Monday, May 27, 2013

SPOILERS: Super Megaforce #10 - More Pictures of Super Mega War AND THE TITANIUM RANGER!!!

UPDATED 6/4/13

Hector David Jr. and Jason David Frank

Videos on set:
The red car is indeed not Lightning Cruiser; I'm a little late on these pics because my binging on Arrested Development Season 4 on Netflix.
Sean Johnson and Alison Mcinnis
Jason David Frank, Sean Johnson and Jason Faunt

Now there is a controversy that people think Titanium ranger suit is present. At first I thought it was the Silver Ranger. But now that I studied the short video, there is indeed two silver-y ones. So it has to be him! OMG!

izakle, from drew on these two photos.

Here is Titanium Ranger in front of Dana and Carter (for our perspective, he is behind); Silver Space Ranger between Emily and Tommy. I did this one.

Jason David Frank just posted these pics of him in New Zelaand after returning to the US:
Jason and Gosei

Jason, daughter and wife

Jason, wife and daughter and Power Ranger helmets. (With Zeo, Operation Overdrive, Space and Samurai helmets)

Jason with Black Dino Ranger and Red Zeo Ranger helmets (Crimson Ranger helmet in background)

Jason and daughter with the correct Green Ranger helmet

Jason, his wife and daughter at Ernie's Brain Freeze

This picture is from ACC Stunts site. Koichi Sokomoto in the middle and Namihei Koshige next to him in yellow, he has played girl Rangers since MMPR and even during Disney era. From Left to Right: Blue Super Megaforce Ranger (Gokai Blue), Green Super Megaforce Ranger (Gokai Green), Silver Super Megaforce Ranger (Gokai Silver), Koichi, Black Megaforce Ranger (Gosei Black), Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger (Gosei Yellow), some guy in a black jacket, Yellow Megaforce Ranger (Gosei Yellow), and Red Super Megaforce Ranger (Gokai Red)

 Jonathan Tzachor strangling Tommy

 Alison MacInnis, Danny Salvin, Sean Johnson and Hector David Jr. Many of the vets flew back to the US on Sunday/Monday. They are the few who stayed.

 All the vets dining. Left to Right: Alison, Jason F., Hector, Patricia, Sean, Melody, Selwyn, JDF, Brittany, Reggie and Danny. Or using their character names: Dana, Wes, Mike, Cassie, Carter, Karone, TJ, Tommy, Emily, Damon and Leo.

Jason David Frank in the Ranger Keys props in Gosei's headquarters. (Zeo and MMPR)

 Reggie Rolle (Damon/Green Lost Galaxy), Jason David Frank, and Hector David Jr. 

 Hector David Jr. showing spirit at the wrap party
Jason David Frank with Saba and a clapboard (which has a logo people are thinking looks like a fan-made logo and maybe printed off google)

 New pic which shows Red Lightspeed, Yellow Cheetah (Jungle Fury), Titanium Ranger, Pink Lightspeed, Green Samurai, Red Time Force, Yellow Samurai, Quantum, Gold Samurai, MM Green Ranger Tommy, Pink Space, Magna Defender, Blue Wild Force and Blue Space. In the back are 5 RPM Rangers, Dino Blue, Dino Yellow, Space Silver, Zeo Green, Red Wind Ranger, and Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger.


Chris Oxendine said...

I really think there keep a lot of stuff a secret I think there lying to use to give use some surprise. What do you think about it?

ordinary-gamer said...

Chris they never said Titanium ranger wouldn't be in it his actor won't but they did say there weren'r=t plans to make power ranger exclud=sive keys whther this means toys or actual props isn;t known

TimboPassion said...

as long as the titanium suit and spirit ranger suits get utilized, then i'm good :)
it'll be a good thing for the fans after all the disappointments we've given ourselves

Poke_Fan said...

Since you have lately been talking about the filming of the Mega War, I was wondering now if they are going to use up all of the cameos for the War or if they were still going to try to fit one cameo per episode like Gokaiger?

Lavender Ranger said...

Poke fan, i have no idea. Signs look like we are barely getting any cameos through the episodes. Looks like we're only getting Casey of jungle fury and Jayden of Samurai at best. Fans are hoping Doggie and Ninjor show up.