Monday, June 20, 2011

SPOILERS: Kamen Rider Fourze

Introducing Kamen Rider Fourze! The new Kamen Rider series, most likely will premiere in September, because the Kamen Rider OOO/Gokaiger movie is to premiere in August and both Decade and Double ended in August and Double and OOO premiered in September. Fans are pointing out a trend: Double (2), OOO (3) and Fourze (4).

Fouze is a high school student, he inherited the Rider System from his father and he fights "Noa"(monsters).
He can't use the full power of Fouze and only uses a small portion of it.
He has 4 forms and he also suffers from memory loss.

1. Rocket (head) - Red

2. Turbo (wrist) - either green or black

3. Drill (wrist ) - Yellow

4. Screw (leg) - either blue or black or green

He obviously has a rocket team and might use cards or something like that on his wrist. I like the use of white, red and black instead of green or all red. His four forms seem to use the colors Red, Green, Yellow and Black (or Blue, hard to tell).


Stryks said...

That helmet looks absolutely stupid

Anonymous said...

Two things I knew was gonna happen. The next kamen rider having a 4 theme, and the next kamen rider being revealed before ooo's final form.

Anonymous said...

so after this (after fourze), we'll go back to 555

Anonymous said...

Worse Kamen Rider suit design in Heisei era ever! Are they really trying to kill kamen rider?!

Anonymous said...

This is so sucky man, worst kamen rider EVER!!!

"Viewtiful" Joe Locastro said...

First, worst design ever goes to Agito. Boring re-working of Kuuga. Second, the strong use of white is refreshing, it's not a common color for Kamen Riders.

I'm a NASA geek though, so I think the helmet and the theme looks awesome.