Sunday, February 19, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai - Super Samurai - Episode Review

Episode starts with the Rangers training, we see Kevin and Mia with their Hydro Bow and Sky Fan. Mike did some sort of skating stunt. The Rangers call Jayden as they find a puddle of Sanzu River where the monsters can re-hydrate. The spider guy is still out there and initially Xandred is not so thrilled but Octoroo make him realize that Archanatoid can make the river grow. Mentor gets Antonio to finish working on the Black Box (new prop, the Shinkenger prop, not the small one from last season). 

Bulk and Spike get a camera to document the Rangers. Mike tracks the monster through the forest and they end up fighting him in a suburb. They end up with the monster in rubble in the city and Antonio morphs and gives Jayden the Black Box, becoming the Super Red Ranger. He defeats the Spider monster and then Moogers become big. Red becomes Super Mega and the Rangers make the Megazord. Antonio makes the Clawzord.

They make the Super Samurai Combination combining the Samurai Megazord with the Clawzord to make the Claw Armor Megazord. We see the six Rangers with Super Mega in the cockpit. They defeat the Moogers and they create a cannon using the four Auxiliary zords destroying the moogers. Bulk and Spike come out of the rubble, Bulk thinks it is not a good idea to do so. Emily uses her rock power to close up a leak. Emily doesn't like that they can mutate. They all are happy with Antonio. Jayden gives a short speech and says they got to be 'super samurai' and put their hands together, kanji flies from their hands. The promo after the show is the same promo from before, not episode-specific.

Same old, same old: flat acting, bad writing, cheesy lines that aren't even a wink to the audience and poor excuses for lack of imagination on new sets. A suburb? Really? The idea of Bulk and Spike documenting the Rangers give a new edge but still not successfully melding the two worlds together. But they did film like it like a season opener, reintroducing the characters.
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