Monday, February 13, 2012

Child Heroes in Toku

 2/15/11 UPDATED
Robert Fyle suggested this to do a post on child heroes in Sentai, Power Rangers, Beetleborgs and etc. I am not counting Riki (Kingranger) as some do because he was child-like and like a thousand years old and also played by a teenager, we have had plenty teenage heroes. 

In Dairanger (1993), Kou was the first and if you don't count Riki, the only Super Sentai hero that was under the age of thirteen. I think he was 11 or 12. He previously played a young Burai in Zyuranger. He was only in a few episodes but fondly remembered. His suit actor has shorter than the others and the suit actor only played that role---which many other suit actors have played plenty other roles in Super Sentai.

Justin / Blue Turbo Ranger
In Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997), Justin was introduced as the new Blue ranger and was only in one season. Older fans disliked him, while fans who were under eight at that time loved him. He was a smart kid who got transferred into High School. He guest starred in Power Rnagers in Space.

Three kids (once it was four and if you count actors, it was five actors) became their comic book heroes, the Beetleborgs to fight evil from comic books and drawings come to life. The show aired from 1996-1998.

Kotaro/Kamen Rider Mini Den-O 
 Ryotaro's younger self at age 11 that joins the DenLiner group in fighting Gaoh and his Imagin underlings. The Tarōs can also possess him due to their contracts with Ryotaro which extend into the past. Momotaros does so and allows Kotaro to become Mini Den-O Sword Form in Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: I'm Born! (2007). He is also in other Den-O movies.

Wataru / Kamen Rider Kiva in Decade
In Kamen Rider Decade (2009), Wataru was a kid and Fangire King in the Kiva world.
 Wasaru / Kamen Rider Hibiki in Decade
When Decade (2009) visited Hibiki's World, Asumu is Hibiki's child apprentice, wanting to become a full-fledged Oni just like his master Hibiki in the taiko drum-based Hibiki Style of Ongekido.


Momoyoy said...

Don't forget young Ryutaro, Decade version Wataru and Decade version boy.

Dessa said...

Just a nitpick, but Kotaro is also in the post-Den-O movies as well, not just the first one vs. Gaoh. And they don't use the smaller Den-O suit, either.

FangJokerTaJaDorFourze97 said...

Do the boy (who stole the shinkenred key) from the first episode's of gokaiger and the girl in the christmas episode count.

Lavender Ranger said...

they were more like teenagers. I think the cut off point is 13.

henshin0 said...

there is also jan in lesson 15 where he became mini gekired (and was portrayed by the kid who played dcd wataru) and there is also yuu from den-o 4 who eventually grows up and becomes yuuto. having said that, i'm not counting G den-o's younger self because he didn't actually help until he became an adult as opposed to yuu who did help directly in the oni war/