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Galactic Sentinels Multiportals Issue 18

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Power Rangers Ninja Super Steel - Caught Red-Handed - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
The Principal talks about the camping trip and shows them her antique campus that belonged to her grandmother. Brody says his grandfather had one. Victor comes in dressed as Indian Jones talking about a rhino. Their net blaster gets on the principal and other people. The principal puts them both in detention, no trip. Then she notices her campus is gone. They find it in Brody's bag. Monty and Victor blame Brody. Principal says he won't go to the trip. Principal thretens them with the camera. Preston and Calvin offer to stay, Brody let's them go. Levi and the others leave. 

At the Galaxy Warriors, Rygore is selected to fight and gets his medallion. He rolls a dice to decide his next move. Victor and Monty try to escape while Brody studies. In the forest, Sarah already puts up her tent. They get called by Mick about buzzcams. Brody also tries going up in the ceiling. Rygog picks an attack from his dice and takes out a kettle and attacks the five Rangers. They instamorph and fight. Victor and Monty arrive and see the rhino monster. Victor takes out his snare blaster and doesn't capture Rygog but they get captured and kicked out. They arrive on the Principal's tent.

 Rygog rolls the dice and throws jacks at the Rangers. Brody arrives and takes his jacks. He throws them back and they explode on him. He retreats. The Rangers unmorph and Brody leaves, saying his integrity is more important. Monty shows the video to the Principal and they go back to the school. The Principal shows the video to Brody. The compass was knocked into his bag with the net. The Principal apologizes and says courage to do the right thing. She gives him the compass. He thanks her and goes camping. Principal says Victor and Monty have to stay in detention for a week. The Rangers are about to go camping when Rygog arrives again. 

The six morph. They blast him back. Rygog vs Preston and he rolls the dice and throws him down. The others arrive. Red clones themselves. The clones attack and they do two attacks. Rygog grows. Ninja Ultrazord is made. Yellow gets the chaindsaw blade. Rygog throws the dice. Yellow calls the blaster. They destroy Rygog. Odius gets the medallion and has three. She wants the fourth medallion from the girl Galactic Ninja. Odius takes it. She use magic to make Foxitron out of the fox grunts. Badonna makes Foxitron big. Odius enters it and puts the four Medallions. The zord absorbs the blasts and blasts them back. The Zords come apart into megazords. The Megazords fight back.

Bull Rider attacks with no avail. Odius splits the zords apart and the Rangers demorph. The Ninja Stars are burnt and don't work. Brody tries the Lion zord but is hit back. She does her attack and the Megazord foes down. Red falls out and demorphs. Odius laugh and says Ninjas lose. All the zord stars are damaged. Foxitron is losing power. She comes down and the teens hide. Badonna and Venoma come to her.  Venoma says the Medallions have to be recharged. They laugh and leave. Brody says they have one day to figure out how to beat it. (or six months)

A wizard did it! I knew the compass problem got resolved rather quickly. These two seasons have followed Dino Charge in having a regular filler standalone episode with some big arc stuffed at the end. The ending could've been easily a whole different episode. I did like having three female villains around again. The remixed MMPR background music really helped this ep. 

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Power Rangers Multiverse and Labeling the Universes

WARNING: Before this starts, heed my warning that I know Power Rangers have different writers and how difficult it is to adapt a series from another country. Super Sentai always starts fresh every year with their stories and resets things. Aliens could be part of it, and sometimes not. That's the fun. Japanese understand this. But American fans love everything to be in the same universe and stay together. But unfortunately Power Rangers has switched so many hands in charge, it's hard to keep track. It is not easy making a TV show, even if they follow a Series Bible or not. A stray comment can get fans upset (Alpha 5 planet in SPD) and so forth. So I understand that writers do their own thing and I expect whoever reading this understands that too. 

It all started with the first Power Rangers movie, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995). Power Rangers has its canon continuity but then veered off with the movie that offered an alternative view. Same teens, different looking everything (Command Center, Zordon, Zedd, etc.) and different way of receiving the Ninja Zords than the series. So fans considered that non-canon. Then after MMPR, the seasons changed names and casts started changed. In Space closed off one chapter by Zordon dying and various villains being destroyed. Lost Galaxy started a wrench in that it was 'distant future.' That Earth created a huge space station in short time since sending two dumb astronauts to open Rita's dumpster in the first season. Fans suspected it could have been set three or four years later but then Lightspeed Rescue being set in 2000 and Lost Galaxy Rangers showing up placed Lost Galaxy in 1999.

While Disney seasons were vague if they were in continuity or completely tied in, RPM threw a monkey wrench by having complete apocalypse and no mention of past Rangers. Many fans theorized it took place in another universe (or dimension, which is not the correct word). Samurai plainly place it in another world but unfortunately was confusing about it (the monster said, "So this is Earth.") Samurai and Megaforce seemed to be in the same main continuation of MMPR to Jungle Fury with inclusion of those teams. Dino Charge seem to be in its own continuation as it began at the time of the dinosaurs and went in against what Dino Thunder set up in 2004. But I didn't expect it to follow that. Anyway, the finale changed time and the DC team ended up with Dinosaurs living with them. Then Sledge ended up in the Ninja Steel universe, setting both series in two different continuation. Then there is the Boom Comics MMPR that establishes different universes. Now Shattered Grid comic event seems to tie all these teams together, including Hyperforce, the RPG that is set in the main continuation. Also Beast Morphers might also take in another continuation with another virus and the future premise. 

"DC (Comics) does a really good job of monitoring the universe for the movies," Yoshi Sudarso (Koda of Power Rangers Dino Charge) says. "You know, the cinematic universe, and there's the cartoon universe, and there's Earth 1, Earth 2, Earth 3, Even the Batman Beyond universe. I think if Power Rangers started labeling things better like that, that'd be kind of nice too. Cause a lot of the times, as a fan, you get lost. I'm sure you feel the same way too, you're like, 'Wait, did that happen in this universe? Or did this not happen?' You know."

Here is my feeble attempt at labeling the continuations/universes:
Main Continuity
Starting with Mighty Morphin Power Ranger through the whole Saban era to Wild Force, through the whole Disney era up to Jungle Fury and then Samurai to Super Megaforce. Seemingly, I think Ninja Steel seems to fit in the same continuation. Hyper Force is also set in this continuation. SPD is set in 2025 but when we reach 2025, let's see what the writers come up with.
1. Mighty Morphin-In Space (Including Turbo movie)
2. Lost Galaxy
3. Lightspeed
4. Time Force
5. Wild Force
6. Ninja Storm
7. Dino Thunder
8. SPD (2025)
9. Mystic Force
10. PROO
11. Jungle Fury
12. Samurai/Super Samurai
13. Megaforce/Super Megaforce
14. Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel

Movie Continuities
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie is in its own canon and might not ever be visited again, unless in the comics. Also the 2017 Power Rangers movie is also in its own continuation. 

RPM Continuity
Everything seemed to be Ranger less at first. Dr. K made the Venjix virus and it caused global apocalypse and the Power Rangers RPM were created. They later jumped dimensions to fight Samurai. Super Megaforce came to visit Cronith but it looked different.

Dino Charge continuity
Sledge the bounty hunter and Keeper killed the dinosaurs and then the Dino Charge Rangers couldn't save the Earth from being sucked into a blackhole. The Rangers go back in time and send Sledge into the sun but somehow the future baddies went into the black hole and ended up in Ninja Steel's universe. The Dino Charge Rangers then ended up co-living with dinosaurs.
1. Dino Charge
2. Dino Supercharge

Boom Comics Continuity
Lord Drakkon didn't exist in our main continuity, he came from another dimension. If the Boom Comics continuation is the same or their own timeline is up to debate. 


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What Lavender Ranger Expects From Hasbro

I don't want to be selfish and be like, this is my opinion and it is what is written in stone. With that thought, I then said let's make a post about the whole fandom wants. But getting everyone's opinions would take too much time and I'm beyond busy right now. And it would be douchy of me to speak for the fandom. I don't want to do that either. So here is my opinion and if anyone cares can read it, if they don't, they don't have to read it. I've been a Power Rangers fan since 1993, my first toy was the 8 inch Yellow Ranger from Bandai and I love the details and articulation of the Bandai Japan toys.  So here is stuff I expect and want...

Zords like Bandai Japan zords
The next series to be adapted is Go-Busters as Beast Morphers. The mecha looks the most like Transformers so it is definitely in Hasbro's wheelhouse. Since around when Disney took over, the Bandai America zords have lost quality. They used to be close to the quality of Bandai Japan. The Legacy zords definitely stepped up and got better than Bandai Japan, then they did Bandai Premium. Hasbro is no stranger to recreating toys from Japan, Transformers, VR Troopers, etc. And they have done great articulation with Transformers.

Legacy Figures Continued
The Marvel Legends figures are 6 inches tall while the Bandai Legacy figures are 6'5". Fans want the Legacy line to continue and with the 6'5" height. That would be great, I would like that because I can continue my collection and not have to restart. Unfortunately I don't see that happening. It is rare for toy lines to continue from one company to another. I do look forward to Hasbro doing the Legacy figs because the Marvel Legends have different heads and arms unlike the Bandai ones. 

Shogun Megazord and other Legacy Items
Talking about continuation of lines, Bandai moved on from MMPR finally and will give us Zeo Mropher and Golden Staff but they skipped Shogun Megazord which has left a sore spot for fans. Basically because they decided to release Red and Yellow dino zords instead of it. The original Shogun Megazord came with a pink one instead of white and I would like to see a show accurate Shogun Megazord. Hasbro executives have said they will cater more to grown up fans and their Marvel line sure has shown that so I hope so. 

Villain figures
Hasbro makes a lot of villains. Bandai did in the past but not so much anymore. Bandai has been releasing more monsters, I would like to see more monsters to continue. I would like to see classic villains in a Legacy line like Rita, Zedd, Goldar, etc. This might be too much to ask but past monsters would be great now. The above pic shows 11 inch "Nutcracker" figures, I now they will continue. I know fans won't like it but it will continue because it is the industry norm now. 

I know fans didn't want to believe girl figures don't sell and I even refused to believe it. But I have seen them warm shelves. But I think the current Bandai America figures did so because the figures were/are so thin and easily to break. I say that because my nephew and niece have easily broken through female figures' arms and legs. For the Movie, Bandai did release more female figs and gear. For Black Panther and Antman and Wasp, they have lots of female figures and I hope this continues with Power Rangers. I think it won't be an issue with Beast Morphers as they is just one female and she is yellow.

 Final Thoughts
I've said what I expect but what I WISH would be affordable items and quality items. "Affordable" is hard. If you want quality, you have pay for it. But I wish it was worth it. The Bandai America Legacy Communicator was not show accurate and the sounds were random and was $80. If I spend $80, I want it to be worthwhile. All above is just speculation anyway. I don't know really what will happen. I am excited. A lot of fans are hyped, they don't want to disappointed. But from experience, not everyone will be happy. We'll see. It is part of life. Excitement and disappointment. All I got to say to Hasbro is: Bring It On. 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Attack of the Galactic Ninjas - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:
Calvin notices a female necklace Preston has. Preston and Hayley are being mysterious about their drama class and Calvin doesn't know how to feel about it. Meanwhile the Galactic Ninjas arrive at Galaxy Warriors. Hayley is worried. Preston helps her out, they are keeping a secret they will be in Romeo and Juliet, The drama teacher comes and they practice the death scene. Victor and Monty come in. Victor in Shakespearen clothes and acting hammy dramatic. The teacher berates him for not auditioning three weeks ago and lets him be the understudy. They figure they can do something to Preston to be the lead. The teens reunite. Calvin notices the necklace Preston had earlier, on Preston's neck. The others notice Calvin is not feeling well. He tells them they are spending a lot of time together. 

The others tell Clavin to talk to them. Calvin and Sarah see Preston and Hayley holding hands and Hayley kisses Preston on the cheek. One of the evil ninjas arrives and attacks the duo. The rangers lose their memories except for gold pink and yellow and they fight the monster and his minions. He then takes pink memories. He threatens Yellow and leaves. Gold beats the minions, thy take the test to the base. Meanwhile Monty comes up with a crate to send Preston to Africa. Victor and Monty gets lock  in and shipped away. Meanwhile the others discover the base. Calvin and Mick talk about what he thinks. He drops a game rob his foot. He says it will be replaced. Calvin tells him he is jumping to conclusions.

Calvin and levi trick the monster with the scarecrow technique and they get the memory orbs she return then to the Rangers. Mick runs off the Rangers morph. They fight, he grows big, they call the zords. Wolfermean runs off and they get out of the zords. Sarah encourages Calvin to talk to Hayley. Later Preston and Hayley perform at the play. Calvin apologizes and Hayley says he is cute when jealous. Meanwhile, Victor and Monty find themselves in Africa.

Episode Review:
Interesting to have themes of death, romance, infeldity and jealously in Power Rangers which rarely happens. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Game Plan - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Preston is into playing a new game Game Goblin and distracted. Game Goblin is a real monster from the Galaxy Warriors, he says the more people play his game, the stronger he'll get. Later the teacher talks about volcanos an everytime she turns around the kids play the game. All except for Brody. She fins out and threatens. It looks like Victor is not playing the game but in reality he is behind a picture playing the game. Preston forgot to do homework. Brody says he failed the homework assignment because of the game. Brody is upset everyone is playing the game in the hideout. Preston is missing. The monster says he can suck them in. Brody gets the game from Levi and gets sucked into the game. 

Brody, Calvin, Hayley and Sarah find the real Game Goblin in the game. He knocks out Red Ranger and he is turned against them. Brody fights them but the controlling beam wears off. He then controls Hayley and she fights Pink and Yellow. Brody is on fire and Hayley is knocked out. Red helps Pink and the rest run away. Brody tells Levi through the com. Levi looks for Preston. The Rangers fight Game Goblin and he gets powered up by Preston. Levi connects the dots. Levi gets Preston. Victor and Monty see Mrs. Bell get the game. Victor and Monty try to steal it back. Levi and Mick explain this to Preston. Preston is going through withdraw and guilt.

Preston enters the game while Levi and Mick try to fix the problem. Mick has a plan. Blue enters and fights Game Goblin. Blue is hit with the controller beam. The Rangers fight. Blue stops Yellow and White from fighting the monster. The monster tells Blue to get the stars and he fights them. Victor and Monty get Bulk and Skull-like music when they try to get the game from Mrs. Bell. Instead her wig come off and Victor falls down. Levi comes running in painted saying he was cursed by the game. Victor wants to play anyway even though everyone stops. Monty breaks the game. 

Game Goblin's power depletes and Blue breaks free of the spell and faints. The Rangers regroup. Blue does his tornado spin. Monster grows and Dragon formation is made. Controller beam makes the Megazord stop. They call the Astro zord. Controller beam was used and they call the surfer zord and avoid the beams. They use the blaster and destroy the monster. Mick tries taking off the paint off LEvi. LEvi realizes Mick could've shape shifted into having a green face. Mick says it wasn't as fun. Preston apologizes. Brody says they were all obesessed. Badonna gives a picture to Odius of a ninja to fight the team. Cosmo tells them he reached level ten and is shocked to find the curse is real and he does turn green. 

Episode Review:
Interesting concept but ti would have made more sense if it was an app on a phone than a game on its own. I guess it was easier to destroy it that way. Also Brody not playing the game is a step up from the character since his playing nature from last year. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

26th Power Ranger Season revealed: Beast Morphers

The first season under the new partnership between Saban and Hasbro will be called Power Rangers Beast Machines, to premiere in 2019 on Nickelodeon. According to Jason Bischoff and the description in the press release, the series will be based on the 2012 Super Sentai Go-Busters. Many fans love the series and some were upset when it was not adapted in 2015 but Kyouruger (2013) was adapted instead as Power Rangers Dino Charge. With a name like 'Beast Morphers' one would think it would be Zyuohger (2016) which was about animals as well. "Set in the future, a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called “Morph-X” with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself. Featuring never-before-seen leather suits and an all-new beast-themed arsenal (including dynamic new Zords), fans should get ready for a season full of secret ops and morphinominal fun." 

I like the logo design and the bottom logo (Beast Morphers) but not much the above logo (Power Rangers design doesn't match). I am still in shock. I was not expecting this. I was expecting Kyuranger (2017). Also that if they split this season in two, there is not much toys to release, I am guessing Hasbro will release a bunch more. I guess they can make toy-only zords and some more battlizer upgrades.

Sentai that has not YET been adapted after 2012:
2012 - Go-Busters
2014 - Toqger
2016 - Zyuohger
2017 - Kyuranger
2018 - Lupinranger vs Patranger


Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Making Waves - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
It is the Summer Cove Big Catch competition. The Rangers are there. Victor wants to get his 50th trophy. Hayley's dad has a diving drone and the teens put it in the water. Her dad is a marine biologist. Something malfunctions. Sarah's mom arrives and offers to fix it. She flirts with him. Hayley and Sarah doesn't like this. Doomwave has a tsunami machine in the water. Odius asks for it to activate but it doesn't because of the drone. Sarah's mom Jackie and Aaron have time to go on a date. In the auto shop, Hayley and Sarah say it is too weird for them to go on a date.  Sarah and Hayley sabotages it by telling them wrong ideas like rides that her dad hates and weird food Jackie doesn't like. Later on the date, he feeds her a grasshopper which she spit out.

They then go on a spinning ride which Aaron does not like. Hayley and Sarah go check on their parents. The boys work on the scrap metal the drone found and find out it is Odius' machine. They run off. The Rangers see Doomwave and the chick alien with the machine. The Rangers morph and fight. Monty made a bait for Victor which he does not like. Victor is pulled in. Mick throws away the drone. Hayley asks why. Jackie and Aaron will not work together anymore. Hayley and Sarah confess the truth. Mick says they should split up and figure it out. Hayley and Sarah say teamwork makes them strong. They realize their fault.

Aaron and Jackie arrive at the class and find the Power Rangers. They ask them to fix a drone. Sarah pleads with Jackie. Aaron says if it is important, they will work together. They start working again. Jackie asks Aaron if he is okay. They apologize. They think their daughters gave them bad advice. Jackie figures if her mom was dating her best friend's mom it would be weird too. They fix the drone. The Rangers thanks them and leave with the drone. Doomwave attacks them and Blue and Yellow try running away with it.  Gold and Red kick him away. Blue and Yellow send it off and Hayley switches it on. The drone lands as the remote is knocked out of Hayley's hands. Sarah gets the remote again. The tsunami machine begins to work. The drone fires a cannon. 

Mick made the Sub Surfer star an d sends it and it attaches to the drone. It makes it into a zord. Doomwave is big and in the ocean, it tries knocking out the zord. The zord becomes a robot with surfboard. Gold goes on it. It becomes a zord again and blasts it. The Megazord is called and the teens dons Super Steel mode. Sub Surfer ninja Megazord is made.Red calls the blaster. They blast Doomwave away in a blast. Later, the teens talk to Jackie and Aaron. Hayley and Sarah apologize. Victor claims he caught the fish but it was Monty in a costume. They are disqualified. 

Episode Review: 
I like the parents got highlighted in this episode. I like Mick makes it simple for the Rangers. Hayley and Sarah were acting selfish and didn't get called out for it by their parents. 

Saban and his Three Moves

In the past week, Saban Brands has made three moves. Like Goldilocks and the three bears. One was small--- a logo change of the iconic Power Rangers logo established since 1997 (The Turbo logo). The one before it was medium, Nickelodeon renewed their contract which was expected but now for three years instead of two, up until 2021. The third was the biggest of all.. Saban dropped Bandai as a toy partner and now has made a deal with Hasbro.

New Logo
 It is arguable if the logo started with Zeo or Turbo but Saban started using the generic Power Rangers logo around that time. Disney changed the coloring and then Saban Brands changed it again. But now the new logo has the MMPR bolt and font similar to the movie font. Months ago there was rumors Saban would not renew the copyright of the movie logo but they did.

February 12 it was announced Nickelodeon would continue to air new episodes of Power Rangers. Since 2011, Power Rangers seasons have been for two years. With the second being a season with 'Super' in front of the title. Both seasons are based on the same Sentai series. Every season consisting of 20 or 22 episodes. Usually a renewal has been for four or two years. Three years have fans scratching their heads.

February 15, the day after Valentine's day, it was announced that Saban and Bandai would part ways. Saban and Bandai America have been together for 25 years. Bandai has produced the toys of Super Sentai in Japan and small Asian markets for more than that. I am not sure about the number. Anyway, this deal will not effect Super Sentai as Bandai Japan will continue to produce toys for Sentai. Hasbro was announced yesterday February 16 and they will be in charge of the brand except for in Japan and small Asian markets. Bandai Japan usually groups sales of Super Sentai as Power Rangers globally.  Bandai will continue until April 2019. As for Hasbro and Saban: "Our friendship started, as a matter of fact, when Brian left the advertising agency he worked at and moved to Bandai, which had the license at the time. Since then, we’ve been in touch on and off, on different subject matters. From time to time, Brian would say to me, ‘So when are you coming to Hasbro?’ This is just the culmination of events that have been happening for some time. We’re just beyond thrilled.” – Power Rangers Founder Haim Saban to Hollywood Reporter

Lavender Ranger Editorial
I didn't know how to feel about anything about this. I'll grow to like the logo but I do not like it that much. The Nickelodeon deal is puzzling. Some speculated they might pull a 3-season deal like MMPR. The Bandai deal was shocking at first because the two go hand and hand. But like many know, I've been complaining about the quality of toys for ages. Hasbro is a respectable company. My friend says Halo went from Macfarlane to Hasbro and the figures aren't as great. For me, I would have chose Playmates because they have done great work with Ninja Turtles and Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad. Bandai still has other properties. What is next is to find out which Super Sentai will be adapted next and what this 3-year deal means. And as Goldilocks, Saban gets off scotfree.


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Tough Love - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Madame Odius makes a musical spell to make a Ranger evil and gives it to Spyclox. A girl sings a song with a guitar by the boats. Victor and Monty give her change. Victor flirts. She tells him e is not her type. He changes and dresses in disco and then a bullfighter. He then changes into a tennis player. He says he will figure out what her type is. The Rangers come and the girl sings one of Levi's songs. Levi starts to sing along with her. Everyone applause. She introduces herself as Jess, she is starstruck. Victor has an idea about cowboys and leaves. Monsters arrive and Levi takes Jess somewhere safe. The others morph and fights the grunts. Yellow clones himself. Pink uses her arrow to take a bunch down. Jess takes down one of the grunts. Levi asks to catch up later. 

Jess turns into Spyclox. Meanwhile, Monty is making a cowboy cologne for Victor. Jess and Levi hang out. She gets a baseball cap and puts it on him which he is not sure about. She convinces him and he changes his look. She shows him a new song she wrote. The others train. Levi comes late with his new outfit. Preston says he swore he heard those lyrics before. Levi starts singing the new song and people don't like it and start leaving. Redbot gives Preston his magic book. He found the song and it is a symmetric spell, Levi will turn evil if he finishes the song. He finishes the song and his eyes turn red. He keeps plying the song. Victor and Monty arrive, Victor as a cowboy and Monty sprays the cologne and nobody like sit. Jess becomes Spyclox. 

The others arrive. Levi asks for their Power Stars. Hayley wants Preston to reverse the spell but Preston needs the sheet music which Levi shreds. He becomes the Gold Ranger. The others morph. The Rangers fight. Calvin picks up the sheet pieces. Pink fights Spyclox while the others fight Gold. Levi is about to blast them when Pink blasts him. Calvin puts the lyrics together. He sings it backwards and the spell breaks. Gold hopes he hasn't hurt anyone. He can't believe Jess is a monster. She runs away. In a quarry the seven face off. She flies and attacks. They do attacks and jump in a tornado to strike her. They make her giant. The Megazords are called. They don Ninja Super Steel mode. Brody calls the Astro Zord which knocks her down. They make the Ninja Fusion Zord. Red gets the blaster. They destroy her. Red makes fun of Gold's new look. KLEvi comes all shy like a cowboy again and says he should've listen to them. They say they love him. Victor comes na dhe stinks, everyone puts plugs on their noses. 

Episode Review:
This episode is so cliche and routine, it is boring and borders on mean parody. Chase and his girlfriend's storyline almost deconstructed it last time with Dino Charge. What I don't like is they gloss over the fact they shouldn't trust anyone because they might be a monster. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Moment of Truth - Episode Review

I will post the previous episode review later. 
 "Moment of Truth"
 Episode Summary:
Monty and Victor are up to their usual funny business outside. Hayley gives Calvin his anniversary gift when he realizes he forgot and promises a dinner. A monster attacks and people run away. The Rangers about to morph when the monster puts a purple bolt on Hayley's star so she cant transform. The monster leaves, saying his bolt blaster needs to be recharged. He returns to Galaxy Warriors and boasts. Madame Odius is mad, she wants the others. Mick tries taking it off with no avail. Sarah reminds her of Calvin's awesome gift which does not exist. Preston and Calvin talk alone, Calvin admits he forgot the anniversary. Preston tells him to tell her the truth. He wants his help to get a gift. Calvin and Preston leave with the excuse, but the others want to go to so the brothers come as well.

Preston almost says car but they say carpet. They keep lying, apparently the bolt blaster charges with lies and the monster senses this. The four boys morph and Sarah is called. Sarah calls her cycle. The monster keeps blasting and he adds bolts to the gold and blue Power Stars. Preston and Levi de-morph. Mick tries to fix it and Levi mentions the monster saying they lied. Hayley says all of them are honest. Calvin confesses. Calvin didnt want to see Hayley sad. Hayley says she knows Calvin is forgetful and that no present matters. Hayley forgives him. The bolts melt off the Power Stars. The Rangers run off. Victor steps on cement. The monster follows them. Victor on wet paint. Monty lies and the monster powers up.

The Rangers morph and fight. Red powers up. Yellow saves Red. The monster is destroyed and grows big. Redbot throws the stars. Lion Fire Zord and the other zords are called. The Rangers have no master modes but have new stars for some reason. They form the Ultrazord. They use Super Ninja Steel Mode. Ninja Super Steel Star Blaster is called. Yellow uses it. Later at the school, Calvin orders a pizza for Hayley. It is their tradition now. Calvin says he made her something because he felt bad he had no gift. He made her calendar with pictures of them. He circled their anniversary date (September) so he wouldn't forget. Victor bumps into Calvin and he tells him the truth. He is mad at Monty. He takes off the glasses to show a massive sunburn. 

I liked the tie of the lying to the monster and Calvin telling the truth but it has the usual powers coming out of nowhere. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Galactic Sentinels Multiportals Issue 17

The Sentinels must team up with two teams (VR Troopers and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) of the past to get the Aqua crystal from the legendary Lord Zedd. The Order of Orphuchus also help in the Sentinel Universe.