Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gokaiger Rumors and Spoilers for the movie and Gokai Silver Jacket

Gai's team jacket.

I don't know what episode but it seems Go-On Wings (in suit) communicate with Gai (it seems there will be a Go-Onger tribute episode) and he will become a combination of them (the key is two parts). I don't know what Akashi/Bouken Red is doing there.
UPDATE 6/29/11:
It looks like Gai will recieve the Go-On Wings key in Episode 19 this Sunday July 3rd.

Episode 19, The Armor of 15 Warriors (July 3):
Gai wants to help out on the Galleon and shows the crew his cooking skills, which causes Don to become jealous.

It seems both Kazuki Maehara (Ryouma) and Teruaki Ogawa (Hyuuga) are returning. Rumors is that Basco will release his Kuro Kishi Ranger Key.

Episode 20 (July 10):
Navi gives the crew a new clue by saying "You'll have to find the warriors in the closed forest." When Gai hears this, he tells the crew to go to the forest where the Seijuu Sentai Gingaman used to live. Marvelous and his crew heads towards the forest, but on their way a man in black starts to chase them. While they are trying to flee, they meet Basco.

In ep 20, Basco will summon DekaMaster, WolzardFire and MagiMother. Basco's hidden powers become clear.

It seems the Gokaiger will change into Battle Fever J in the movie.

And also change into Goranger.

Movie Spoilers:
The G3 Princesses act as cheerleaders in the movie.

Baseball Mask shows up.

Agent Abrella from Dekaranger are appearing in the movie. Isao Sasaki is voicing "Gatsun Beron Pachin", the guard of the treasure inside the ghost ship. Mitsuko Horie and Tsuyoshi Matsubara are going to be in the movie.

Nanashi (Moogers), Cotoportos [Dairanger], Zenith (Cyclobots), Karths (Chillers), Barmia Hei (Triptoids), Golem Hei (Putties), Imps (Batlings), Magerappa (Kelzaks), Kunkune (Carterites), Rinshi, Yaatotto (Swabbies), Dorodoros [Kakuranger], Ugats (Grinders), Hidrer [Changeman], Wular [Tubroranger], Jinners [Liveman] and Orgettes (also known as Putrids) and more.

All the grunts merge.

The name of the GokaiOh repaint that is evil is "GhostGokaiOh".

Translation of official description:
As expected from you greedy pirates, you'd even throw away your comrades for a treasure."
There's a rumor that there's ghost ship heading towards Earth and it's picking up the souls of dead people. It's said that there's a treasure called "God Eye" inside. The Gokaigers decides to search for it. They believe that if they can get God Eye, they'll be able to find the greatest treasure in the universe. It's also said that no one comes out alive from the ghost ship. Los Dark is the captain of the ghost ship, he has no real body and is planning on using the God Eye. The insides of the ghost ship is true mystery. The Gokaigers will have to fight the enemies of the past Rangers. The hatred inside the various grunts causes them to merge into one monster. Dekaranger's enemy, Agent Abrella, appears and states that they've picked up 1500 souls of defeated monsters. Baseball Mask from Goranger, says that he has reborn into a different Baseball Mask and challenges the Gokaigers to a baseball match. The Gokaigers Gokai Change into the Gorangers.

I couldn't help it and it led me to doing this.


Anonymous said...

Haha that was very funny, Kuro Kishi bullyin GokaiSilver like that. I still dont kno why he's not counted as a 6th ranger of Gingaman.

KR ShinkenRed said...

Lavender i'm not sure if you noticed this but in the picture with the Go-Onwings in it theres a half gold half silver go-on wing in it and key to match

Anonymous said...

I don't had saw the Magiranger's footsoldiers on his left arm. Now, let's search for the RinShis and the rest ^^.

Hallwings said...

Does this mark the first time a Sentai guest star appeared in consecutive series? (Teruaki Ogawa also appeared in Goseiger last year {where he reunited with Satomi Hirose}.)

And team-ups don't count.

Lavender Ranger said...

I think so, but you gotta check Kenji Oba--no, no you're right. He was in Hurricanger and Gekiranger. And Daigo of Dairanger was closer with Hurricanger and Boukenger. But Goseiger and Gokaiger is way closer, so yeah.

Anonymous said...

So, Hyuuga appears in the series. Let's see how they'll handle this and a Kakuranger episode,

Lavender Ranger said...

Re: So, Hyuuga appears in the series. Let's see how they'll handle this and a Kakuranger episode,

Anonymous #3, I bet you he comes as NinjaRed and Luka comments "Hey you look like that bull guy."

Anonymous said...

Who r the g3 princesses?

Lavender Ranger said...

Go-Onger, GoOn yellow, Go-On Silver and villainess Kegaleshia formed a musical group for 2 eps.

Douglas said...

that silver jacket i would so wear.

boy the Gokaigers sure love changing into the Gorangers.

i'm guessing that Gai seeing the 6th rangers in dreams will probably his way of mastering the keys.

Mugen said...

I think it is rather obvious who the man in black will be. The Gingaman are probably not too keen on Space Pirates.

So Gai can become a a Sentai Version of Baron Ashura?