Saturday, February 25, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai - Shell Game - Episode Review

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Kevin, Mike and Emily are practicing at the house. Kevin and Mike are slicing pumpkins and Emily makes a huge boulder that they destroyh. A Nighlok arrives that Octoroo and Xandred don't recognize. He says he serves a bigger power. Armadevil is unbeatable because of his shell. Jayden and Mia are shopping and go first to the Nighlok.

Antonio looses his morpher (he's listening to music and fishing and doesn't notice) and Bulk and Spike find it. When Mentor calls, they answer it but don't speak and got to where the Nighlok but are scared of it. They run off, Mike and Emily were to go after them but they end up coming back to save the other Rangers.

 The Rangers come up with a new plan which is to soften his shell, warming it up and washing it, to make it crack. Kevin then uses the Black Box and becomes Super Samurai Ranger. Emily makes a hole so he can go in one side and pop out the other and defeat the Nighlok.

When it grows, they use their 3 modes but its no good, so they call Clawzord, using the Super Disk without Antonio and form the newest combo to destroy it. Bulk and Spike return to the Pier and drop the morpher on the floor. Mike and Emily find Antonio fishing and they spot the Morpher on the floor. 34 Missed Calls. Mike and Emily make him 'sweat' about it.

Lots of new footage and a slightly new plot, compared to the original Shinkenger plot. Footage from this episode was taken from an earlier episode 16 which did not have the Gold Ranger or various zords. So they made new footage of Super Blue and Super Mega Blue. I like that Kevin made a comment on his Super Mega suit. I like Jayden's comment on Mia' cooking mix of chocolate and brushel sprouts, saying to 'explain it to the paramedics.' 
It was a kind of boring and frustrating episode. It teases fans that the Rangers will meet Bulk and Spike which doesn't happen. And it wastes Steven Skyler, no wonder he went back to America to do Glee. It reminded me of MMPR where they paired a Megazord that didn't originally fight the monster (like Clawzord combo), new footage inserted (Super Blue) and also the Sixth Ranger going to waste. It was also laughable that when the monster's shell was cracked and then we see the American version and his shell is back to normal. The music Antonio was listening to reminded me of the music Zack would listen to in the first season. Also, the changed the personality of the monster---he was shy in Shinkenger.
I noticed some mistakes, while supposedly inside the Dragon Foldingzord, we see the Swordfish on his console...
And then the Clawzord (Before he called the Clawzord)...
And finally the Dragon.


Anonymous said...

didn't notice this, but is the stroke of the 超 (mega) kanji wrong? i am a chinese, and the stroke order is different from what i had learnt. does japan has a different stroke order than the japanese?

other than that, the episode is okay. at least they are now trying to change the plot of the original shinkenger episodes, and using new footage. however the megazord fight does not fit in nicely with all the cut and paste.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i am wrong in my previous comment. the kranji is correct.

Mr. Time Space Warp said...

I seem to notice something: in one of the megazord attacks, you see they left in a shot of the Shinkenger-exclusive "shield disk" spinning before the attack powered up, but it seems to have been on a WHITE background! The heck happened there?