Sunday, November 10, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Seeing Red - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Devon is jogging when a bank robber goes by. Devon decides to show off and chase after him using his Fury Mode. The Red Ranger catches the robber, but the police tell him to stick to fighting Robotrons, while they do their job in catching criminals. Roxy attacks the city with Burnertron, and the Rangers show up. Devon’s Fury Cell that powers his Fury Mode is running low. Devon manages to steal another one from Roxy. His armor loses color and he puts in the new fury cell. He calls the cheetah claws. The five gathers but Devon fights without them. Roxy and the Robotron leave. Devon de-morphs and the others complain. Devon shows the cell to Nate. Nate has lab work to do and takes a hair from Devon The others go to Ripe Tide. Blaze makes fun of Roxy. Scrozzle tells Evox that Devon could become evil. He puts a disc in the Robotron in order to collect the Cheetah power. 

Devon is acting different and the others notice. Devon then shows off martial arts skills in Rip Tide. Ben gets a new cake for his dad. Betty sits on it. Devon beats up the guys. They get called. Devon uses up some of the fury cell. At the base, they figure out the Fury Cell is making him evil. The commander says it is affecting his mind. Nate says to take it off and he says no. Devon says he doesn't need the team and leaves. Nate says there is not enough of the fury cell. The Rangers go out to fight Tronics. The Rangers fight. Roxy shows off another cell. Burnertron is about to be powered up when Devon arrives and spins around Roxy. Ravi takes the fury cell and fights with Devon.

Ravi uses gorilla mode but he overheats. He de-morphs and Devon is about to get the fury cell. Roxy eggs him on. Devon gets the cell and the armor dissolves as the old cell-powered down. Devon is about to put a new cell and realizes what he is doing. He says he was wrong, he was hurting his friends. He breaks the fury cell. Roxy screams and he throws them at her. She teleports away. Devon and Ravi hug. Scrozzle sends a Gigadrone. Commander and Smash take Ravi to med bay. Devon calls the Megazord. Gold, Silver, and Yellow continue fighting Burnertron. Gold and Silver take out the flame out of Burnertron. Yellow and the dup take down the Robotron. Yellow leaves because her energy is low. The disc is left in the dust. Silver and Gold get their zords and form their Megazord. Striker Megazord destroys the Gigadrone. They put out the fire on the Morph-X Tower.

Roxy gives the data chip to Scrozzle. Scrozzle says they have the three beast powers. Roxy says they are hers. Blaze says she has failed. Scrozzle tells them to leave. Ben and Betty are surprised by Devon with a new cake for their dad. Devon apologizes for his obsession. The General comes in and congrats the Rangers. Ben and Betty make a mess with icing bags. He says the icing tastes good. He splashes some on them and they have an icing fight.

This episode reminds me of the moral-telling "Afterschool Special" stories of Ninja Steel. The addiction to the fury cells is obviously alluding to drugs or any addiction, especially the part about Devon "changing" and "acting differently." Power Rangers is not one for subtly but a two-parter where Devon slowly changes would've been cool. Especially since when the fury cells were introduced in the last episode, they had nothing about being addicted to them or turning evil. 


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