Monday, May 30, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai SPOILERS, Rumors and Speculations

Also rumors and speculations, take with a grain of salt. So, remember how fans deduced Paul S. would be reprising his role as Bulk and that Rick Media would return but as Deker?, Well, now fans have discovered a new actress has been hired for Samurai.

Through reading her Twitter, New Zealand actress/presenter Kimberley Crossman is suspected to be the female Red Ranger, who comes around in the final episodes of Shinkenger.
Quote: Sore arms from Samurai fighting today - feel like I'm getting better, thanks to @LeeDonoghue for recommending watching Kill Bill!!

Quote: GOOOOODMORNING !!! another early start today - Time to show off my Samurai skills.....
Quote: So sore already... yikkeesss still all afternoon to go - need to work on my fitness and strength - this sword fighting is killing me!

There is a rumor her character's name is Lauren. Fans are also excited about Hector David (Mike)'s recent tweet on tweeter.

Hector David Jr.'s Tweet:
Quote: Shooting something real special, with the Rangers! Coming Soon! Stay Tuned to Nickelodeon. HDJ ps; Much love today!

Quote: Proud to be a Ranger. Life doesn't get any stranger, From protecting the world from monsters and danger! Gods good to me, and I love people! MAd love -HDJ

Quote: For the people who think that PRSamurai is Done filming, hahhahahahahahahahahaah its only just begin!

Some people think this means a RPM teamup but nothing in the quote indicates this. Dan Ewing (Dillon) is currently filming Home and Away and Rose McIver (Summer) is filming a movie and the others are busy. Including producer Jonathan Tzachor said he didn't consider Ninja Storm through RPM canon so it is unlikely. Elie Dekel did say that they acquired the footage of the Kamen Rider Decade footage so it is possible it is that (prompting some fans to believe Saban is planning to revive Kamen Rider).

Namihei Koshige's Blog
So I have not done anything but not a little thing to write That is why I tried to edit video on the practice atmosphere. Pawaren shooting the last episode is very exciting show, I can write about that (; ~ Д ~ s The Hee Su s OFF Power Center! But I'm certainly contains elements are Pawarenorijinaru, If you're looking forward to the day to enjoy the view of it!

So he says it is the last episode of Samurai, but Hector says they are still filming, leading people to believe a second season could use Goseiger footage or possibly do like Zyu2 and use make new Samurai footage.

Close-up of the buckle of the Samurai Battlizer, has gotten fans talking that it looks a bit like items from Goseiger, the 2010 Super Sentai that comes after Shinkenger, the source of Power Rangers Samurai. We know that this Battlizer will appear on the show, most likely led from the Black Box. Could Bandai/Saban be planning to use the Goseiger footage for Samurai much like Dairanger was used for Season 2 of MMPR? To me, it looks like a Samurai head, more like the Samurai Megazord. But anything can happen.


Maswartz said...

Again how do people see Goseiger in the Battlizer thing? All I see is a stylized face. And they could be filming for adaptations of the Shinkenger movies.

Lavender Ranger said...

Maswartz, to be fair, it is not again, I was just reminding people of that from before. Fans just assume they are adapting Goseiger now.

Drunken Lemur said...

It would be very odd if they decided to go the way of MMPR Season 2, since they've been staying so close to the source material that it doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room. I think they'd probably be better off going the Zyu2 route. As for an adaptation of the movies, I assume you mean the Fateful War and the special act, right?

Anonymous said...

say no to using goseiger for samurai. a separate season adaptation for goseiger is much beter than using it as samurai season 2

Anonymous said...

If any of this is true are they not just making it harder to adapt Gokaiger in 2013 because if they don't cosider Ninja Storm - RPM apart of the universe then i think that i wiil feel really upset and why would they want to do what they do back in the 1990's were they reuse the suits but with new footage i mean why and the return of Kamen Rider been a while since they did something other then Power Rangers and since they did Masked Rider.

Anonymous said...

How can they not count Ninja Storm - RPM i mean i thought they bought all the rights to every episode and i mean every episode even the ones from the Disney Era and what is going on about Goseiger.

Anonymous said...

I am with you 100% on that a separate season for Goseiger why make it harder on themself's to adapt Gokaiger also is it possible to get all the ranger keys.

Razorclaw said...

"Lauren"'s definitely got my attention. Rawr. :P

Mugen said...

Well, she does not look like 14, like Kaoru did. Ofcourse it is less fun if a less petite person swings that giant sword.

James Spiring said...

Kaoru didn't just look 14 - she WAS 14! Obviously her counterpart is a bit older... and for cultural reasons, they won't be keeping the adoption ending either.