Friday, February 17, 2012

Power Ranger Samurai Various Modes (SPOILERS)

UPDATED 11/3/12
They are so hard to keep track of! For Shinkenger fans, these aren't spoilers. This isn't just for my regular viewers, this is for Samurai fans.
(Top Right to Left) Red Samurai Ranger, Mega Mode, Super Mode, Super Mega Mode.
(Bottom Right to Left) Shark Attack Mode, Super Shark Mode, Shogun Mode and 'Dark' (Gedou) mode.

My rendition using the coloring pages. Dark has yet to appear but I think we might see it in a Samurai-Megaforce teamup because it is the footage for Goseiger vs Shinkenger.

 (Left to Right) Blue Ranger's Regular, Mega, Super, Super Mega and Shogun.

I also put 'Dark' mode since I thought MegaBloks was but it turns out that MegaBloks just made a transparent vest that looked black but was just clear.

 (Left to Right) Green Samurai Ranger's Mega, Super, Super Mega, Shark Attack and Shogun.

I made up the Shogun Mode up at the time since I hadn't seen it when I did this picture. We don't see Green Shogun in action. We do see it in a brief scene with the other Shogun modes. We do see Green in Shark Attack mode but not Mega Shark Attack.

Gold Ranger's Regular, Mega, Super, Shark Attack, Super Mega and Shogun.
We didn't see Gold's Super mode or Shark attack. Super was in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger and the red vest was used in a special Hyper Battle DVD. Super Mega and Shogun are in toys and the Shogun mode was photshopped and maybe the Super Mega suit was made or photshopped as well. Super mode might appear in the Megaforce-Samurai teamup.

Yellow Ranger's regular, Mega, Super, Super Mega and Shogun.

Unfortunately we don't see Yellow Shogun in action.

(L-R) Pink Ranger's regular, Mega, Super, Super Mega and Shogun, aren't they so pretty?

  Female Red Ranger, she shows off her regular, mega mode (briefly), Super mode and Super Mega mode but doesn't use Shogun nor Shark Attack mode nor the Shogun Mode.

We have seen all these modes on the show.

Now some fans might complain that this series is not great, that it is just a carbon copy of Shinkenger (some people have called it 'lazily written'), that the characters are not developed, complaining about the acting and other things among those lines---but let's not focus on that. I still think these are great designs and glad for once that the barrage of toys Bandai America always gives us, finally show up on the show and at least they make some sort of sense in the show origins. I do wish they could become 'super mode' at once. Maybe they will eventually but it seems for now they will become 'super mode' one by one like in Shinkenger.

 These Mega modes and cockpits replace the original cockpits of Shinkenger, where they look like Japanese theater sets and I suppose they look too 'Japanese' and they wanted to make them look 'cool.' There was an interview with a Japanese artist that was contracted by Plex, Bandai and Saban to make the Mega modes and Shogun mode. He said he was inspired by the MMPR The Movie suits. Hence I see why the females don't have skirts. So I guess they made them to go 'mega' when they go in their 'megazords' and look cool and of course sell more toys--but I think it was also to have more toys for each wave. Mega mode for Spring 2011, Regular mode for Fall 2011, Super mode for Spring 2012 and Super Mega for Fall 2012. Except the regular mode girls were released in Spring 2012 and it doesn't seem as we are getting Super mode toys for the girls. As for Shogun, we are only getting Red, Blue and Gold toys. And only one 4' Red Shogun figure. And it seems Super Mega Gold and Mega Shark Attack Red will only be in the 'Final Victory' SDCC exclusive set.
-Lavender Ranger

Key: S= Show; T=Toy (Bandai); M=MegaBloks Figure; ET = Exclusive Toy

Regular Mega Super Super Mega Shogun Shark Shark Mega
Red S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M Show S, ET
Blue S,T,M S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M S, T

Green S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M Show Show

Yellow S, T, M S, T, M Show S, T, M Show

Pink S, T, M S, T, M Show S, T Show

Gold S, T, M S, T, M
ET, M Toy

Red (2) S, T Show Show Show

Regular Mega Super Super Mega Shogun Shark Shark Mega
Red S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M Show S, ET
Blue S,T,M S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M S, T

Green S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M S, T, M Show Show

Yellow S, T, M S, T, M Show S, T, M Show

Pink S, T, M S, T, M Show S, T Show

Gold S, T, M S, T, M
T, M Toy

Red (2) S,T Show Show Show


Anonymous said...

they still did not give the reason for the mega mode in megazord... there is almost no meaning for them to have a form just for use in megazord.

Lavender Ranger said...

The only thing I can think of is that they become 'mega' to be in their 'mega'zord. I first saw them and that why got armor ti enter their zord?

Lunar said...

I think I'm the only person out there who doesn't like Mega, Super Mega, and Shogun styles. Still will never get over how bad they look.

Dessa said...

Just saw the new Opening, and Gold's the only one not shown in Super Mode, so they might not be using it in the show.

Mattwo said...

Congats! You fell for it hook line and sucker! The entire point is to sell toys, a good story comes second to that!

Also Lavender and Ant, no. The reason is as I said, to sell toys.

Super Mega is even more pointless and Shogun is just overkill if it's only used in the Zords.

Besides, they supposedly need megamode to pilot ANY zord...

Josh said...

Just realized that both the Super Mega Mode and the Shark Mega Mode have the Shogun Buckle on them. I'm not sure what that means though lol And I like the various Mega Modes. I do hope that at some point they use them in battle though.

Mattwo said...

Well, maybe if a battle starts in the Megazord or ...ugh "Gigazord" (which has notably less zords in it than the RPM ultrazord) and moves to the ground.

adgp said...

I'm sorry but shogun mode just looks a mess

Tanisha Simser said...

Very Nice website. I just finished mine and i was looking for power rangers games and your website gave me this.

Mattwo said...

I have the distinct feeling Tanisha is a spambot.