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Individual Poses Part Three (1992-2000)

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This is an exhaustive search but I feel like doing it now. This is uber-nerdy but I decided to catalog the different poses the Rangers do. This is more common in Super Sentai and ignored or not focuses on in Power Rangers. In Power Rangers, it is inconsistent. For example, I met suit actor/stunt man Yasuhiro Takeuchi and he did the poses for each Ranger he ever did at PMC 4. These poses are usually in the roll call. Another tradition in Sentai is for the actual actors to do the poses 'de-morphed' in the finale. In the Disney Era, the individual poses slipped in much more (usually at the end of a Morphing sequence) as roll calls aren't common in Power Rangers as they are in Sentai. With early Saban, it was just random poses that were inconsistent from the show itself and promotion. I'm going to cover the Sentai poses and compare to the American. Now I'm doing the early Saban Era: Zyuranger to Timeranger.
Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (three seasons)
Tyranno Ranger/Red Ranger
In Zyuranger, he had legs apart and kind of crouched. His left arm was in front of chest and right arm around head. In MMPR, this varied. Of course, season one heavily focused on the footage so this was the norm. For Zyu 2 footage, they did similar poses. For Season 3, a similar pose was used when calling the Ninja Zords with left fist closed. (Top Second Row Right) Later on, it was different poses. For example, pic on Top First Row Right is from Forever Red, where both arms are in the air. Below pic is a common drawing used in merchandise with legs apart and two fists, one near belt and the other up near the chest. Meanwhile Metallic armor was left arm below chest pointing right and right arm bent pointing left and up and with clench fist.

Tricera Ranger/Blue Ranger
 Zyuranger pose was legs apart, right leg bent at knee, right arm bent behind helmet and left arm in fist on side. This was also done for the Thunderzord calling. Similar pose done in Zyu 2 but more crouched down. Pose used for Season 3 to call the Ninja Zords was similar but fingers were shown to the screen. Metallic Armor pose was the same. Common drawing in the 90's was Blue in the air with right arm extended with fist and left hand open.


Tiger Ranger/Yellow Ranger
Even though Tiger Ranger and the Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger were different genders, they kept the same pose for the first season but had different poses in promotion and then later seasons. Couldn't find a pic of it from Zyuranger but his move was similar to what was used in Zyu 2 and 3rd season summoning Ninja Zords, crouched sideways, left arm out and right arm tucked near stomach. Metallic armor, similar pose. In drawings for promos, her legs were stretched out, right leg bent, right arm out upward diagonally and left arm slightly bent in fist.

Mammoth Ranger/Black Ranger
One move was hand outstrched fingers and other arm bent with fist near head. Other pose was left hand on right bicep, used in Zyu 2 but open palm and in Season 3 similar but left hand on chest. For promos, the drawing of him blasting his power axe or another pose was used. Metallic armor pose was fists closed left arm pointing forward and right arm extended out.

Ptera Ranger/Pink Ranger
First she would put her arms behind her like top first row right but then put left arm bent to chest and right arm extended upwards. I couldn't get a good pic of it from Zyu 2 but basic same moves used for Zyuranger, Season 1, Zyu 2, Season 2 and Season 3 calling ninja zords. Metallic armor pose was left arm extended forward and right arm bent pointing forward.

Dragon Ranger/ Green Ranger
One common pose was arms in a circle motion with hands almost meeting, used in Zyuranger and Zyu 2 footage. He had no common pose for cards and promos, it varied. Nowadays he is mostly seen with his Dragon Dagger.

Dairanger/MMPR (Season 2-3)/Super Megaforce
Kibaranger was used for the White Ranger for Season 2 and 3 of Mighty Morphin. The Dairanger appeared in Super Megaforce as "Legendary Squadron."


Kibaranger/White Ranger
In Dairanger he kneeled on his left knee and had right leg bent and arms out stretched. Common pose in promos was with Saba and hand on chest. For Season 3 zord call, he crouched and had palms open, right arm outstretched straight forward and left arm bent. For Metallic armor, arms bent and head between with fingers loose. Similar to season 3 zord call.

His pose was left arm bent and hand open with right arm best close to chest with fist clenched. As the other rangers' poses were not shown in Super Megaforce, only the Red Rangers' pose was briefly seen used by Troy in "Samurai Surprise."

Tenma Ranger
Legs close together, left arm bent towards waist, fingers close together and right arm slightly straight up.

Kirin Ranger
Crouched down with left leg on top of right leg, left arm pointed outstretched forward and right arm behind him while leaning forward.

Shishi Ranger
Legs crouched, hands together.

Houhou Ranger
Legs together, arms outstretched upward with left arm bent.

Kakuranger/Alien Rangers
Ninja Red/Red Alien Ranger
Ninja Red would hold on to his sword from the back and then have left arm over head and right arm over chest like in a 'monkey' mode.
 Ninja Blue/Blue Alien Ranger
 Left leg extended and right leg bent at knee, left arm bent and forward and right arm bent pointing up slightly.
 Ninja Yellow/Yellow Alien Ranger
A 'muscle strength' pose with left arm sideways and right arm bent upwards.

 Ninja Black/Black Alien Ranger
Left arm upwards and palm open and right arm bent.

Ninja White/White Alien Ranger
Same move used in Alien Rangers. Her arms were bent and extended out.

OhRed/Zeo Ranger V Red
Left arm out extended, right hand in fist, arm bent close to face. These poses were used in PR but varied.

OhBlue/Zeo Ranger III Blue
Arm in front of face, other one tucked in, kneeled and other leg bent.

OhYellow/Zeo Ranger II Yellow
Arms up, bent.

OhGreen/Zeo Ranger IV Green
Arms up like a boxer.

OhPink/Zeo Ranger I Pink
Bent down, arms like in a 'O' shape.

King Ranger/Gold Ranger
Right arm horizontally  in front of chest, bent and left arm bent, palm open.
@ramiromoreno has informed me that they did use these poses.
Red Racer/Red Ranger
Left knee bent and arms out diagonally. In PRT for calling the zords, his right leg was bent, left leg extended out, right arm bent near knee and left arm bent over head.

Blue Racer/Blue Ranger
Left arm up and out forward, right arm close to belt. Similar in PR, legs apart, right arm close to belt and left arm out.

Yellow Racer/Yellow Ranger
Arms out below head. Same pose but some variations.

Green Racer/Green Ranger
Right leg bent at knee and left leg going back, right elbow bent and left arm bent and pointing up. Similar pose but ore crouched down and right arm closer to body.

Pink Racer/Pink Ranger
Left arm bent over head and right arm near chest, right leg behind left leg. Same for PR.
Megaranger/In Space
MegaRed/Red Ranger
Left arm up above head and right arm horizontally bent. I think these were used in PR. Once or twice they used this move of a fist in the air with bent arm.

MegaBlue/Blue Ranger
Left arm bent and right arm out forward. Once or twice he had his arms at his side.

MegaYellow/Yellow Ranger
Both arms out forward and hands meeting.

Mega Black/Black Ranger
Arms out and up like 'muscle' but closer to head. In PR, they did left arm bent close to belt, right arm in front of face, bent and fist clenched.

Mega Pink/Pink Ranger
Fingers like 'phone' with right hand and bent right arm. Left arm on hip. Once or twice in PR, they used her right arm in front of chest and left arm behind her.

MegaSilver/Silver Ranger
Left arm horizontal meets right arm up and bent.

Gingaman/Lost Galaxy
 Ginga Red/Red Ranger
I think these poses were used in PR. Red was crouched and had arms out.

Ginga Blue/Blue Ranger
Blue crouched with arms out pointing down, fists closed.

Ginga Green/Green Ranger
Legs together crouched, arms out.

Ginga Yellow/Yellow Ranger
Legs crouched, right arm out and left arm bent behind head.

Ginga Pink/Pink Ranger
Crouched over with left arm bent on knee and right arm up like a cat.

Black Knight/Magna Defender
As pictured above.
GoGoV/Lightspeed Rescue
GoRed/Red Ranger
Left arm bent with fist clenched, right arm slightly bent pointing up. I think the poses were the same for PR.
GoBlue/Blue Ranger
Arms bent, fists together. In PR, he had fists clenched, right arm horizontal and left arm vertical and left elbow over right fist.
GoYellow/Yellow Ranger
One arm up, another in fist near face. In PR, she had left arm extended forward and right arm bent and under face.

GoGreen/Green Ranger
Left hand near face and right arm out. In PR, right arm out like the Sentai pose but the left hand lower and away from face.
GoPink/Pink Ranger
Arms crossed going up. Similar in PR.

Titanium Ranger
He is an American creation so he didn't have an Japanese counterpart. Left arm horizontal, right arm vertical.

Timeranger/Time Force
Time Red/Red Ranger
I couldn't find the poses for Timeranger, they most did the same 'time' pose. Time Force had left arm bent down and right arm bent up.
Time Blue/Blue Ranger
Right arm behind back, left arm bent pointing up.

Time Yellow/Yellow Ranger
Left arm horizontal and right arm bent with fist.

Time Green/Green Ranger
One arm higher than other, near chest.

Time Pink/Pink Ranger
Right arm above left arm, both horitzontal across chest.

Time Fire/Quantum Ranger
Time Fire had arms out, Quantum had left arm horizontal on chest and right arm up.

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