Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kyoryu Grey is coming!

UPDATED 5/31/13 11PM EST
Bunpachy's partner Kyoryu Grey will be played by Masayuki Deai, who did Eiji/Bouken Silver in Boukenger (with a bald cap). He is the Violent Brave from 1500 years ago. He was from a clan that mastered the Iron-Breaking Fist, and is here to teach the Kyoryuger's the said technique and strengthen their body. His finishing move or favorite skill is the Violent Charge.

There has been 8 silver rangers and he is the first gray ranger but his suit is a similar color to Titanium Ranger as it is a dull color.  I like the balance of different shades of grey with different color tones, with silver and grey.

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