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Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Silver Sacrifice - Episode Review

Nate and Steel have a heartfelt talk about being brothers. Meanwhile, Blaze and Roxy make a new bot to go after the Rangers for Steel. Scrozzle fixes the gate. Nate and Steel go jogging and then see the new zords Wrecker and Jet zords. They meet the General and Steel shows off the morpher and zords. Betty and her brother Ben slide off the zords into bubbles. Nate says to the General he needs Morph-X in the zords and he gives him a bunch of forms. Betty offers to fill out the paperwork. The trio calls Nate to 'hang.' Roxy and Blaze overheard this and they go after them. They go to the popular hangout when they are attacked by Roxy and Blaze.

Tronics are called and the Rangers fight. Nate takes Steel to safety. The others run off. Roxy reminds Blaze they are listening in. In the base, they tell the General that Evox still wants to upload into Steel. The General wants to shut him down and laughs at the idea that Steel is his brother. Betty goes after the General. The Rangers protest. The commander apologizes. Blue says that they have to destroy the Cyber Gate. Steel hides. The General asks for Steel. Commander says the Rangers are gone too. Betty finished the paperwork but it gets shredded. They try hitting reverse and the pink papers come out of the shredder. 

Roxy and Blaze hear where the Rangers are. The Rangers find Tronics. General tells the Rangers to hand over Steel. Blaze and Roxy have Betty and Ben. General doesn't know what to do. Steel steps up and says to take him in. He says its the only way. Roxy gets Tronics to take Steel away. Ben and Betty reunite wth the General. Nate cries. Roxy and Blaze leave. General realize they are family, he tells Nate to get his brother back. The four Rangers morph and fight. Evok comes through the gate to enter Steel. Steel jumps out and is rejected. Evok growls. Evok says he is incompatible with Steel because of the human DNA. Steel sends Evox back home and the gate exploded. They call the Gigadrone.

Blaze and Roxy leave. The Rangers fight the Tronics and the Gigatron. Back in the cyber dimension, Sxrozzle sends down a big robot. Cruise and the Racer zord ae deployed. Devon goes to battle mode. General says to forget procedure and excuse the zords. Jet and Wrecker Zords are deployed. The Gold and Silver Ranger enter. The Zords go to beetle mode and drain the other gigatronics. Yellow and blue fight the Gigadrone. They use the Beast X Cannon to destroy it. Gigatronics are destroyed by the new zords. Red destroys the Gigadrone. Back at the base, they wrap everything up. General says Steel is needed for the Ranger family. 

Good episode but a little hammy. 

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Dark Kamen Riders 2.0

Updated from original 2010 post...
Here is a fan drawing of the Dark Riders in the Alternative World. There is a lot of Kamen Riders that rival the lead one, many evil, but here are the ones that are considered the Dark Kamen Riders and some other evil ones.

Shadow Moon
In Kamen Rider Black RX, Nobuhiko Akizuki, who had been abducted by Gorgom to become one of their new kings. Shadow Moon is both the stepbrother and best friend to Kohtaro Minami, who had been abducted alongside Nobuhiko but managed to escape.

Kamen Rider Ryuuga
Same thing with the last one, above is Onyx is from KRDK. He also appeared in Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final, I have expressed how much I don't like his design since it is just a repaint of Ryuki. He later appeared in Kamen Rider Decade in the Negative World, he murdered and assumed the guise of the World of Negatives counterpart of Hirohiko Sato. He is part of Kamen Rider Diend Complete Form.

Pseudo-Rider Alternative
Pseudo-Rider Alternative is a Dark Rider who assumed the guise of the World of Negatives counterpart of Tanaka, Natsumi's high school teacher. Though ordered by Otoya to keep an eye on Natsumi rather than kill her, he intentionally decides to attack Natsumi, resulting in Dark Kiva beating him merciless. Alternative is then later destroyed by Diend. Although referred to as Alternative, the suit is actually that of Alternative Zero. Kamen Rider Alternative and Alternative Zero were not technically Dark Riders in Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Kamen Rider Ohja
Even though not officially a Dark Rider, I consider him so because he is just pure evil and even though a lot of Kamen Riders go against the main one (Knight for example), Ohja is nonredeemable.

Kamen Rider Orga
In the alternative world of Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost, there were two riders. The Orga gear was given to Yuji Kiba after he had been fooled into thinking he had been betrayed by the humans. He appeared in the Negative World in Kamen Rider Decade. Orga is part of Kamen Rider Diend Complete Form. He who murdered and assumed the guise of the World of Negatives counterpart of Kenji Sakata.

Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto
In the production of the Dark Kabuto costume, the production team took a Kamen Rider Caucasus costume and repainted it black with red circuitry details. Souji Kusakabe was originally a human infant used in Negishi's experiments in hopes of turning all of humanity into Natives. He appeared in the Negative World in Kamen Rider Decade. He murdered and assumed the guise of the World of Negatives counterpart of Kazuyoshi Aoyagi.

Kamen Rider Nega Den-O
He appears in Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiva: Climax Deka. Negataros and a select few Imagin are stray Imagin who evaded the fate of the other evil Imagin when Kai ceased to exist in the final episode. Negataros has to deal with both the DenLiner Police lead by Ryotaro Nogami, an inside man in the form of Yuto Sakurai, further worsened by the brief meddling of Wataru Kurenai.

Kamen Rider Dark Kiva
In the Kiva Series, the Checkmate Four's original King is referred to as the Dark Kiva, the lord of all Fangires and the original Kiva who was a threat to humanity in his time. However, Dark Kiva does not require the use of a being such as Tatsulot to achieve this form, and has no chains on his body as Kiva needs to control his power. In the Negative World of Kamen Rider Decade series, Otoya Kurenai is a young man who leads the Dark Riders, using his connection to Kivat-bat the 2nd to become Kamen Rider Dark Kiva.

Kamen Rider G4
He appears in Kamen Rider Agito The Movie: Project G4 in 2001 and is part of Kamen Rider Diend's Complete Form. The G4 suit then began to malfunction, ultimately killing Mizuki. Beginning to move on its own, the suit attempted to rise again to continue the fight, forcing Hikawa to destroy it with the Scorpion.

Kamen Rider Gaoh
Appears in Kamen Rider Den-O: I'm Born!, he is a king of bandits from the Warring States era and leads a troop of Imagin with which he plans on using to take over the DenLiner. On his journey, he also obtains Yukimura's help in unearthing the GaohLiner.

Kamen Rider Arc
He appeared in the movie Kamen Rider Kiva The Movie: King of the Castle in the Demon World. Arc appears part of Kamen Rider Diend Complete Form. Arc's name comes from a Japanese word for "evil."

Kamen Rider Core
Kamen Rider is the main antagonist in the final portion (Movie War Core) of the film, Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W featuring Skull: Movie War Core. Kamen Rider Core is purely an energy-based Rider, he was created from the Sasori, Kani, and Ebi Core Medals, which appeared to house his consciousness, merging with the Memory Memory which held the memories of all of the older Showa Era Kamen Riders and the True Gaia Memory, thanks to the Pteradon Yummy gathering them.

Kamen Rider Eternal
Jun Kazu is the main antagonist of Kamen Rider W 's last story arc. He is a researcher of Foundation X wearing a lab coat at almost all times. He also appeared in Kamen Rider W Returns: Eternal, a prequel to the main TV series.\

Kamen Rider Jam/Mars
Kougane is Kamen Rider Mars who is the main antagonist in Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!. It later returns in the series finale as the female Kamen Rider Jam, serving as the series' final villain.

Another Riders
Kamen Rider Zi-O revealed evil Kamen Riders such as Another Riders. They are a group of monstrous Kamen Riders whose powers are derived from their original counterparts.

Let me know if I'm missing any. 

Super Sentai Color Stats 2019

(UPDATED 8/12/19)
Red: 47 (All including Time Fire and female Shinken Red and Phoenix Solider)
Crimson: 1 (Hurricanger)
Red Orange: 1 (Zyuoger)
Orange: 3 (Battle Fever J, Toqger and Kyuranger)
Yellow: 38 (All except for JAKQ, Battle Fever J, Changeman and Kyoryuger)
Light Green: 4 (Toqger, Zyuohger, Midoninger, Kyuranger)
Green: 22 (Goranger-JAKQ, Denji, Bioman, Flash-Live, Zyu-Dai, Oh-Car, Ginga-Time, Hurri, Deka-Magi, Go-Onger to Shinkenger, Gokaiger, Kyoryuger to Ryusoulger)
Blue: 38 (All except...)
Light Blue: 6 (Kakuranger, Hurricanger, Magiranger, Kyoryuger, Zyuoger, Kyuranger)
Navy: 2 (Hurricanger & Kyoryuger)
Pink: 31 (Goranger-Denji, Goggle-Mask, Turbo-Five, Zyu-Time, Deka-Bouken, Shinkenger to Gokaiger, Kyoryuger-Ninninger, Kyuranger, Patranger, Ryusoulger)
Violet: 3 (Gekiranger, Kyoryuger, Kyuranger)
Black: 22 (Battle Fever J, Goggle-Dyna, Change, Mask-Zyu, Kaku-Oh, Mega-Ginga, Gao, Abare-Deka, Bouken, Go-Onger, and Goseiger, Kyoryuger, Kyuranger, Ryusoulger)-- 23 if you count Black Puma of Go-Busters.
White: 15 (JAKQ, Change, Jet Dai, Oh, Gao, Abare, Deka, Magi, Geki, Ninninger, Zyuoger, Kyuranger)
Silver: 11 (Mega, Gao, Deka, Bouken, Go-Onger, Goseiger, Gokaiger, Go-Busters, Kyoryuger, Kyuranger, Lupinranger vs Patranger,)
Gold: 10 (Dekaranger, Magiranger, Go-Onger, Shinkenger, Go-Busters, Kyoryuger, Ninninger, Kyuranger, Lupinranger vs Patranger, Ryusoulger)
Grey: 1 (Kyoryuger)
Black/Silver/Gold: 1 (Zyuoger)

Other Color Stats

  • 2 teams with the color sheme of RedBlueYellowGreen, and Black (Liveman, Go-Onger)
  • teams with Pink and White females (Changeman, Magiranger, Ninninger)
  • teams with Blue and White females (Jetman, Magiranger, Zyuohger)
  • 4 teams with lone female Yellow Rangers (Abare, Geki, Busters, Lupin)
  • 3 fan 'Rangers' in a series (White Racer in Carranger and AbarePink in Abaranger and Pink Cat in Go-Busters)
  • 3 sixth rangers that were Green in a TV series (Maskman, Zyu, Hurri)
  • Non-Red Ranger led teams (JAKQ, Kaku, Time, Geki)
  • 4 teams with color scheme RedBlueYellowWhite, and Black (Jetman, Kaku, Gao, Abare)
  • rangers with pink trim (Change, Jet, Gao, Goseiger, Ninninger)
  • teams with members of unique colors (Hurri, Deka, Geki, Kyoryuger, Toqger, Zyuoger, Kyuranger)
  • female Blue Rangers (Liveman, Jetman, Hurri, Magi, Zyuoger)
  • teams with Green and White in a TV series (JAKQ, Dai, Deka, Magi, Zyuoger)
  • 5 teams with Pink and White Rangers (Change, Dai, Deka, Magi, Ninninger)
  • 6 teams with color scheme that has only been used once [JAKQ: RedBlueGreenPink and White; Battle Fever J: RedBlueBlackPink, and Orange; Change: RedBlueBlackPink, and White; Geki: RedBlueYellowWhite, and Violet; Go-Busters: RedBlueYellowGold and Silver; Zyuohger: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White]
  • male White Rangers (JAKQ, Dai, Abare, Deka, Geki)
  • teams with White and Black (Change, Jet, Kaku, Gao, Abare, Deka)
  • 7 teams that start with RedBlue, and Yellow (Sun Vulcan, Live, Hurri, Abare, Geki, Go-On, Go-Busters)
  • 8 female White Rangers (Change, Jet, Kaku, Gao, Swan, Mother, Ninninger, Zyuohger)
  • teams with Black and Green (Live, Zyu, Oh-Car, Ginga, Geki, Go-On, Kyoryuger, Lupin vs Patranger)
  • teams with Red entering pre-existing team (Dai, Mega, Ginga, Gao, Deka, Magi, Geki)
  • 9 teams with the color scheme of RedBlueYellowPink, and Black (Goggle, Dyna, Mask, Turbo, Five, Zyu, Mega, Bouken, Gosieger)
  • 11 teams with no Pink Ranger (Sun Vulcan, Live, Jet, Kaku, Gao-Abare, Geki, Go-On, Go-Busters, Zyuohger)
  • 13 teams with Pink and Yellow female rangers (Bio, Flash-Mask, Five, Oh, Car, Mega, Deka, Magi, Shinken, Gosei, Gokai, Toqger)
  • 12 teams with a sole female Ranger, in this case being a Pink Ranger (Goranger-Denji, Goggle-Dyna, Turbo, Zyu-Dai, Ginga-Time)
  • 16 female Yellow Rangers (Bio, Flash, Mask, Five, Oh-Mega, Abare, Deka, Bouken, Shinkenger, Goseiger, Gokaiger, Go-Busters)
  • 14 Rangers with two or more colors [King RangerGao SilverKabutoRaijerKuwagataRaijerDeka MasterDeka BreakDeka SwanDeka BrightMagi ShineBouken Silver, Geki ChopperGo-On Gold, Go-On Silver, Shinken Gold, Zyuoh the World]
  • 17 teams with the color scheme RedBlueYellowGreen and Pink (Goranger -JAKQ, Denji, Bio, Flash, Zyu, Dai, Oh, Car, Ginga, GoGoV, Deka, Magi, Shinken, Gokaiger, Toqger)
  • 16 Females with no Skirt (Miss AmericaGoggle Pink, Dyna PinkBioman-2, Changeman-2Flashman-2, Fiveman-2Dekaranger-5)
  • 19 male Yellow Rangers (Goranger, Denji-Dyna, Live, Jet-Kaku, Ginga-Hurri, Magi, Ninninger-Zyuohger)
  • 37 teams with Red Ranger leaders (Goranger-Dai, Oh-GoGoV, Gao-Bouken, Go-On-Zyuoger)
  • 43 Females with Skirt (Momo Ranger, Denji Pink, Maskman-2Blue Dolphin, Turbo Pink, Jetman-2, Pteraranger, Houhouranger, Ninja White, Ohranger-2, Carranger-2, Megaranger-2GingaPink, GoPink, TimePink, GaoWhite, Hurricane Blue, Abare Yellow, Magiranger-3, Boukenger-2, Geki Yellow, Go-onger-2, Shinkenger-3Goseiger-2Gokaiger-2, Go-Busters-1, Kyoryuger-2, Toqger-2, Ninninger-2, Zyuohger-2)

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Sentai-like Tokusatsu to be mistaken for 2020, 2021, 2022 Sentai

This post is for the future. If anyone thinks they see the new upcoming Sentai but are tricked by someone who uses a pic of a non-Toei non-Sentai tokusatsu, they might be using this. So if the year is 2021 or 2030, here is a guide to Tokusatsu series that are Sentai-like and might be mistaken for the new Sentai or Power Rangers.

France Five (2000)
Country: France
France Five , originally titled Jūshi Sentai France Five (Musketeers Squadron France Five) and later known as Shin Kenjūshi France Five (新剣銃士フランスファイブ, translated as New Sword Musketeers France Five), is a French Mini series directed by Alex Pilot and produced by Buki X-4 Productions in the 2000s. It is an homage to Super Sentai and France Five has each member themed after certain aspects of French culture. This was rumored to be new Sentai series since 2000. 

Chouseishin Gransezar (2003)
Country: Japan
Episodes: 51
Gransezar was part of 3 series by Toho and Konami. It had 12 warriors. They all were from Japan.

Genseishen Justiriser (2004)
Country: Japan
Episodes: 51

Chousei Kantai Sazer-X (2005)
Country: Japan
Episodes: 38
超星艦隊セイザーX Third and last series of Toho/Konami's Star God Series.

Squadron Sport Ranger (2006)
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 32
Squadron Sport Ranger (Thai: ขบวนการ สปอร์ตเรนเจอร์ ) is a Thai Tokusarsu that premiered on August 6, 2006  on Thai Channel 3. Sport Ranger's theme is sports, which each of the Sport Rangers has a specialty in. The second season of the show, titled Sport Ranger 2 premiered on Channel 3 on February 5, 2012. Their silhouette recently went around the internet as the 2020 Sentai. 

Tomica Hero: Rescue Force (2008)
Country: Japan
It was the first season of Tomica Hero Series in Japan.

Tomica Hero Rescue Fire (2009)
Country: Japan
Episodes: 51
The second Tomica series in Japan.

Jushen Zhanjidu (2013)
Country: China
Episodes: 52
It is translated from "Jushen ZhanJiDui") is a Chinese Sentai series scheduled that aired in China in 2013 (and currently distributed online by Lookus). The motif for this Sentai series is the classic Chinese tale "Journey To The West", and each member of the team is named after a different character in the tale. The term for each individual member of the team is "Search God".

Battle Strike Team: Space Deleter (2014)
Country: China
Episodes: 52
(巨神战击队之空间战击队 Jùshén Zhànjīduì: Zhīkōngjiān Zhànjīduì) is a Chinese tokusatsu series, created and produced by Alpha Group Co. Ltd. It is the second series of China's ZhanJiDui franchise, and premiered in 2014.

Battle Strike Team: Rescue Engine  (2016)
Country: China
Episodes: 52
巨神战击队之超救分队 Jùshén Zhànjīduì: Zhīchāo Jiùfèn is a Chinese tokusatsu series created and produced by Alpha Group. it is the third series of the ZhanJiDui franchise, premiered in 2016.

Legend Hero Samgugjeon (2016)
 (레전드히어로 삼국전 L is a Korean-Chinese tokusatsu television series. Produced by MoonWatcher and Synergy Media. The Series is broadcasted in EBS1. It is available on YouTube with English subtitles. 

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Hasbro news from SDCC 2019

First of all, we all know that the Beast Morphers cast was/is not at San Diego Comic Con 2019 while all Neo Saban casts were previously. I don't really care. But Hasbro sent a video message form the cast. The major highlight was the Lightning Collection.

We were told we would get Pink Ranger, Goldar, Magna Defender, Red Beast Morpher and gold will be coming soon and they will be. Goldar box art not pictured.

Green Ranger and Putty Patroller set revealed, Green Ranger is 'evil' so he has the Sword of Darkness but for some reason, fans don't like he has the silver stripe on his helmet. 

Boom Comics shown off an Omega Red Ranger.

And the teamup of Beast Morphers we have been waiting for..
Jason (Austin St. John) is returning. No plot synopsis yet. In May it was rumored that Davi Santos (Ivan/Dino Charge Gold), Yoshi Sudarso (Koda/Dino Charge Blue) and Brennan Mejia (Tyler/Dino Charge Red) were on set. It was later reported Austin St. Jon (Jason Geiger) would also return. Also, James Davies (Chase/Dino Charge black) has also been reported. Brennan Mejia denied it in one video but we all knew he might be avoiding it. The trio were at a convention in New Zealand. 

Footage was seen of this teamup with Dino Thunder Blue, Dino Charge Black, MM Blue, Dino Charge Blue, MM Pink and Dino Charge Gold (Gold in his tan US suit). Obviously, this teamup will be based on the Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters special with a Dino teamup (Abaranger, Kyoryuger, and Zyuranger). It is possible they will use the actual footage. A few months ago people freaked out there was not going to be Dino Thunder cast. It might look like they won't be there but they could also have voice overs. Even though the other Mighty Morphin Rangers are present, the actors might not be there but only the suits. So there is more I have to rant but I will do it later.

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Animals in Super Sentai #9 - 2019


Lions (21)
Liveman (1988) - yellow lion
Dairanger (1993) - green lion Star-ShiShi
Gingaman (1998) - red lion GingaLion
2-Gaoranger (2001) - red Gao Lion and gunmetal black Gao Leon
2-Hurricanger (2002) - yellow Hurricane Lion and white Gattling Leo
Magiranger (2005) - white Magi Lion
Gekiranger (2007) - black Rin Lion
2-Go-Onger (2008) - blue Buson (half bus)black, red and yellow Shishi-no-Shin
Shinkenger (2009) - red ShishiOrikami
3-Goseiger (2010) - Silver and Black Grandeon, blue SeaLion (not actually a sea-lion), and red SkyLion
Gokaiger (2011) - red Gao Lion
Go-Busters (2012) -  Dark Blue LT-06 Tategami Rai-Oh
Toqger (2014) - Safari Reesha (Lion) (Not Pictured)
Ninninger (2015) - Lion Oh Ha-Ojo
Zyuohger (2016) - Cube Lion
Kyuranger  (2017) - Shishi Voyager

Tigers (8)
Dairanger (1993) - white Won Tiger
Gaoranger (2001) - white Gao Tiger
Gekiranger (2007) - red Geki Tiger
Go-onger (2008) - silver Jetoras (half jet)
Shinkenger (2009) - white ToraOriKami
Goseiger (2010) - yellow Gosei Tiger (half dozer/tank)
Ninninger (2015) - white Byakkomaru
Zyuohger (2016) - Cube Tiger

Jaguars (2)
Gaoranger (2001) - yellow-orange Gao Jaguar
Gekiranger (2007) - blue Gao Jaguar

Cheetahs (2)
Gekiranger (2007) - yellow Geki Cheetah
Go-Busters (2012) - red CB-01 Cheetah

Condors (5)
Jetman (1992) - black Jet Condor
Gaoranger (2001) - blue Gao Condor
Hurricanger (2002) - white Tri-Condor
2 - Go-onger (2008) - red Speedor (half racecar), red, black, and yellow Retsu-taka
Zyuohger (2016) - Indigo Cube Condor 

Falcons (5)
Liveman (1988) - Red Falcon
Kakuranger (1994) - white Tsubasamaru
Gingaman (1998) - green Gingalcon
Gaoranger (2001) - red Gao Falcon
Gokaiger (2011) - Red and white Machalcon (half race car/half Falcon)

Hawks (3)
Jetman (1991) - Red Hawk 
Hurricanger (2001) - red Hurricane Hawk

Goseiger (2010) - red TakaHeader

Eagles (6)
Sun Vulcan (1981) - red Vuleagle warrior
Gaoranger (2001) - yellow GaoEagle
Jetman Manga (1991) - Green Eagle -- not considered canon
Goseiger (2010) - Indigo GoseiBird 
Toqger (2014) - Safari Reesha (Eagle) 
Zyuohger (2016) - Cube Eagle 
Kyuranger (2017) - Washi Voyager

Owls (2)
Jetman (1991) - Yellow Jet Owl
Zyuohger (2016) - Green Cube Fukurou

Bears (8)
Kakuranger (1994) - yellow God Kumard
2-Gaoranger (2001) - black Gao Bear, white Gao Polar,(both were owned by Gao Yellow).
Go-onger (2008) - yellow Bear RV (half RV), black, red, and yellow Tsuki-no-Wa
Shinkenger (2009) - Green KumaOriKami (Bear Folding Zord)
Zyuohger (2016) - Brown Cube Kuma
Kyuranger (2017) - Kuma Voyager (Ooguma and Koguma)

Panda Bears (4)
Gaoranger (2001) - Gao Panda (Special Story CD)
Toqger (2014) - Safari Reesha (Panda)
Ninninger (2015) - Pandamaru
Zyuohger (2016) - White Gold Cube Panda 

Rhinos (6)
Liveman (1988) - Green Sai
Gingaman (1998) - red Ginga Rhino
Gaoranger (2001) - periwinkle Gao Rhino
Gekiranger (2007) - blue and silver SaiDain 
Goseiger (2010) - yellow SaiHeader
Zyuohger (2016) - Black Cube Rhinos

 Gorillas (6)
Gingaman (1998) - blue Gingarilla
2 - Gaoranger (2001) - green Gao Gorilla and red Gao Kong
Gekiranger (2007) - red Geki Gorilla
Go-Busters (2012) - blue Gorisaki Banana
Zyuohger (2016) - Red Cube Gorilla

Wolves (6)
Kakuranger (1994) - blue God Logan
Gingaman (1998) - yellow Gingaverick
Gaoranger (2001) - silver Gao Wolf
Gekiranger (2007) - violet Geki Wolf
Zyuohger (2016) - White Cube Wolf
Kyuranger (2017) - Ookami Voyager

Horses (3)
Gaoranger (2001) - Gao Horse
2 - Magiranger (2005) - black Valkyrion, Slepiner's blue horses

Elephants (5)
Gaoranger (2001) - teal blue Gao Elephant
Gekiranger (2007) - teal green Geki Elephant
Goseiger (2010) - yellow Elephant Headder
Ninninger (2015) - Green PaonMaru
Zyuohger (2016) - Green Cube Elephant

Bisons (2)
Liveman (1988) - Black Bison
Gaoranger (2001) - black Gao Bison

Bulls (3)
Gingaman (1998) - Black GoTaurus
Shinkenger (2009) - Ushi Origami (Bull Zord)
Kyuranger (2017) - Oushi Voyager
(Ox and Bull are the same animal)

Wildcat (2)
Gingaman (1998) - Gingat
Toqger (2014) - Safari Reesha (Cat)

Giraffe (2)
Gaoranger (2000) - Orange Gao Giraffe
Zyuohger (2016) - Orange Cube Kirin

Bats (2)
Gekiranger (2007) - Indigo Geki Bat
Zyuohger (2016) - Indigo Cube Komori