Saturday, November 23, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers -Ranger Reveal - Episode Review

Everyone is gathered to meet Niki Rev, a celebrity and Zoey's mom is going to interview her. Ben and Betty use a selfie extender and get it caught on something. They get stuck ina truck. Nikki Rev cancels. Vargoyle arrives. Everyone runs away and a cameraman leaves the camera running. The Rangers morph and the camera catches it. Vargoyle uses the Beast powers. The trio is shocked. The five of them fight Vargoyle. The camera is damaged. Vargoyle is running out of morph X. The Rangers call their weapons but Vargoyle teleports away. The Rangers leave. The cameraman says the memory card is damaged and Zoey's mom thinks they have their identity. She says it is her scoop. Zoey arrives and her mom tells her about the Rangers. Zoey tries to convince her not to reveal their identities but she is thinking about her career.

Zoey's mom Muriel tells her boss. Vargoyle has a memory pulsator. Roxy and blaze have a plan for a memory pulsator and shocked Vargoyle stole their idea. They blame Scrozzle. Evox tells them if he is smart enough to steal the plan. he is smart enough to do the plan. Back at the hangout, Ben tries fixing the extender and knocks out the wig from a woman. The woman turns out to be Niki Rev. The Rangers discuss fame, Steel is for it. Steel wants a cooking show and wants a mouth. Ravi says the commander would not approve. Zoey says to leave it to her. Everyone gets crazy for Nikki Rev and she tries to escape the fans. The Rangers protect her.

Shockatron is sent after the Rangers and Scrozzle is to send a Gigadrone. A Grid Battleforce van takes Nikki away. Steel says he'll think twice about fame. The Rangers are told about the danger. The trio go for Shockatron and morph while the others call their zords for the Gigadrone. Shockatron sends their energy back at them. The Rangers deflect and keep fighting. The Gigadrone arrives and the boys fight him with their Megazord. Vargoyle arrives at the channel satellite to set up the device. Devon arrives in his zord to help Gold. Blue and Yellow takedown Shockatron. Red and Gold beat up the Gigadrone. Red destroys the Gigadrone. 

Muriel comes to check on the memory card. Ravi and Zoey arrive and Zoey wants to talk. Nikki Rev arrives and Muriel doesn't want to interview her. Zoey convinces the manager to interview Nikki as a fan. He says yes. Zoey tells the others she has an idea. Nikki says she owes Zoey a favor so she'll do it. Zoey asks Nikki about the downside of fame. Muriel has the footage and she is to air it after the Nikki interview. 

It is Muriel's turn, she talks about the Rangers morphing and has the footage on a memory card. She mentions the Nikki Rev interview and she thought if the Rangers are hounded like a celebrity and they wouldn't be able to do her job. She destroys the chip and says their identities have to be protected. Muriel and Zoey talk. Muriel apologizes. Zoey says she made the right decision. The boss likes it, a reporter with integrity. Vargoyle hounds Scrozzle and laughs about his plan.

I love this episode. This is a great episode. It is rare for a kids' show to talk about integrity and doing the right thing. Fame and fortune and also the Ranger's identities have been covered before but not like this. The Memory device will be used in the next episode.

Grade: A++

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