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Individual Poses Part Two (2009-2015)

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This is an exhaustive search but I feel like doing it now. This is uber-nerdy but I decided to catalog the different poses the Rangers do. This is more common in Super Sentai and ignored or not focuses on in Power Rangers. In Power Rangers, it is inconsistent. For example, I met suit actor/stunt man YasuhiroTakeuchi and he did the poses for each Ranger he ever did at PMC 4. These poses are usually in the roll call. Another tradition in Sentai is for the actual actors to do the poses 'de-morphed' in the finale. In the Disney Era, the individual poses slipped in much more (usually at the end of a Morphing sequence) as roll calls aren't common in Power Rangers as they are in Sentai. I'm going to cover the Sentai poses and compare to the American. Now I'll cover the Neo Saban Era, current era for Sentai.
Attention: This was done in 2015 when Dino Charge was on the air, it is outdated if you looking at it after its date.
Shinkenger/Samurai/Super Samurai

ShinkenRed/Red Ranger
Similar as he put his sword over his shoulder.

ShinkenBlue/Blue Ranger
 Similar as he had an open left hand and right arm down with sword out.
ShinkenYellow/Yellow Ranger
Same pose with both hands on the sword in front of her between her face and chest.

ShinkenGreen/Green Ranger
Shinken Green put a sword on his hand and took it off. Green Samurai had the sword between his bent left arm and right arm horizontally.

ShinkenPink/Pink Ranger
Similar as she had the sword on her shoulder but in different tilt and facing different direction.

Shinken Gold/Gold Ranger
Same pose as both hands on weapon to the side.

Hime Shinken Red/Red Ranger (Lauren)
 Hime Shinken Red had two different poses, one with sword downwards or to the side. Lauren had her hand on one hip and sword up and away. Lauren didn't have much episodes so she didn't pose much.

GoseiRed/Red Ranger
They didn't really have poses in Megaforce, just used Goseiger footage but rarely used these. GoseiRed had arms out, right arm pointing up and left arm straight to the side.

GoseiBlue /Blue Ranger
Left hand bent and near belt, right hand extended to the right.

GoseiYellow/Yellow Ranger
Arms out, bent and fingers extended out.

GoseiBlack/Black Ranger
He had his right hand bent and tuck to chest and left hand extended upwards.

GoseiPink/Pink Ranger
She had both arms extended out to the sides pointed upwards.

GoseiKnight/Robo Knight
Just standing there, same pose for Megaforce.

Gokaiger/Super Megaforce

GokaiRed/Red Ranger
 Gokai Red would hold on to his GokaiSabre or do a 'cocky' pose. Super Mega Red had left arm bent near chest and right arm near side.

GokaiBlue/Blue Ranger
Both had a similar pose of one hand on head and the other behind the back. This was commonly seen when he transformed into other blue rangers.

GokaiYellow/Yellow Ranger
GokaiYellow's common pose was to put right hand bent and on her backside and left hand on her left knee. In Super Megaforce, she had a different pose where she had her left arm bent horizontal and hand on elbow of right arm bent pointing upwards.

GokaiGreen/Green Ranger
 GokaiGreen had the common pose of wiping his hands on his pants which has been made fun of even on the show. This of course was not used for Super Megaforce. He had left arm bent horizontal and right arm bent up vertical.

GokaiPink/Pink Ranger
 Ahim had too common poses that were 'princess likes' with both arms bent upward with hands on chest or hands bellow belt. Super Megaforce had different pose, left hand on chest and right arm out.

Gokai Silver/Silver Ranger
Gokai Silver had his arms out, Super Megaforce had the same pose.
This has not or will not be adapted but might as well cover.
Red Buster
Here I compare the regular series which didn't have the flash of usual Sentai against the Dobustu Sentai Go-Busters that made fun of the usual sentai. Red Buster usually had his right arm in front of his left arm and left hand in armpit. His "Dobustu" Red Cheetah had arms in the air.

Blue Buster
Blue Buster would just stand there while his Blue Gorilla counterpart would crouch and have a 'strong' pose.

Yellow Buster
Yellow Buster would grab her straps while Yellow Rabbit had her right arm up in the air with her left arm grabbing between her wrist and elbow.

Beet Buster
Beet Buster and Stag Buster would have their arms in front of their chests and two fingers out. Beet's Dobustu counterpart was very different.

Stag Buster
The real Stag Buster would have their arms in front of their chests and two fingers out while his Dobustu counterpart showed off his juice.
Kyoryuger/Dino Charge/Dino Supercharge

Kyoryu Red/Red Ranger
Poses are the same, Red has legs apart, left arm bent near head and right arm bent pointing forward.

Kyoryu Blue/Blue Ranger
Blue is crouched down with right arm down and left arm up.

Kyoryu Black/Black Ranger
Face and body facing to right, left arm extended out, right arm bent and pointing upwards, right leg bent at knee and left leg extended out.

Kyoryu Green/Green Ranger
Legs slightly crouched, left arm out and slightly bent and right arm out.

Kyoryu Pink/Pink Ranger
Legs apart, arms in air, left arm bent, right arm straight up and hands meeting.

Kyoryu Gold/Gold Ranger
He had his legs bent, left arm bent near his head and right arm bent, near his belt. He hasn't premiered yet in Dino Charge.

Male Kyoryu Violet/Purple Ranger
He had left arm extended out up in the air, right arm bent and palm out. Left leg extended out and right leg bent. He hasn't premiered yet in Dino Charge.

Kyoryu Violet/Purple Ranger
She had her legs crossed, right arm extended up in the air and left arm to the side. She hasn't premiered in Dino Charge yet.

Kyoryu Cyan/Aqua Ranger
Legs apart, right arm bent and left arm pointing forward and straight out. Female Kyoryu Cyan really didn't have a signature move.

Kyoryu Grey/Graphite Ranger
Arms out and apart and legs apar and slightly crouched.
Kyoryu Navy/Deathryuger/Talon Ranger
I can't really say he has a pose. So for now I'll leave this blank.

Kyoryu Silver/Silver Ranger
Legs apart, left arm bent and pointing up, close to body and right arm bent but apart.

At this point has not be adapted yet.

 Toq 1Gou
Left fist closed, arm bent and close to chest and right arm outstretched.

Toq 2Gou
Torso leaning forward with hands on hip.

Toq 3Gou
Left arm bent horizontally near chest and right arm extended outward pointing forward.

Toq 4Gou
Right hand on elbow of bent left arm, hand in front.

Toq 5Gou
left arm bent with hand with fingers stretched out near head and right arm down.

Toq 6Gou
 Right arm extended outward.
At this point has not be adapted yet.

 Aka Ninger
right arm bent slightly with sword down and left arm up in front of face.

Ao Ninger
 Left arm down with fist closed and right arm up in air.

Ki Ninger
Crouched, left hand open and pointing forward with right arm horizontal pointing right.

Shiro Ninger
Arms up in air.

Momo Ninger
left arm bent to chest and right arm extended out with sword.
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