Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Akibaranger Season 2 Episode 6 Review

Genera Pain is in line at a restaurant and a fairy Yuru Sanae gives out flyers. General Pain hates cutey mascots. He grabs her box head. Back at headquarters, Red shows off his new hanger based on new Aoi-- he had a friend make a real version of it. Luna arrives and says she decided who will be the fourth member. She picked an idol named Choco to be 'Akiba Pink.' General Pain makes one like the mascot. Red takes Luna to the shop to learn more about Sentai. Kids makes kids into things they hate like Vegetables and math book. Akibaranger transform and introduce themselves.
The monster says it was amazing and wants tea. AkibaRed notices the bug on her chest from Jetman. She says she is a Dimension Beast: CutieChara Dimension. Red is all over her and the girls tell him not to fall for her. She does a cute face, he hugs her and leaves a bomb on his chest. It explodes and he falls. The girls fight her. Marushina arrives and explains what happened to General Pain. Cutie tries destroying them and is stopped. She looks a bit like Sailor Moon, she is the Choco Idol and fights the monster. Red gets in the way. Cutie turns Choco into a vegetable. Marushina and Cutie disappear. The vegetable disappears.

In the real world, Red gets a call and in Choco's blog, her face changed into one of the grunts. General Pain is shocked by this as well. Marushina has no idea why, not even knowing who Choco is. The trio arrive HQ. Red apologizes, saying its his own fault. Hakase says he was acting different. Red confesses he has a fetish for smooth shiny robotic girls. The women are grossed out. He says it started in kindergarten (back in 1988) with Colon in Liveman. He thought she was cute. Yellow figures out he likes Aoi too because of that. Hakase dresses in a shiny pink suit (with one of Sailor Moon's brooches on her belt) for Red to attack her but he hurts her. He says because of her face. She gets mad and the girls hold him back. He apologizes and leaves the studio.

Luna says without him, they can't beat the woman. Red laments by himself. He gets a call from Hakase to save the others. He is hesitant. The girls and Cutie fight. They get beat up and Red arrives in his car. He ignores looking at her. She jumps in front of him and kicks him down. She has her guard down and they put a bag over her head. She burns off the bag and does a cute face, Red melts. She climbs on top of Red. Hakase has one more plan. Akibaranger get beat up, Marushina arrives. Cutie gets on top of Red and slaps him. Red hears a male voice from his changer and is narrator Tanaka Nobou and narrates a good storyline for him.Red goes super mode and makes a new weapon and peels off a black sticker off his visor and destroys the monster. He thanks Tanka. At HQ, Hakase gives money to him and he leaves. Choco returns to her true face. General Pain is shaken. He opens up a box with a sculpture of Tentoraijer.

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