Monday, February 20, 2012

Akibaranger Suits Finally Revealed

By the previous silouhette we got, I thought we might be getting an animated series but there was a lot of talk about it being live-action. So now we know how they look. Some people complaining about the Sports-Bra-like chest on the women. For those who don't know, Akibaranger is another Sentai series that will be produced by Toei alongside Go-Busters. It is about High School Sentai fans and they hang out in a Sentai-theme Coffee Shop. Akibaranger will be paired with a new initiative from Tamashii Nation, called "Otona Sentai Tamashii", or "Grownup Sentai Soul". The toys will be aimed at Adult Collectors like the Figuarts are. I think the series will begin in APril, not sure. I can't wait!

 Picture from this website:

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