Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Obscure Colors Rangers

UPDATED 6/16/18
I have kind of covered obscure colors before but not quite like this. A friend of mine asked me if there ever was an orange ranger. Here are obscure or rare colors.

In Power Rangers SPD (2005), Boom dreamed to be a ranger and had a fantasy and had a B-Squad uniform and a repainted Power Rangers Space helmet (Yellow) without black visor on top.
 In Super Sentai, they had a fully Orange warrior in Battle Cossack of Battle Fever J in 1979. Deka Swan of Dekaranger/Kat Ranger of Power Rangers SPD was White with Orange. In 2014, Toqger introduced Toq6Gou. In 2016, Zyuoh Bird appeared in the tail end and was more like a red-orange recolor of Zyuoh Eagle. In 2017, Sasori Orange was of the main nine of Kyuranger. 

Kuwagata Raijer of Hurricanger / Navy Ranger of Ninja Storm is the first warrior with a darker shade of blue than usual. The second is coming up soon in the Kyoryuger movie in the summer, he is Kyoryu Navy. In Boom Comics' Go Go Power Rangers, he is referred to as Dark Ranger.

CRIMSON  Kabuto Raijer of Hurricanger / Crimson Ranger of Ninja Storm was a darker shade of red, and considered crimson in Power Rangers. Many fans clump him with Red Rangers and others consider him the closest thing to a male Pink Ranger.

One of my favorite rangers is obviously Geki Violet of Gekiranger / Violet Wolf Ranger of Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

We got two more Violets in the form of male Kyoryu Violet and his granddaughter female Kyoryu Violet who is a recurring 7th in Kyoryuger (2013). In Dino Charge, they are Albert and Kendall the Purple Rangers respectively.

In 2014, in a special for Toqger, we got Toq7Gou, their 'mentor' Conducter donned violet.

Kyu Violet/Ryu Commander in Kyuranger (2017)

 Some of the female Blue Rangers have had a light blue color that my nephew's girlfriend has referred to as 'turquoise.' These include Blue Swallow of Jetman, Hurricane Blue of Hurricanger/Blue Wind Ranger of Ninja Storm and MagiBlue of Magiranger/Blue Mystic Ranger of Mystic Force. Also included is Ninja Blue of Kakuranger / Blue Aquitar Ranger (second on top), which is male. Power Rangers Jungle Fury had the Shark Ranger (bottom center) which is cyan but they never mentioned it. Kyoryu Cyan (bottom right) recently in Kyoryuger (2013). In Dino Supercharge (2016), Kyoryu Cyan is Aqua Ranger. Also Kaguma Sky Blue of Kyuranger (2017).

 Titanium Ranger is an exclusive Power Ranger not in Super Sentai and came out in 1999 with Lightspeed Rescue. Now Kyoryu Grey is coming out in Kyoryuger. He is not considered a silver ranger but for years Titanium Ranger was considered a Silver Ranger. I think they are similar but some people say no, it depends on the lighting. I think Titanium is no so shiny, I think its more like a dull dark grey. The first Silver Ranger was more like a white. In Dino Charge, Kyoryu Grey is known as Graphite Ranger.

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Mattwo said...

Pft your thoughts on Titanium Ranger remind me of my thoughts on Gold Ranger, and how he's really a Black Ranger, especially because when you put him next to the White Ranger it really adds up, as their designs are very similar.

Unknown said...

Finally someone who agrees with me that Titanium is more grey than silver.

Lightning RS said...

what about the gold rangers like from RPM/Samurai or the silver ranger from RPM as well

Aridian said...

The light blue female rangers are still considered blue rangers. Cyan was the first of his kind.