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Power Rangers: Six Ranger Promotion/Toys

This will be the last post for Toy Week 2, it's been more than 2 weeks but I've just been very busy and wanted to do this last 2 posts about toy week. How were other heroes promoted as well?

With modest toy commercials and the 8 inch figure came along with Dragonzord. His toys started showing up around October 1993. Once popular, the figure was re-release several times, twice (I think) with the White Ranger as 'the Gold Team.' In Season 1, only 3 toys were released (the dagger and PVC figure), Season 2: Auto-Morphin and plush figures and a large child-size figure. He had no halloween costume.

In 2010 many figures, vehicles and other items. He had 16 toys including the 7.5 Super Legends Extreme Figure and Chase figures after 2007.

Heavily advertised in comic books, magazines and TV, the White Ranger was a big deal and continued being the figurehead until Zeo. His toys started showing up a month after the other Season 2 toys. Season 2 he got 4 toys (including micro playset), Season 3 he got 9 toys (including Ninja Ranger and movie toys). In Season 3, White Ranger got a Shark Cycle, the first Sixth Ranger to get a vehicle. In 2008, he got a chase figure and a 2010 figure. He was to have vehicle and battlizer for 2010 line, I think some were made but not mass release. He had 3 halloween costumes (1994, 1995 and 2010).

Ninjor got one figure.

Heavy promotion, unlike the other Sixth Rangers that his 8 inch figure came with his zord, this one came alone with the others. His toy was released along with the other five. He was the first Sixth Ranger to get his own vehicle in the toy line that didn't get one in the show (like Magna Defender, Green Samurai Ranger of PRNS, and others). It also appeared in the SNES game. He got 5 toys in Zeo line and a chase figure recently. He had a Halloween costume too.

He got 9 toys! Well Robo Racer got 5 out of 9. After the movie, he was heavily advertised along with the other 5, even 'ate' a donut in a commercial. He had no halloween costume.

He got 2 figures and 1 zord, even a Halloween costume (twice--one re-packaged for InSpace). He got heavily advertised as a Sixth Ranger. He was released in the second wave of Turbo, in the Spring.

He was released in the second wave of inSpace, in the Spring. He had 10 toys. His 8 inch figure was released with the Mega Winger. In the Lost Galaxy line, he was repackaged with his Digimorpher. Irionically he didn't appear in Lost Galaxy nor did his counterpart in the Gingaman vs Megaranger teamup. He was the first Sixth Ranger to get a battlizer, and he is one of the rare Sixth Rangers to get his own personalized Battlizer, along with Titanium Ranger, Quantum Ranger and Lunar Wolf Ranger. All others are too similar to the Red ones.

He got 13 toys, more than Gold Ranger, Phantom Ranger and Silver Ranger. 3 toys were the Torozord. He had a Conquearing Ranger armor form and Explorer Ranger form. He had 4 vehicles: Astro Cycle, Jet Jammer, Magna Rotator and a Capsule Cycle. All didn't appear on the show of course. Magna Defender was released in the Lightspeed line, as a Chromalline Ranger. He didn't get a Chase figure. He did have a Halloween costume. He was the first of many 'sixth rangers' to have his toy released before he appeared on the show.

I remember being a High School senior is seeing online in the library the PRLR toys and seeing the Titanium Ranger, I was intrigued that something other than a regular color was being used. I wasn't sure if Titanium was a color or not. Anyhoo, his figure was released along with the other 5. He had 7 related toys. He a vehicle and battlizer. He had a Chase figure recently as well. He did have a Halloween costume.

He was released with the other 5 first. He had 11 toys, not as much as Magna Defender. His Mega Battle was shown on the show. He also appeared in the Control Center with Ransik. His vehicle the TF Eagle appeared on the show too. He was one of a few Sixth Rangers not to get a Chase figure. His halloween costume was not show-accurate.

He was released with the other 5. Because Disney took over, there were much more toys. He had around 16 related toys or so. He had a bunch of battlizers, many related to his zords, some no, like this falcon above. He was one of a few Sixth Rangers not to get a Chase figure.

He was released along with the other five. He had 18 related toys. He received a Chase figure recently, with and without Super mode.

The six were released together at the same time. Triassic Ranger was a darker shade than on the show and so was his Halloween costume. White had 19 toys and Triassic had 17 related toys. They didn't get chase figures. White didn't get a Halloween costume.

He had 13 toys (including two Doggie Cruger toys), Green Samurai (NS) had 18, White had 19 and Triassic had 17. He would had 14 if one Battlizer (that was planned) had been released. Doggie Cruger figure was sold along with the main 5 but Shadow Ranger stuff didn't come until the Summer. He did have a Halloween costume. His toy was released around the same time as he appeared on the show or maybe a bit later. Omega Ranger had 14 toys and Halloween costume. Toys showed up in the summer. His toy was released around the same time as he appeared on the show.

Released months after the initial stuff, in the late spring. He had 9 toys, not including his zord or weapons, which were made for Magiranger but famously was not released for Power Rangers in the US (not including Korea and UK and other select countries). He had 2 battlizers in the toy line. 2 of 9 were Red Wolf Warrior, a soft play sword and repaint in a set. There was no White Ranger toys.

18 toys and released in Summer. He had 2 toys that were planned and not released. He didn't have a regular 5.5" tall figure. He is the first Sixth Ranger to not have his toy released with the other five since the Silver Ranger in PRiS.

He was released in the summer, not with the initial toys. He had 9.

If you don't include the battlizer, he had 3 toys, if you do, 7.

Elephant Ranger: 10 figures (not including zords--released 3 times)
Bat Ranger: 12 figures
Shark Ranger: 9 figures

Dai Shi had 8 toys (including 3 zord releases). He had 1 battlizer, 1 planned but never released, some people were hoping it was his Phantom form. Camile had 8 toys (figure released twice--one with a set, zord released 4 times and there was her small figure released twice).

Wolf had 12 toys, 1 planned but not released. Rhino had 12 toys and 1 planned but not released.

Mammoth Ranger: 4
T-Rex Ranger: 2
Triceratops Ranger: 2
Ranger Gold: 13 (including zords)
Ranger Silver: 4 (including zords)
All released in the fall.

It is still a work in progress but so far we've seen like 4 or 5 Gold Ranger toys. So far the Samurai Morpher was released this month. Above is Octozord with Gold Ranger, the set would be sold together soon.


Matthew Licata said...

The White Ranger did have a Shark Cycle in season 3. ( Does that count as the first 6th ranger with a vehicle?

Lavender Ranger said...

it does, I just forgot and you posted twice but I took it easy on you since I never saw you post before (unless you did it anonymously before)

Anonymous said...

Is that Ika-Chan in the background, or did Bandai realease the Octozord.

Matthew Licata said...

Sorry about the double-posting. The commenting system was acting a bit weird, maybe because I was using an iPhone.

Anyway! I subscribe to your blog via RSS and read it all the time, but I don't really comment a lot (on any blog, really) unless I have something particularly useful to say.

Good work though! I like your blog a lot.

Matthew Licata said...

Actually, after posting that comment, I'd say that it was definitely my own fault for not seeing the small banner at the top that says that my comment was saved.