Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 15

Pictures from this Japanese forum webpage that has users post screen captures of the episode during the episode but there is no point posting the link because it doesn't stay online for long.


Flashback over.

Gokai Pink vs. DekaBreak

King Ranger vs. GokaiYellow

GokaiRed vs. TimeFire

Gokai Green vs. Shurikenger

Dragon Ranger vs. GokaiBlue

GokaiPink vs. AbareKiller and BoukenSilver

Go-On Wings vs. GokaiYellow

GaoSilver and MegaSilver vs. GokaiGreen

MagiShine and Shinken Gold vs. GokaiRed

Kiba Ranger and GoseiKnight vs. GokaiBlue

Next Week....

My captures from this YouTube video:

Basco kidnaps the four and leaves Marvelous alone with 5 Ranger Keys.


LUKE said...

wow, next coming episode even best....all the sixth ranger...yeah...not red forever but sixth ranger forever ><...but just that it is on the bad side and being controlled ><

Anonymous said...

basco must die for abusing sentai power

BlueDolphin said...

Basco is a jackass with a capital J...sry if it sounds too abusive, but HE IS!!!

Douglas said...

that's a lot of monchrome with the gold, white, and silver sixth rangers.

Kevin said...

So u said he is left with 5 keys. Do you mean the 5 Gokaiger keys or only 5 Rangers Keys

Steve said...

that one ranger key( timefire?) looks orange...or is it just me ?

LUKE said...

I saw my neighbour who is a fan of KR decade and never saw an episode of Gokaiger (he will watch it after all the finish is air finish), saw Basco and he said to me, "why that guy so like Diend ><", yup..I agree on some point, the flute did a bit like Diend gun ><...I just want to add a bit on that,the way he speak too XD

if got a crossover between Diend and Gokaiger for Tresaure theme, that will be a cool thing..dunno whether toei gt think of that before

LUKE said...

if we see the logic, Basco and really be a ranger...but due to the betrayal he is not