Saturday, February 25, 2012

Go-Busters Mission One

 Super Hero Time!

 A Megazord attacks.

 Red saw a chicken in the paper and froze.

 Cheeda wakes him up.

 Blue and Yellow were spying and morph to fight grunts

 Opening Titles

 A spy reveals himself to be the bad guy

 Enter talks to the Messiah. 

A new monster is made.

Ryuji and Yoko fight the monster.


 Hiromu's sister Rika

 Episode 2:

Quick Review:
Sleek, fun, exciting and well-thought-out. Like most first episodes of Sentai, it answers almost nothing, very little is told. We do know Red's mom didn't approve of him being a 'chosen child' and his sister didn't ant him to be a Go-Buster. And that the trio have trained to be Go-Busters. We don't see how the team was formed. The episode reminded me a lot of Go-Onger and some of Boukenger's spy aspects and the team dynamic seems to be a bit like Gekiranger. The dancing in the end credits also reminds me of Gekiranger. Red seems to be a cool guy, not an annoying kid. It has a serious tone that I like and the comic relief seems to only be the Buddyroids and Red freezing when he sees a chicken for now which is all right with me.


Paolo1350 said...

Oh no, is that dancing I see during the ending credits?
I do not want my heroes dancing.

FangJokerTaJaDorFourze97 said...

Its more like Dekarangers ending

Dessa said...

@Paolo1350 - Yup, dance ending.

I missed the first 10 minutes (was out shopping), but I enjoyed what was there. It does irrationally bug me that Enter reminds me of Kai from Den-O. It's not the same actor, but he just looks like Kai to me.

akmal ghazali said...

their morph.. it says it's morphing time.. and the one eyed monster is called megazord...