Monday, May 23, 2011

Gokai Silver Pictures May 2011



GokaiSilver Gold Mode

Gai saves a girl's life from a car accident, but was hurt. He then meets AbareKiller (the real actor Koutaro Tanaka as Mikoto), DragonRanger, and TimeFire in his dream. The 3 previous 6th rangers approved his heroic action and sees Gai as a worthy candidate for the new 6th ranger, they then pass GokaiCelluar and Ranger Keys to him.

This is after the keys are taken back from Basco. This probably takes place in Episode 17. And by the way, Shurikenger is also another dead sixth ranger, they probably didn't include him because he is a repeat color. And yes, I know those three colors were Tommy's as well, interesting coincidence.

Timeranger's power = Gozyuujin's Drill Spaceship mode
Zyuuranger's power = Gozyuujin's T-rex mode
Abaranger's power = Gozyuujin's robot mode

Doesn't the bird drill by itself look like the Lifebird from GoGoV (Rescue Bird from Lightspeed Rescue)?

xzomega says
more info for the following episodes

Ep 16 Clash! Sentai VS Sentai
Basco demands Marvelous to hand over the Ranger Keys, GokaiGalleon and Navi as a ransom for the release of Joe and the others

Ep 17
Navi tells the crew to "search for an awesome man in silver".
The group went out into the streets to search and sees a young man approaching.
Although Marvelous becomes suspicious of the man's weird behaviour, he ends up ignoring him.
Zangyack appears, and the Gokaigers fight against Action Commander Armageddon

There will be a one week break (June 19), after ep 17.

GokaiSilver is rumored for 18, Abaranger tribute and 20 is rumored to be the Hurricanger tribute.


wolfwind7 said...

Actually Shurikenger is still alive, just check Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger

Lavender Ranger said...

he appeared in a 5 sec cameo, it was his spirit.

TJC86 said...

So wow, heres hoping saban doesnt adapt that awful armor mode.
That looks awful.

Steve said...

so the rangers that appear before him are all dead? i know dragonranger died but im not aware the others did

Anonymous said...

Cool to see that Mikoto's back. Would be nice if, somehow, they included Kou (Kibaranger) as an adult.

Jon B said...

Yes. I like seeing the art, but it's always more fun to see actual pictures of new warriors. Can't wait to see Gai, although it kills the theory of Barizorg becoming Gokai Silver. Can't wait to see how the show continues.

Also: the Carranger episode rocked. Freakin hilarious. :D

Lavender Ranger said...

Possible they might make a even more goudy 'Battlizer.'

Anonymous said...

While it's a completely different kanji, Gokai Silver's given name (Gai) is the same one as another dead Sentai warrior (Gai Yūki).


cant wait to see how the 6th ranger keys are taken back from basco. the episode hasnt started yet but i already hate basco. wish to kill him! hahaha

Jason 嘉陞 said...

Maybe I'm reading too far into this, but there might be another reason for having Dragon Ranger, Time Fire, and Abare Killer appear.
From what we've learned, Gokai Silver's mecha (Gorjyujin) will be based on a dinosaur.
Dragon Ranger's Dragon Caesar bears some similarities to a dinosaur (I think) while the Zyurangers in general dealt with dinosaurs.
Time Fire's V-Rex is based on a dinosaur.
Abare Killer, along with the other Abarangers, also dealt with the dinosaurs.
So it might be the fact that they all had connections to a dinosaur.(And there is also the fact that they are the one's on the top of the gold mode armor.)

RENO - Planet Ultraman™ said...

WEW!! Full Armor!!
thats look awesome

Anonymous said...

random post request would yo do a post on weapons that have been used outside of ranger form like how shinkenger used shinkenmaru untransformed oh and how gokaiger used their weapon

LUKE said...

I totally agree with Jason 嘉陞 Kuo
Gokai Sliver Mecha is dino because, Timefire Mecha is a dino, Abrakiller is a dino, Burai also a dino...and this make sense guy :D , I look into details...
the reason that the writer wrote that GokaiSliver obtain power after saving by average fanboy Gai because, this mean actually mean that fanboy like us, is like this make more connected to the story...and we are GokaiSliver!

Luca said...

O. M. G. COATTAILSCOATTAILSCOATTAILSCOATTAILSCOATTAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gokai. Silver. Has. Coat tails. I totally am obsessed with guys with tights and coat tails. Freaking sexy.

henshin0 said...

i wish gokai-silver was barizorg revived. it would work so well for silver/blue teamup (old partners) or even a silver/red teamup (joe's partners)