Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lavender Ranger Editorial: The fandom reactions to Megaforce

UPDATED 6/14/12 9:14 AM EST
I have been told by fans that I try to calm fanboys and unite together fans that might not agree. Last year when Megaforce was copyrighted and fans saw the 20th anniversary logo at the Toy Fair, fans have been debating over if Gokaiger or Goseiger would be adapted as Megaforce.

The reason is that fans wanted Gokaiger (pirate theme) adapted instead of Goseiger because it had more of an anniversary feel. Gokaiger, for those who don't know, had the power to transform into past rangers and got visits from past heroes, who had lost their powers. And there was a big war featuring many previous heroes, which is referred to as the Legend War. It was reported that Toei would reshoot the Legned War for Saban. Goseiger is just fine for the 20th anniversary because the main five have the same colors as the original MMPR team and have certain elements that resemble Zordon and Alpha, which are referred to as Gosei and Tensou in the press release. I have to admit that I was disappointed when Gokaiger was not picked. I supposed that Goseiger could had been skipped and adapted after Gokaiger. But I have hope Gokaiger will be adapted afterwards, hopefully 2015 because of the unspoken rule that no Sentai season can be skipped.

  [Fury Diamond has since removed this mis-communication off his blog. For who don't know what we are talking about, Fury Diamond spoke to some represenatives and he couldn't get a solid response from why Gokaiger was not used. It is supposed that Gokaiger's pirate theme was more focused for boys and they didn't like the stealing and plundering. The next day, Fury Diamond wrote they officially said that they are unable to skip a Sentai series. But it is officially an mis-communication and let's just scratch that off the record. One might call it 'damage control' but I think it is a good reason (the no-skip rule) and nothing to fight about.]
This has set the fandom on fire in just mere hours overnight. Fans are upset at the notion that Saban representatives believe Pirate theme was not appropriate and that stealing and plundering was not a good (Tell that to Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Updated 6/13/12 4pm EST). My argument is that Gokaiger did not steal or plunder, if they did it was minor and they could be ignored in a PR adaption. The main focus of the Gokaiger was to gain the approval of past teams and earn their powers.

Some fans bring up one Megazord combination for the upcoming Megaforce that looks like a pirate. I beleive they will still show it. But yes, it is a bit hyprotical but I think the executives that spoke to Fury Diamond were not aware of the fact. The other Samurai combination (Beetle, Swordfish and Tiger) appeared on the show but not in merchandise (sans for the individual toys) so I suspect the same would happen next year. This pirate-like Megazord is not the whole theme, so it is understandable to be overlooked. 

My point is that we should all calm down, for us that are outraged and we weren't promised anything (which sounds rough but it is true). While the fandom is going crazy, Saban Brands is just fine, they are going as business as usual. For them it is just, Shinkenger for Samurai for 2 years, the next series being Goseiger and it for another 2 years and then the next Sentai. I am pretty sure there is a rule they can't skip a series. I am sure those comments of Pirates are just some people in the company but Gokaiger will still get adapted. For years, fans have said one series would get skipped for one reason or another but it never did. For example, Go-Onger was thought to be skipped because of the suits and goofiness of the zords but RPM was made; Shinkenger was thought to be skipped because 'it was too Japanese' but we got Samurai for TWO years; and I thought Gosieger was going to be skipped because it didn't fit the 20th anniversary and Gokaiger was a better fit. But Saban Brands saw other wise. Stuff will always going to upset somebody (I remember being upset about Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker---boy, was I wrong) but I am happy to say Saban Brands has appreciated us. Evidence being them making an appearance at the Power Morphicon and Fury Diamond saying that they appreciated that fans told of typos and mistakes.


JesusR said...

I think this is a very well written article. Im glad that they are doing Goseiger. I love Gokaiger too, but Im fine with Goseiger. I do love their mecha. And you are right, we werent promised that Gokaiger was going to be made, so why are people being so grouchy? Besides, the japanese plot was worse and Saban will do their own plot, so they really cant screw this up. Maybe this is probably the first time where PR is superior than SS.

Lavender Ranger said...

When I said PRWF was better than Gaoranger, I almost got killed. But I think they are both so-so. Most people who like RPM, don't like Go-Onger and those who like Go-Onger, well I haven't heard they like or dislike RPM. I like both.

Lavender Ranger said...

Oh and I forgot about Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

lionel_B said...

I have a bad feeling. And if Saban was not able to adapt Gokaiger ? And if the Great War Legend PR version release that Toei is preparing for a episode special anniversary ?

Lavender Ranger said...

Did you even read what I wrote? I am sure they will adapt Gokaiger.

lionel_B said...

I do not contradict him what you say, but from 2009-2010, I fear the worst for Power Rangers.

Sogambut Boys Projk said...

you want to know what i think the anniversary power rangers are still good with goseiger? because since toei said they re-do the legend war for power rangers, i bet there will be a special anniversary about megaforce meeting the past rangers and fight a huge army together.

when people complained about not skipping goseiger and stuff, what they forgot is that power rangers have been dubbing a lot of scenes from super sentai. and in zeo (iirc) they used footage from the movie and the team-up one. it's possible they would use legend war as part of megaforce rather than gokaiger adaptation.

also, the scene used in legend war only have goseiger as the latest super sentai. it make sense if they wanted to just straight toward this team-up with some more footage they could use for the gokaiger adaptation.

and, since i'm sure megaforce's episodes are shorter than goseiger, it's possible that gokaiger adaptation can still be counted as an anniversary power rangers. you know, just like how fourze is known as 40th kamen rider anniversary when ooo is already the 40th anniversary.

Victor said...

I know what I have to say is harsh but here it goes:

Well, I'm a childhood fan of power Rangers but when time goes by, people change and PR had become a show too oriented for children for me and basically a bad adaptation of the original Sentai, which is much better than PR in almost every season.

PR has low audience and power rangers fans are mostly seen by anyone else as childish nerds (sorry, but real life is that way), so Saban is going to take a very small budget to make the series.

The best example of what I'm talking about is PR samurai. Almost identical copy & paste from Shinkenger, characters looking more cheesy and some plots adapted to children (like Octoroo stealing toys to smash them, instead of kidnapping maidens to open a portal between the Netherrealm and our world).

So start seeing PR as what it is. A bad Sentai adaptation for children. PR will not be profitable enough for Saban to they making the series better.

That said, RPM was a radical change from Go-onger, which I liked. I also liked the different but similar backstory of Jungle Fury

Carlos Díaz said...

Well, I got to say i didnt watch Goseiger to give a very good oppinion about adaptations.

But, going backwards to former series, i got to say Saban has always surprised us all (with an exception regarding Power Rangers Season 2 and 3; because they skipped 1 1/2 team).

On Go Go V adaptation (Lightspeed Rescue) they introduce to us the Titanium Ranger (to make a team of 6). As well as stories and team-ups were great when Saban introduced them (the only team-up i loved from Disney was the Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm).

Disney just gave us 3 more rangers (spirit rangers). I was expecting the Stegasaurus Dino Ranger for Dino Thunder, because i was sure Saban would have done it, as well as RPM Paleo Rangers and maybe missing rangers.

So, dont be surprised if Gosei Green appears to be a seventh member of this Adaptation. Saban has always an ace under the sleeve!!!

Carlos Díaz said...

I said that Lavender Ranger and Henshingrid team and readers, that if a 20th anniversary is gonna be Legend War Gosei-themed, and first Season of "Power Rangers" (not Super Sentai) got Seven rangers (i'm including White Tiger as Seventh), why dont make Gosei Green the seventh or maybe before Gosei Knight?

I'm sure Saban thought about it!

1 1/2 team: Dairanger and a part of Kakuranger (remember Power Rangers zyuranger and dairanger white suites were used on Sho Gun Megazord, a Kakuranger robot).

Carlos Díaz said...

Yesterday, I was watching Shinkenger episode 44, when Shiba Kaoru appeared.

I searched on google and found amazingly that she was 14 to that time (wow). She is pretty, she is one of the Japanese sentai girls i love (the other one is Luka from Gokaiger).

What i mean is, after searching on google, i found a power rangers wiki page... There was a chapter called "Fight Fire with Fire" (premiere on September) or something like that... It's the appearance of Lauren Shiba (called Jayden's old sister).

So, Saban is not skipping any stories... as well as wont skip any season...

Prepare in 2015 to watch Gokaiger adaptation and if you got opportunity, record the Legend War or purchase it and record the entire Gokaiger adaptation (i loved this sentai, got many thoughts and feelings, maybe earthlinks dont know the great planet we have, so courageous and brave: that's the real treasure of the universe).

Crystal said...

Thank you Lavender for being a voice of reason in this.

The Mega Force backlash has been so frustrating for me that I considered avoiding all things Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Sometimes fans are too extra for me. I liked Goseiger. As much as I did, it didn't bother me that it would possibly be skipped in favor of Gokaiger for the anniversary. My life would have went on as usual no matter what Saban decided. But I'm glad Goseiger is being adapted. No hard feelings.

Reading the comments on here and on other sites I'm starting to think that maybe some fans have outgrown SS and PR and that it's time to move on.

KaiFire said...

I honestly just wish they chose a name other than "Mega Force". That's about as generic as you can get...I bet if they used the Korean name (Miracle Force), it'd be loads better. But I dunno, maybe it'll be better than we imagine! As a faithful PR/SS fan, I always have faith that Toei and Saban (or whoever ends up owning PR) will never fail to surprise us.

KaiFire said...

And I didn't even realize the whole MMPR color thing until now- so I think its a good choice. For me, it was never an issue of if they should adapt Goseiger or Gokaiger- I just wanted them to have a nicer name thay would be as epic as the rest...I'm sure they could even alter the Tensou cards to serve an anniversary purpose- but thats just me.

Josreason said...

Lavender this is a well written article. It's strange but accurate. I consider myself a pr expert and I study and analyze pr footage. I am 24 and have been a fan for 20 years. I do not cOnsider myself a Sentai expert but I know you are. The only footage I have seen it goseiger was on YouTube anyways. If they do carbon copy the storyline of gosei like they are doing with samurai/shinkenger I think it will be nice. With that said I also think this will be a great season to provide a bit of freedom with the storyline. There are a lot of parallels to mmpr. So if they choose to reintroduce the "five teenagers with attitude" motif that they introduced American audiences to in 1993 it will be refreshing considering the similarities between gosei and zordon and the Black pink blue yellow red color scheme. If saban were to choose Gokaiger as this season they wouldn't have as much freedom because it is pretty straight forward and the anniversary element is more obvious. Mega Force is generic and with religious tension in America, It would not surprise me that they completely drop the guardian angels theme. The outfits look more generic whereas gokaiger are specifically pirates and cannot be interpreted freely! Thank you lavender for sticking to your guns and not just aiming to please the fanboys of the pr universe or the Sentai universe. Btw I like wild force and rpm better than gaoranger and go-Onger.

cherbear said...

Yes, thank you for providing some rationale to the fan uproar over Saban adapting Goseigers over Gokaigers. I had to leave a certain website because I got really tired of all the bashing, many of the people bashing Goseigers have never even seen past the 1st episode and the collectively this series is the worst of all the Sentai was getting on my nerves. I'm happy to see people here that enjoyed the series for what it is.

The Goseigers plot does have so much potential and there are numerous ways the story could be interpreted.

My immediate reactions to Goseigers was MMPR, as soon as I seen the colors and their mechas and master head and datas I immediately thought of the MMPR. That would be why Saban in addition to not skipping a Sentai season decided to go with Goseigers because of that whole nostalgic feeling.

Saban never announced that they weren't adapting Gokaiger people really need to stop getting their panties all in a twist over nothing. If you don't like it then don't watch, but don't kill it for others who enjoy it for what it is.