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Animals in Super Sentai #9 - 2019


Lions (21)
Liveman (1988) - yellow lion
Dairanger (1993) - green lion Star-ShiShi
Gingaman (1998) - red lion GingaLion
2-Gaoranger (2001) - red Gao Lion and gunmetal black Gao Leon
2-Hurricanger (2002) - yellow Hurricane Lion and white Gattling Leo
Magiranger (2005) - white Magi Lion
Gekiranger (2007) - black Rin Lion
2-Go-Onger (2008) - blue Buson (half bus)black, red and yellow Shishi-no-Shin
Shinkenger (2009) - red ShishiOrikami
3-Goseiger (2010) - Silver and Black Grandeon, blue SeaLion (not actually a sea-lion), and red SkyLion
Gokaiger (2011) - red Gao Lion
Go-Busters (2012) -  Dark Blue LT-06 Tategami Rai-Oh
Toqger (2014) - Safari Reesha (Lion) (Not Pictured)
Ninninger (2015) - Lion Oh Ha-Ojo
Zyuohger (2016) - Cube Lion
Kyuranger  (2017) - Shishi Voyager

Tigers (8)
Dairanger (1993) - white Won Tiger
Gaoranger (2001) - white Gao Tiger
Gekiranger (2007) - red Geki Tiger
Go-onger (2008) - silver Jetoras (half jet)
Shinkenger (2009) - white ToraOriKami
Goseiger (2010) - yellow Gosei Tiger (half dozer/tank)
Ninninger (2015) - white Byakkomaru
Zyuohger (2016) - Cube Tiger

Jaguars (2)
Gaoranger (2001) - yellow-orange Gao Jaguar
Gekiranger (2007) - blue Gao Jaguar

Cheetahs (2)
Gekiranger (2007) - yellow Geki Cheetah
Go-Busters (2012) - red CB-01 Cheetah

Condors (5)
Jetman (1992) - black Jet Condor
Gaoranger (2001) - blue Gao Condor
Hurricanger (2002) - white Tri-Condor
2 - Go-onger (2008) - red Speedor (half racecar), red, black, and yellow Retsu-taka
Zyuohger (2016) - Indigo Cube Condor 

Falcons (5)
Liveman (1988) - Red Falcon
Kakuranger (1994) - white Tsubasamaru
Gingaman (1998) - green Gingalcon
Gaoranger (2001) - red Gao Falcon
Gokaiger (2011) - Red and white Machalcon (half race car/half Falcon)

Hawks (3)
Jetman (1991) - Red Hawk 
Hurricanger (2001) - red Hurricane Hawk

Goseiger (2010) - red TakaHeader

Eagles (6)
Sun Vulcan (1981) - red Vuleagle warrior
Gaoranger (2001) - yellow GaoEagle
Jetman Manga (1991) - Green Eagle -- not considered canon
Goseiger (2010) - Indigo GoseiBird 
Toqger (2014) - Safari Reesha (Eagle) 
Zyuohger (2016) - Cube Eagle 
Kyuranger (2017) - Washi Voyager

Owls (2)
Jetman (1991) - Yellow Jet Owl
Zyuohger (2016) - Green Cube Fukurou

Bears (8)
Kakuranger (1994) - yellow God Kumard
2-Gaoranger (2001) - black Gao Bear, white Gao Polar,(both were owned by Gao Yellow).
Go-onger (2008) - yellow Bear RV (half RV), black, red, and yellow Tsuki-no-Wa
Shinkenger (2009) - Green KumaOriKami (Bear Folding Zord)
Zyuohger (2016) - Brown Cube Kuma
Kyuranger (2017) - Kuma Voyager (Ooguma and Koguma)

Panda Bears (4)
Gaoranger (2001) - Gao Panda (Special Story CD)
Toqger (2014) - Safari Reesha (Panda)
Ninninger (2015) - Pandamaru
Zyuohger (2016) - White Gold Cube Panda 

Rhinos (6)
Liveman (1988) - Green Sai
Gingaman (1998) - red Ginga Rhino
Gaoranger (2001) - periwinkle Gao Rhino
Gekiranger (2007) - blue and silver SaiDain 
Goseiger (2010) - yellow SaiHeader
Zyuohger (2016) - Black Cube Rhinos

 Gorillas (6)
Gingaman (1998) - blue Gingarilla
2 - Gaoranger (2001) - green Gao Gorilla and red Gao Kong
Gekiranger (2007) - red Geki Gorilla
Go-Busters (2012) - blue Gorisaki Banana
Zyuohger (2016) - Red Cube Gorilla

Wolves (6)
Kakuranger (1994) - blue God Logan
Gingaman (1998) - yellow Gingaverick
Gaoranger (2001) - silver Gao Wolf
Gekiranger (2007) - violet Geki Wolf
Zyuohger (2016) - White Cube Wolf
Kyuranger (2017) - Ookami Voyager

Horses (3)
Gaoranger (2001) - Gao Horse
2 - Magiranger (2005) - black Valkyrion, Slepiner's blue horses

Elephants (5)
Gaoranger (2001) - teal blue Gao Elephant
Gekiranger (2007) - teal green Geki Elephant
Goseiger (2010) - yellow Elephant Headder
Ninninger (2015) - Green PaonMaru
Zyuohger (2016) - Green Cube Elephant

Bisons (2)
Liveman (1988) - Black Bison
Gaoranger (2001) - black Gao Bison

Bulls (3)
Gingaman (1998) - Black GoTaurus
Shinkenger (2009) - Ushi Origami (Bull Zord)
Kyuranger (2017) - Oushi Voyager
(Ox and Bull are the same animal)

Wildcat (2)
Gingaman (1998) - Gingat
Toqger (2014) - Safari Reesha (Cat)

Giraffe (2)
Gaoranger (2000) - Orange Gao Giraffe
Zyuohger (2016) - Orange Cube Kirin

Bats (2)
Gekiranger (2007) - Indigo Geki Bat
Zyuohger (2016) - Indigo Cube Komori


Saturday, April 20, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - A Friend Indeed - Episode Review

Blaze and Roxy makes a Robotron from a train and wants the info from the Beast Bots to control the Megazord. Ravi and Devon spar in the base. Smash offers Ravi blueberry drink and Ravi doesn't take it. Devon takes it and Cruise is disappointed when he brings him a drink. Smash offers to spar with Ravi, Ravi says not to do it soft. Smash stains Ravi's shirt. Zoey looks for Jax and finds a bag and wants office supplies. Inside are party supplies. Jax says it is the wrong bag. Betty and Ben get the bag and leave with Jax. Ravi and Devon enter. Nathan tells them to train. Zoey wishes the Beast Bots would do what they want. A truck comes towards the but it is a hologram.

Nathan shows them it is a nano-projector in their blasts. Beast Bots arrive and tell them to take a break. They tell them later. Beast Bots are disappointed. The Tronics attack and the Rangers morph. They fight. The Robotron takes the memory data from Cruise and Smash and they shut down. Robotron goes after Jax when the Opening Sequence runs. Zoey helps him. Blaze takes him away. Zoey tells them. They find  Cruise--who had a reboot and doesn't remember them. Same with Smash. Later, Nathan explains they just obey them, no personality. Devon and Ravi aren't so sad about it.  Nathan wishes he wants one like that--like a brother. Zoey says Jax drives her crazy too. Devon rides Cruise and happy he obeys him. He splashes in mud. He is mad. Cruise says he was told to take it.

Ravi tells Smash not to take easy. He punches him back. Ravi is mad. Smash says it is what he commanded. Jax and Zoey bumped into each other. Jax says the tablet is in Nathan's lab. Zoey wants to go into a room and Jax doesn't let her in. Ravi and Devon talk to Nate and Nate leaves. Zoey complains about Jax with Jax behind her and heard it. He turns the jacket and her tablet is there. Jax leaves. Zoey feels bad. Zoey goes after him and find a party the Beast Bots wanted to give them. Jax explains the reasons why Smash and Cruise messed up earlier. Zoey apologizes to Jax. Nate arrives and explains why they got the discs. Jax wants to set up a trap. Zoey wants to keep him safe. The others convince her. Later, Jax bumps into a Robotron.

Zoey comes out of hiding and knocks the discs out of the Robotron's hands. They get the discs and gives them to Jax to give to Nate. The Rangers fight the monster. They destroy him. Snozzle is upset and send an Alpha model Gigadrone. Raildrone arrives with two other robots. Nate adds the memories back to the Beast Bots. They reunite. They go in the zords. Gorrilla mode and battle mode are used. They attack the Gigadrones. The trio form the Megazord. The three Gigadrones do like a train. The two drones are destroyed. Cheetah Beast Blaster is called. Raildrone eliminated. The Beast Bots enter a dark room. Lights turn on and the party has turned into a thank you to the Beast Bots. Zoey explains they deserve the party and they are their best friends. Nate ask for Ben and Betty. Smash knocks on the cake and Ben and Betty surprise them from within. Snozzle tells the Tronics to take parts to a warehouse. Roxy and Blaze are told about a secret plan--a cyber gate for Evox.

A friend of mine wanted more interaction with the Beast Bots, here is a whole episode dedicated to it. Wish it was more in every ep though.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Hangar Heist - Episode Review

The episode starts with the Gigadrone inside the secret hangar lab and Devon asking Nate for Morph-X to use on a rocket. Outside, the Rangers and Ben and Betty put the Morph-X in the rocket but it doesn't launch. Ben and Betty try to 'fix it' but it points sideways and launches in the wrong direction. Ben and Betty run away from it and then go after it when they reveal it actually belongs to their father. Devon takes out his own model rocket and it breaks apart and doesn't launch it. Ravi critiques it and Devon takes it as an insult. Devon gets defensive and leaves. 

Meanwhile, Evok blames Roxy for losing the Gigadrone and she says she will make up for it. Back at GB headquarters the Rangers do a simulation of forming the Megazord but Ravi and Devon butt heads. Ravi gives Devon advise and Devon rather go with his guts. Devon storms off when the simulation has failed. The Commander talks to Devon about being a good leader means to listen to your teammates, especially Ravi since he has experience and training. Devon thinks about it. Ben and Betty find the rocket but one of the burners hasn't gone off. They spot Roxy. Roxy asks Scrozzle for help with the steel door. 

Scrozzle made a Robotron from a gas tank of some sort. The monster can melt anything so it melts the door and they go in. A piece of a burner goes off and makes Ben and Betty fly away. Roxy puts Morph X into the Gigadrone. Devon arrives in Cruise (which doesn't turn back into a robot or even speak) and the others in the GB SUV. They fight Roxy. Scrozzle in the mean time takes things from the lab including a robot head---(J from Go-Busters). Ravi kicks Devon out of the base to save them. He gets the Racer Zord and tries breaking the street to take the Rangers out but Scrozzle releases another Gigadrone. The first Gigadrone stops Devon. Zoey and Ravi destroy the Robotron. They fight and Devon uses the melter thing from the second Gigadrone to release Ravi and Zoey. Ravi and Zoey are saved by their zords. 

The Rangers fight with the zords. They try forming the Megazord. The two Gigadrones try stopping them but there was a forcefield around them. They form the Megazord and they destroy the Gigadrones. Back in the evil lair, Scrozzle and Evok talk about a secret project. Roxy and Blaze want to know what it is and Evok threatens them. The Rangers present Ben and Betty with their dad's rocket fixed. They successfully fly the rocket off. 

A better episode then last week. A good part was we get a slow build to the new Megazord, not like most recent seasons where Megazords just appear out of nowhere. Also J's head being stolen by Scrozzle is interesting. The actual conflict between Ravi and Devon feels authentic and I loved the Commander's advice. I wish she had a full name though. 

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Taking Care of Business - Episode Review

Devon is washing cars because his dad doesn't know he's a Ranger and has him to prove himself. He is late to meet the general, who is Betty and Ben's dad. They show off the Dogtonic, made from parts of Tronics. Nate gives the idea to the General that they can use Gigadrone parts. The Rangers collect parts with their zords. The mayor helps out Devon wash cars. Blaze makes a Robotronic out of a saw--Slicertron. At the secret base, Nate moved stuff from his lab---including a robot head (J from Go-Busters making an early cameo). Yellow and Blue arrive to fight Slicertron and Blaze.

They morph. Blaze also transforms. Devon finally gets the call and says its an emergency to his boss. Blaze kicks them around. Slicertron slices a pole that falls on them. Devon arrives and spins the debris away. Blaze tries to get to them. The Rangers blast the villains while Red quickly slices them. The bad guys leaves and the Rangers de-morph. Ravi almost overheated. Zoe tells Devon to quit. Devon says his dad is proud of him and gets called by his boss and leaves. Nate says the Gigadrone parts explode and are useless. The boss tells Devon he can't leave, if he leaves again, he will be fired. Ravi and Zoe come to help Devon. 

Roxy sees the wrist coms and vunerable and Blaze steals them and Slicertron slices the,. They go to a Morph-X Tower. Ravi's mom arrives and says the tower was knocked down. They find the com pieces. Devon goes to tell the boss he has to go and says he'll be fired. He leaves and Boss threatens to tell the dad. Blaze and Slicertron are stopped by the Rangers. Mayor gets call from Devon's ex-boss in his limo and sees the Rangers. A little girl screams as a saw flies her way. 

Devon races and grabs her out of the way. Her mom takes her away. He shares a look with the mayor. Blue strikes Blaze down. Blaze teleports away. Scrozzle is using a Gamma model Gigadrone and sending it to the city. The rangers beat down the robotron. Devon leaves to use Racer Zord. Ravi and Zoe fight the Robotron. The Racer Zord in battle mode fights the Gigadrone but it has a shield and crashes their systems. It opens the tower and sucks out the Morph X. The commander tells to Jax and Smash to pilot the zords themselves. They distract the Gigadrone. Zoe and Ravi destroy the monser with Beast X Blast. 

The systems are almost rebooted. Devon tells Nate he will reboot the Gigadrone. He throws his sword and it breaks the sheild. The saw gets stuck on the zord but the Gigadrone falls down. Zoe takes the Gigadrone to the hanger of the secret base. Nathan is amazed the Gigadrone is in tact. The General asks Devon what's wrong. Betty gets caught in a Gigadrone hand thanks top Ben. At the local hangout Devon calls the Mayor and asks if he is okay. The Mayor is mad. The Rangers see the Mayor on the TV and he says the Rangers are heroic. He says he is proud of them. Devon says he will know it some day.

Nepotism! Ravi is the Commander's son, Devon is the Mayor's son, Zoey is the city reporter's daughter and Ben and Betty's dad is the General of Grid Battleforce. So who are Nate's parents? A basic episode but it would nice to have a BeastBot centered episode.


Saturday, March 30, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Digital Deception - Episode Review

Ben and Betty have Valentine's Day gifts for the Rangers and chase a bee. Ravi visits the real Roxy in her coma case and wishes her a happy valentine's day and remembers last year they were together. Meanwhile in Snoozle's dimension, Roxy says she has her memories but no emotions. She comes up with an idea against Ravi. Nate meanwhile gets flowers. Roxy comes and takes Morph-X and creates a monster from a construction dozer vehicle. Nathan calls GB. Back at GB, Devon's cookies are rejected. They are called by the Commander. The trio arrive. Tronics are called and the Rangers call their weapons. Ravi fights the monster. Roxy trips Ravi and he is at the mercy of the Robotron.

Roxy stops the monster and leaves. Commander wonders what the robotron was after and wanted to know why Nathan was out. She put him on the buddy system and he hates it--he considers it a babysitter. They ask about Ravi, he shows them the picture and saying the avatar rescuing her. He asks Nathan if he thinks the real Roxy is in there, everyone thinks she's evil. Nathan says Ravi is a stickler for the rules. Devon figures he still loves her. Avatar Roxy gives Ravi a rose and says Happy Valentine's Day. She needs a device from Nate's lab from Ravi and he agrees. She leaves.

Ravi comes to Nate and asks about the Neural Aligner. Nate says it is theoretical and he would need the virus. Ravi takes it anyway. Devon and Zoey figure out what Ravi is up to and go to the park. Ravi meets with Roxy. The Robotron grabs Ravi. Roxy plans to infect Ravi with the virus. Roxy reveals she is all evil. The Rangers stop it. The Rangers fight the monster. She teleports away with the Neural Aligner. The Rangers morph. Tronics are called. The rangers fight the Tronics. Blue and Yellow fight the monster. Beta Gigadrone is sent to become Shoveldrone. Cruise comes to Devon and he deploys the Racer Zord. The battle mode fights Shoveldrone. He outruns the missiles. He changes to Cheetah Mode. Yellow surprises the monster with a back attack. The zord becomes battle mode again and Devon calls his blaster to finish off the Gigadrone and the others destroy the Robotron at the same time. 

Snozzle tries using the Aligner on Evox with a machine he makes. Blaze and Roxy listen to this. Back at GB, Ravi talks to sleeping Roxy. Ravi apologizes to the Rangers. They say they have to work together. They side hug. Zoey gets flowers from a secret valentine. Commander Shaw tells them  of the gifts in the hanger. Betty has a big sticky fly paper to get the bee. They get stuck on it and the Rangers find them.

A little late for Valentine's Day episode but nice they tried. I liked the moments between Ravi and Roxy. Great episode expect it felt Story A took over Story B and Story B was about a bee so good they kept it short. Also, Nate having a crush on Zoey is interesting as he is still being treated as a kid so it would be interesting if they is explored. Hopefully the Neural Aligner will return to help Roxy and Blaze.