Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gokaiger Monsters Theme?

Usually Super Sentai monsters have themes, some easier to spot than others. Like Gekiranger's Rinrinshi were based on animals, some more complicated like Abaranger's Torinoids that took animal, plant and nonliving object together. Gaoranger's orgs and Dairanger's Gorma were made of ordinary human-made objects and so on and Goseiger monsters were based on insects, urban legend creatures and sea creatures mixed with robotics. Kakuranger and Shinkenger's monsters were based on Youkai, Kakuranger's Youkai were 'modernized' and Shinkenger's Youkai had some animal basis and a design flourish. But this year, its all 'bets are off,' the ones that appear in the tribute episodes--most of them do follow the theme of being related to the series that is being paid tribute to.

But the monsters in it to themselves seem to have very little in common, except for looking 'mechnical' or 'beast-like' or 'alien-like.' What common thread I do see is that they have a solid color scheme, it is a distinct and vibrant color. It's very minimal. Here I put what the monster reminds me, I'm not a monster expert so I might be wrong, I don't think the designers would agree with my decisions. The designers probably have a clear theme that I seem to be missing to understand.

Shikabanen of Episode 1 reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it exactly.

Bongan of Episode 2 reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it exactly.

Salamandam of Episode 3 reminded me of Scropion Nejire of Megaranger (Episode 19) in color scheme and other armaments. Salamandam used magic and Episode 3 was the Magiranger tribute.

Zodomas of Episode 4 reminds me of PierreBori of Timeranger VS GoGoV.

Buramudo of Episode 5 was obviously a reference to the Alienizer and looked like he would fit right at home with the other Alienizers. To the right is Angol of Dekaranger (Episode 49).

Nanonanoda Episode 6 reminds me of the monster to the right appears in Acts 5 and 20 of PGSM.

Pachacamac XIII of episode 7 obviously is the same suit as his dad from Gekiranger VS Boukenger.

Sneak Brothers of Episode 8 remind me a LITTLE of Hellhaven of Dekaranger (Ep 3).

Bowser of Episode 9 looked nothing like an Org, as the episode was a tribute to Gaoranger and I suppose he looked beast like, he was more of beast meets machine.

Yokubareed of Episode 10 reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it exactly.

Deizeiger of Episodes 11-12 is a swordsman, said to be a reference to Shinkenger but he looks like a little to me like Modified Mirage Beast Gordorum of Boukenger (33) mixed with Emperor Grumm from PRSPD and Gorgon of Magiranger.

Zaggai of Episode 13 reminds me of Kawazugami of Boukenger (9) mixed with Tomarezu of Goseiger episode 17.

Jealousit of Episode 14 appeared for the Carranegr tribute but doesn't look like a Bowsock, again he reminds me of PGSM monsters, also maybe mixed with some Megaranger monsters.

Wateru Episode 16 reminds me a bit of the monster to the right appeared in Act 28 of PGSM.

Arumadon of Episode 17 reminds of the Green Goblin for some reason or maybe Mantanna from She-Ra.

Tsukki, the Moondroid, fans say he reminds them of a mutated MagiShine because of the blue and golden armor.


mustang17 said...

The first monster reminds me of the orphanocs from Kamen Rider 555. The second one reminds me of Gorrath from Megas XLR.

Anonymous said...

Bongan from Ep. 2 reminds me of Cthulu or Vilgax from Ben 10.

PZ said...

I think that the monsters theme is only to fit the series that is being remembered at that time.
They are like the monsters from that series, but with a twist for Gokaiger.
Over all, in the episodes with no series being remembered, they're just a mix of technologic aliens + pirate/comodore like monsters, which is basically what the Gokaiger are up to.

For episode 1 and 2, they're like I said, Gokaiger Themed, obviously at a Pirate Gun and Davy Jones.

For episode 3, a little Magiranger vibe. A, without much expression, beastmen from Infershia, now with a super natural power, differently from the previous 2.

For episode 4, a masked alien that had a reputation of being a good swordsman, obviously a tech-alien based on pirate sword skills.

For episode 5, an alienizer, without a doubt.

For episode 6, I think it was a tribute to those shape and faceless monsters from every super sentai.

For episode 7, obivious remake of a Rinrishi

For episode 8, I think it's more fitting to the idea of pirate lookers, with a bit of the old monsters from Dynaman and older.

For episode 9, I saw a clear intention of doing an Org here, even tho it didn't look like one, but the animal theme gave it away it was for Gaoranger.

Episode 10: I think he's a subtle tribute to JAKQ. I mean, he's a monster of 'Diamonds', and a clear reference to cards.

Episode 11/2: I agree with Shinkenger beast. If you just change his main colors to black and red, he's all ready to fill the Sanzu River as a Gedoushuu.

Episode 13: It's more of a sea monster for pirates to fight. I mean, it's a mix of an oyster and a monster fish.

Episode 14: I think it's a mix between Carranger and Turboranger monsters.

Episode 15/6: Well... it's water. All to do with pirates. But I'll go a bit out and say it looked Magi+Gekiranger to me.

Episode 17: Some sort of bug theme, which isn't unusual + a Warstar, for some reason. But it's the typical 'I'm too strong so I can just be beaten by a miraculous 6th member' monster.

Episode 18 and on: I don't know, but for the next few episodes they might just be 6th ranger references.

Sorry for the long rant :D

Luca said...

Shikabanen looks like the Dolphin Orphenoch with more advanced weapons. Salamandam and Scropion Nejire both look like that one purple and orange Worm from Kabuto (it's name started with a V. I think it was based on the aquatic Fireworm.) Scorpion Nejire also looks like the Worm that Tsurugi ends up as. Zodomas is definitely Momotaros -sword and all- combined with the Horror form Episode 3 of GARO. Of I had to compare Buramudo to something, I'd say the Arms Dopant or that one Horror that looked kind of egg-themed. If I had to compare Pachacamac XIII to something, I'd say Nazca Dopant. I was told Sneak Brothers was based on some red ball from Gekiranger, which was based on a clown monster with a round red nose from and earlier sentai. Yokubareed shares a black and orange color scheme with several Imagin. Zaggai looks like the Leech Imagin. Half of Jealousit is that same orange and purple worm I mentioned earlier.

Douglas said...

the first monster reminds me of one of the tree monster in i think Abaranger.

Mugen said...

Tsukki also has a bit Dianamon in him/her:

Douglas said...

that second monster kinda reminds me of a cthulu creature and Vilgax from Ben 10.