Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Akibaranger Season 2 Episode 7 Review

General Pain Two is upset at the defeat of his villains. He drew drawings based on Marushina's discriptions of the Akibaranger. He figures there must be someone else that has delusions. Marushina suggests getting a monster that will actually do what he says. Yellow is worried what the villains want. Blue is still stuck on being an idol. Then Nanami's actress dressed as an angel and takes Otaku's hearts and eat them. They then go get jobs. Akibatanger confront her. She changes into Tentoraijer with Jakanja symbol. Hadezkin, a 10th spear. The Akibaranger transform.

The Gouraijer appear , saying they are eight and ninth Jakanja. Hadezkin says she ate the hearts of justice of them. General Pain is not happy, he says that the Gouraijer were initially to be called the Kagerangers (this is just Akibaranger re-writing real life rumors) in the preview when Gaoranger was airing. but the producers changed their mind and he created the yellow one. The three Jankanja present themselves as Jakan Red, Kabutoraijer, Jakan Blue, Kuwataraijer and Jakan Yellow, Tentoraijer. The six fight. Tentirajer calls General Pain her father. They take the Akibaranger down.
The delusion is shut down and the Akibaranger leave. General Pain wanted the Hurricanger appear and they could all fight. The calander changes and now a week is 10 days because the Jakanja were based on days of the weeks and now 10. Now with months of 3 weeks, Sentai episodes go down to 37 days. The Akibaranger freak out about this and other Sentai events. Kyoto has now a law to seize all Otaku stuff and empty out the café and then the next day Sentai songs are banned in Karaoke. The 10th day, cosplay is banned. Yuko is jogging outside and is spotted by FBI-looking men and they chase her.

General Pain comes out of the restaurant and is also confronted. Akibaranger meet with General Pain, gas comes in on them. The gas turns into Tentoraijer. General Pain is quietly happy, the Akiabranger transform in front of him, without knowing who he is. The Akibaranger fight the Gouraijer in the Delusional World. Blue fights Tentoraijer. AkibaRed and Yellow try doing Hurricanger moves but are ignored by the Gouraijer. Blue does Ninjaman's bomber but doesn't work. Red is knocked out. General Pain pulls a lever. General Pain appears in the Delusional World, he tells Mrushina to be cute. AkibaRed is shocked to find out he is General Pain.

The Hurricanger arrive. General Pain is happy. Hurricanger beat up the Gouraijer. They do a payback move. AkibaYellow takes out a basket and dresses Hurricane Red with a Shinkenger Fire Mode symbol and he gains the bat. The Gouraijer return to normal. General Pain disappears. Red's boss has him sign for a package. Hurricanger and Goraijer and Akibaranger present themselves. Marushina and Tentoraijer say its not fair 8 against 2. Marushina leaves. Hurricanger make the Penultimate power which looks like a Karakuki ball called Hurricane Ball and destroys Tentoraijer down. Weeks return to normal. All otaku stuff returns. AkibaRed says they know more about General Pain, that he is the best villain otaku. General Pain makes another Tentoraijer.
A little quick, I thought this one was going to take 2 episodes but by the previews, it looks like Tentoraijer will be back for Episode 8.

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