Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Many Spikes in Pop Culture

UPDATED 5/25/111 2:30 PM EST
No more Spikes please, I'm all spiked out. You can comment on it but I won't add it.
Obviously Spike of Power Rangers Samurai is NOT the first 'Spike' in pop culture, I wanted to do a fun post about all the popular Spikes in popular culture (TV, Movies, Celebrities, etc.).

Spike a.k.a. William the Bloody
Premiering in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he was to have a southern accent and only last season two but he quickly became a fan favorite and all thanks to James Marsters, who is not really British but a Californian boy. When Buffy ended, his character was sent to Angel, where he has appeared in both Buffy and Angel comic books. He has had his own comics as well.

Spike TV
I forgot what it used to be called but it was decided in the early 2000's that they'd change the name to Spike and there was a huge copyright thingy about the name.

Spike of Rugrats
Tommy Pickles' pet dog was named Spike, a mutt with two or three grey spots, he was loyal and mischievous.

Spike of Tom & Jerry
In the old MGM shorts, Spike was the name of the dog was often was the thirdwheel of the exploits of a cat and mouse named Tom and Jerry. Sometimes he had a son too.

Spike Spiegel
In Cowboy Bebop (1998 anime), Spike was the protagonist and bounty hunter, a classic badboy with a broken heart for the wrong chick at the wrong time.

Spike Lee
Famous Director, Malcolm X, He Got Game and Do The Right Thing.

Spike Jonze
Famous filmmaker (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Where's The Wild Things Are) who started out doing music videos.

Spike of Land Before Time
I totally forgot! My childhood! Oh, Spike, you barely talked in the movies, that had mostly sequels.

Spike in Dinosaurs
For those that don't know, in the ABC series produced by Jim Henson company, there were anamorphic Dinosaurs. Spike was the bully and then friend of Robbie Sincliar.

Spike of My Little Pony
Oh my god! I forgot from my childhood too! Cute little spike, the only male in the female series My Little Pony. He's a little dragon by the way.

Snoopy's cousin from the Peanuts, he had a TV special as well.


Jeffrey Long said...

Land Before Time.

Emjay said...

If you don't mind me saying, Spike TV was once called TNN.

Anonymous said...

You forgot spike of Friendship is magic.

Anonymous said...

How is this related to Toku?

Mugen said...

Oh yes, the Dinosaur Spikes. Both of them. Spike in the Series might have been a Bully, but he for sure had a good heart and helped out from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I like how in the first sentence you say Spike of PRS WAS the first Spike in pop culture, then proceed to list others.

There's two others missing. Spike from Gremlins 2, and Spike from the long running comic "Sugar & Spike". And maybe Spyke from X-Men Evolution.

Luca said...

There's also a Beanie Baby rhinoceros of that name.

kesemekbukpro said...

Spike Dudley from WWE

SmartyBoi said...

There's Spike Milligan, Kakeru (also known as Spike) from Ape Escape, OH!, and other characters have that name from Degrassi to Peanuts

henshin0 said...

There's spike from xmen evolution and x3, and richie's pikachu's ear from pokemon chronicles. Yes, the pikachu's name is "sparky", but the ear is very iconic, especially in the game series. And there is shobu Kirafuda from duel masters, who us often dubbed as "the kid with spiky hair". (why does yugioh not qualify for that title?)

Luca said...

There is another rhinoceros named Spike in the game cube version of Animal Crossing. Also, notably, one of the robot protagonists of Hero Factory is named Bulk.

Neoscream said...

You forgot Spike from Transforms G1.