Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gokaiger 51 Sayonora!

Sorry this was late but here it is: 

 The Gokaiger fight the evil forces and de-morph. They are about to be attacked when Navi comes in saving them with the Free Joker.

Gai and Marvelous take the Free Joker to fight the big boss.

The others fight off forces as Extra Heroes. Marvelous and Gai destroy the ship and the others see it blow up.

They briefly mourn them but they escaped as Gosei Red and Go-On Wings. They reunite and the big boss challenges them.

  They make a pose and introduce themselves without helmet and their helmet snaps on.

  We saw them become their respective analogs (Ahim became White or Pink, Don became Green or Black, Gai became the Sixths mentioned, Marvelous only became Red, Luka only became Yellow and Joe only became Blue):
AkaRanger & DiaJack, BattleKenya & VulPanther, DenjiPink, GogglePink & FiveYellow, DynaBlack YellowMask & NinjaWhite, BlueThree & ChangeGryphon, PinkFlash RedHawk &; GaoYellow, YellowLion &; TimePink, PteraRanger & AbareYellow, RedRacer BlackTurbo & Go-onBlue, MegaBlack & GoBlue, KuroKishi & GingaRed, OhRed &; KingRanger, Shurikenger, & BoukenRed, Tenma Ranger, HyperShinkenRed, SuperGoseiBlue, DekaGreen SWATMode, SuperGekiYellow, & Legend MagiPink.

 They all become one of each team with the final round of Super Geki Yellow, Legend MagiPink, DekaGreen in Swat Mode, Super Gosei Blue and Hyper Shinken Red. Marvelous finally eats his curry at the rebuilt Safari restaurant.

At the end they return the keys to their rightful owners. The keys fly in the air and we see one member of each color get it.  Marvelous swears he sees AkaRed at the edge of the galleon and then he disappears. We see VulEagle get his key back.

 We see Joe and then we cut to Tenmaranger and Kirinranger. We see Luka and cut to FiveYellow. We see Don and cut to GoGreen. We see Ahim and we cut to MagiPink.

We see Gai and cut to Go-On Silver. We see Marvelous and cut to Goushi and then cut to Doggie and Signalman. At the end, we see Aka Ranger transform.

 The cameos at the end.

All the alumnis that participated in some way.

Gai and Shouji (Tenma Ranger)

Let's Buster!


FangJokerTaJaDorFourze97 said...

The safari restaraunt was the one that blew up in the early episodes before marvelous could eat.

James Spiring said...

Gai changed into combo Go-on Wings, not Go-on Gold. You can clearly see that he has two Rocket Daggers.

Lavender Ranger said...

I had a feeling but I wasn't sure, James. I'm still pissed/enchanted that they didn't use the male Go-On Silver suit. We saw it in the Ranger Keys book. I'm pissed because they clearly had the suit and could had used it. I am enchanted because it leaves some mystery in a historic season.