Saturday, May 28, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai - Tengen Gate - Review

The Rangers visit the guardians at the Tengen Gate to find the 'Black box' that will help them become more powerful. Master Xandred is absorbing power and out of commission so a Nighlok tries to seal him, by getting the Red Ranger. But Octoroo poisons Jayden. The four rangers fight the Nighlok. Antonio doesn't know who Deker is and he feeds him, but when Mia calls him, he mentions the Tengen gate and leaves, informing Deker and he goes to kidnap Jayden. Octoroo confronts Jayden, Daisuke and a helper. The Black Box was created by the first Red Samurai Ranger but not completed. Jayden refuses to give in and Antonio transforms in front of Deker and fights Octoroo.

Xandred wakes up and takes the Nighlok back to the River. The four Rangers are weaken and Octoroo bests Antonio in battle. Deker reveals himself in front of Antonio, he transforms into his monster form and leaves with Jayden. Octoroo leaves. Antonio goes to the four, who are knocked out. He drops to his knees and Xandred deals with the spider monster. Xandred calls what Octoroo did as initiative and not betraying him. He tortures the spider dude and more Moogers come out and other monsters. Deker continues to drag Jayden in a river. 'To Be continued'' scrolls across the screen.

Lots of 'Ranger' history is given but not clarified as to being 'Samurai Ranger' history. Bulk and Spike don't even appear in this episode, I'm informed this is the third episode that they don't appear in. Octoroo's plot was flawed, why poison the guy that needs to give you info and not give him the antidote? Sure, he told him eh would get the antidote but it is a risk. We also hear about Dayu's backstory, I am not sure if it was in Shinkenger. We again hear about Jayden's 'secret.' Interesting in that Genta made the Lobster but in this one, Jii gave the Claw Zord to Antonio. I don't know why they changed it. Maybe to not make Antonio look 'all powerful' or 'too powerful' that he made his own zord.

Here is my man-loving comment, that we see Jayden's butt when Deker takes him just like when Juuzo took Takeru but Takeru's butt was more plump, Jayden's butt is nice but not as plump.


Anonymous said...

gay comment respond well i dont think either was the actual actor plus takerus look plumper because the jeans are tighter

Anonymous said...

ok ill put in my to gay cents hehe. jayden's in more plump the takeru's his is just a little more boney and flater.

TJC86 said...

Its actually the third episode bulk and spike have been absent in.

It saddens me, I like those two

Anonymous said...

you know anonymous 2 jayden is in the jean and takeru is in the white pants check again

D said...

Hehe... Everything about Takeru is hotter than Jayden, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

They're finally introducing the inromaru :D and btw, nice observation Lavender Ranger :)