku and the Morphed Rangers fight Ryjack and Ryjack escapes. Nate tells Chaku he overheard about his daughter and said he saw she misses him, explaining his parents work oversea and wish they visit more often. Chaku says it is not that simple.

He takes off his helmet and show he is cybernetic and took away the father his daughter remembers. Nate thinks she will accept him. Chaku says he serves the greater good now and that is all that matters. He leaves. Back with the villains, Ryjack wants to fight the Rangers. Evox and the others think he won't last long. Ryjack leaves and the Grid Battleforce scanners spot him. The Rangers morph. Ryjack takes a device from Andrasia and grows big. (Remember monsters don't grow in this season.) Scrozzle appears and takes a device. The Rangers form the Beast X Ultrazord. The sky becomes dark.

The Rangers fight Ryjack. He lifts them in the air and they crash. He shocks them with lightning. The Ultrazord needs to be rebooted. Chaku summons Reptilobeast from a space ship. He climbs on top of it and the beast shoots fire. It flies around and screeches. The Rangers are ready and continue fighting with Ryjack. They jump once Ryjack rams them and they shoot him. They slam him when they land. Devon gets the Blaster and they do an ultra strike. Ryjack is destroyed. The sky returns to normal. Back at the base, Chaku can retire and wants to be with Grid Battleforce. Nate has a gift for him. Shaw says he is a special case. They go to the lab where they opened the gate. They have the DNA machine to make Power Rangers, they adjusted it to make him fully human again. Shaw tells him he can be a dad again. He doesn't know what to say. He takes off his helmet and enters the device. He becomes fully human and he thanks them. He hugs Nate and asks if he could something for them. Steel wants Replitobeast. Chaku says it is Galaxy Police property. He salutes them and teleports away. Later, Ben and Betty keep the alien plant. They feed it garbage and spits out recyclables and vomit. They receive a message from him and his daughter Starlight. Starlight says thank you.

I'm sorry but I don't like the character of Nate. The actor is fine and nothing against him. The character comes off rude by overhearing things, jumping to conclusions, being judgemental, and budding in to things that not deal with him. Sure, he says he is a good guy but he comes off pretentious. I especially do not like he's judgmental ness and feelings about Ravi lying. It is not what he believes but in the manner he proceeds to do so. Sure he helps Chaku but comes off very annoying. In Spanish, a word "Lloron" means a crybaby and Nate comes off as a big llorn, complaining about being abandoned by his parents, when we never see him do an effort to call his parents or trying to visit them. 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Power Rangers Pulsecon Reveals

 So I watched the whole Pulsecon on Power Rangers. 

The biggest news was Dino Fury cast, only 3 Rangers were revealed. Russell Curry as Red, Kai Moya as Ollie/Blue, and Hunter Deno as Amelia/Pink, these were of the six Illumerdi revealed so the other tree could be correct.

Toy News:

The Zeo Megazord we already knew about. It is heavy and has a big box and removable helmets, wings and belt. 

Connor, Tommy and Z-Putty for the next wave. They will have exclusive boxes for Target, exclusive for Target are the only boxes. White Ranger will also get an exclusive Target box.

Auto-Morphin Figures, Retro Figures will be Walmart exclusives. Wave One is Red, Black, Pink and Blue. Green and Yellow coming soon. The weapons combine. 

New Monsters line

Pumpkin Rapper and King Sphinx, in Pulsecon they did a poll to see which monster should the Megazord take down and Sphinx won.

Part of the Versus Sets is Astronema and Andros

Also Sky Blue B-Squad Vs A-Squad Ranger, no Beevor head.

And Pulse exclusive is Metallic Armor Pink Ranger with Kat head sculpt. From what I understood she has a new lightning effect and bow. 

My question was showcased, twice. My YouTube is Hodgepodges and  my first question was "Will we have transforming Lightning Collection Megazords?" And the answer was with lava coming out of a volcano, soon things are coming. My second was in the Beast Morphers panel, I asked if Colby liked his Lightning Figure and he said he has it by his bed.

I liked the reveals. I am excited about SPD B-Squad vs A-Squad, the monsters and the Zeo Megazord.