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Individual Poses Part One (2001-2009)

This is an exhaustive search but I feel like doing it now. This is uber-nerdy but I decided to catalog the different poses the Rangers do. This is more common in Super Sentai and ignored or not focuses on in Power Rangers. In Power Rangers, it is inconsistent. For example, I met suit actor/stunt man Yasuhiro Takeuchi and he did the poses for each Ranger he ever did at PMC 4. These poses are usually in the roll call. Another tradition in Sentai is for the actual actors to do the poses 'de-morphed' in the finale. In the Disney Era, the individual poses slipped in much more (usually at the end of a Morphing sequence) as roll calls aren't common in Power Rangers as they are in Sentai. With early Saban, it was just random poses that were inconsistent from the show itself and promotion. I'm going to cover the Sentai poses and compare to the American. First I'll start with Gaoranger (Wild Force) to Go-Onger (RPM) which is considered the Disney Era. Some pics thanks to Hedgen GSentai.
Gaoranger/Wild Force
 GaoRed/Red Ranger
He had both legs bent, either both arms up with claws down or one arm up. It varied. In Wild Force, he had the same pose.

GaoBlue/Blue Ranger
He had his legs extended and bent, left arm up in the air, slightly bent and right arm extended out in front of him. This was the same in Wild Force.

 GaoYellow/Yellow Ranger
Gao Yellow had left arm horizontal across chest and right arm bent and up. Yellow Wild Force Ranger was female and had it like this but sometimes had more feminine pose with legs together bent and left arm bent and up and right hand close to chest, a variation of the Japanese pose unless the image was flipped.

GaoBlack/Black Ranger
He had his arms up like in a 'strong' pose and legs bent and extended. Same pose used in Wild Force.

GaoWhite/White Ranger
Her arms where inward and crouched. Sometimes lower. This varied in Wild Force.

GaoSilver/Lunar Wolf Ranger
Arms crossed, left leg bent, right leg extended. They kept this in Wild Force and also at Disney World where he was a meet and greet character (as seen below).
Hurricanger/Ninja Storm
Hurricane Red/Red Wind Ranger
Right arm bent and hand behind head. Left arm extended and all five fingers out. While in Ninja Storm, his arms were crossed.

Hurricane Blue/Blue Wind Ranger
They kept her same pose with her right arm extended towards the camera in a shooing motion and left arm ben and towards her other arm. Her legs were bent and close together.
Hurricane Yellow/Yellow Wind Ranger
His signature move was his arms bent up in the air, fists closed and legs bent. In Ninja Storm, after morphing, he had his legs extended and right arm bent and in front of his chest horizontally and his left arm extended back.

Kabuto Raijer/Crimson Ranger
His varied, both Goraijer had a similar pose that had heir hands on their weapon on the back. In Ninja Storm, Crimson Ranger had his legs apart and arms crossed.

Kuwagata Raijer/Navy Ranger
His poses varied, his most common was the one above like Kabuto but also this one with arms closed to each other, hands close to each other. In Ninja Storm, he had his arms apart.

Shurikenger/Green Samurai Ranger
He kept one hand close to his weapon and another with his Shuriken Ball extended out. This move he never did in Ninja Storm. He did clutch his hostler and his right hand held his weapon at the end of morphing. His pose was radically different in Disney World.
Abaranger/Dino Thunder
AbareRed/Red Ranger
Legs apart, left arm tucked near chest and right arm upwards. In DT after morph, he had right arm extended upwards, left arm pointed down.
AbareBlue/Blue Ranger
Both poses similar with thumbs up.
AbareYellow/Yellow Ranger
In Abaranger, arms crouched and right arm bent. In Dino Thunder, legs close together, right arm tucked in and left arm extended outward upward.

AbareBlack/Black Ranger
Similar poses but Tommy was more crouched. Left arms bent towards right. In Abaranger, legs apart, left arm bent towards right and touching.
AbareKiller/White Dino Ranger
AbareKiller had his legs close together and arms crossed. His Dino Thunder counterpart was different, his left leg was extended and right leg was bent at the knee. His right arm extended out and left arm bent and towards his chest. The Disney World pose was similar.

 DekaRed/Red Ranger
His signature move was left arm tucked in and close to body, left leg bent forward and right leg extended outwards. Left arm extended out. In SPD, this remained but had some alternatives. His Disney World pose was standing up.
DekaBlue/Blue Ranger
In both Dekaranger and SPD after his morph, he has his right arm bent, pointing upward and left hand extended out and palm slightly open.
DekaYellow/Yellow Ranger
It remained similar in both Dekaranger and SPD, right arm bent with upper arm pointing up and left arm tucked on her chest. Left leg standing up straight and right arm slightly to the back.
DekaGreen/Green Ranger
It was slightly similar, Deka Green had left arm bent, pointing upwards and right arm bent horizontally towards chest, right leg bent upwards and left leg straight.
DekaPink/Pink Ranger
In Dekaranger and SPD, it was the same, legs close together, left arm bent towards chest and right arm extended outwards.

DekaBreak/Omega Ranger
Even though Omega Ranger didn't morph, he had the same thing clutching the henshin device/morpher.

DekaMaster/Shadow Ranger
He clutched his weapon with his left arm and right arm bent and two fingers out. In SPD, he had legs stretched out, left arm bent towards helmet and right arm extended out.

DekaSwan/Kat Ranger
Her arms were extended out, left arm horizontal and right arm vertical upwards. Same pose in both versions.

DekaBright/Nova Ranger
Legs extended out, left arm tucked and right arm vertically and bent. In SPD, she just tucked her right arm bent near her chest and left arm extended out.

Magiranger/Mystic Force

MagiRed/Red Ranger
Arms out stretched and legs crouched, used in Mystic Force too. Sometimes he did this similar move on the right, with legs closer together and right arm more forward.

MagiBlue/Blue Ranger
left arm bent vertically towards chest, right arm up in air and legs close together. She did a similar move in Mystic Force.

MagiYellow/Yellow Ranger
 Both had this shot of legs together, right arm up and left arm down. In Mystic Force, he raised right arm straight up in air, left arm forward and legs bent and stretched out.

MagiGreen/Green Ranger
Right arm stretched out forward and left arm stretched straight towards its directions and legs apart. The same in Mystic Force.

MagiPink/Pink Ranger
Arms out stretched, left arm out stretched straight vertically and right arm diagonally outstretched and legs slightly crossed. Also, in Mystic Force she had a similar move but not so bent. In Promos, her pose was different and different in Disney World too.

MagiShine/Solaris Knight
MagiShine had left arm extended toward left and right arm pointed downward. While Solaris Knight had the left arm close to the waist and right arm extended out forward.

MagiMother/White Ranger
Legs crossed, right leg in front and left foot pointed. Right arm and left arm outstretched forward in other directions. As for Mystic Force, she had legs crossed but right arm stretched out downward and left arm bent close to chest.

Wolzard Fire/Wolf Warrior
Holding shield with one arm and sword out with the other.

Boukenger/Operation Overdrive
BoukenRed/Red Ranger
Arms out stretched, left arm bent horizontally in front of chest and right arm outstretched forward with fingers out stretched. In PROO, after morphing, he had legs apart and bent. Left arm bent towards himself and right arm bent and up in the air.

BoukenBlue/Blue Ranger
Blue would slap his left thigh with his left hand and his right arm up in the air slightly bent. In PROO after morphing, he was slightly crouched, right leg bent and left leg bent backward. Left arm bent horizontally and right arm bent vertically upwards.

BoukenYellow/Yellow Ranger
She was the 'Strong Adventurer' so she made a 'pumping muscle' gesture and leaned to the right. PROO it was similar but not the same.

BoukenBlack/Black Ranger
Right arm out stretched forward and fingers outstretched and left arm tucked in. In PROO after morph, he had left arm stretched across chest and bent towards behind him and right arm downward with both legs apart.

BoukenPink/Pink Ranger
Right hand on helmet and left arm slightly bent stretched forward. In PROO, it was different slightly with her right arm upwards but not on her helmet and her left arm closer to her chest.

BoukenSilver/Mercury Ranger
He puts his hands together and then apart. In PROO, his left arm was bent and right arm bent pointing upward and legs apart.
Gekiranger/Jungle Fury
GekiRed/Red Tiger Ranger
In Gekiranger, he had his right arm extended out forward pointing forward, left arm tucked and hand close to waist and left leg bent and right leg down. In Jungle Fury, left arm bent up and right arm bent with hand up.

GekiBlue/Blue Jaguar Ranger
Left arm up in air and right arm tucked in front of chest, legs together. In Jungle Fury, crouched, legs together, left arm near body and right arm slightly bent, hand facing forward.

GekiYellow/Yellow Cheetah Ranger
Stayed the same, arms extended out, legs together.

GekiViolet/Wolf Ranger
 Gou's signature move is to put his fist to his head but when transformed, his arms were close together with fists overlays above each other. Jungle Fury was similar but arms were apart.

GekiChopper/Rhino Ranger
Similar, with the weapon but his left arm was extended out forward with right hand tucked in. While Jungle Fury had his left hand on his right bicep.

Rio/Dai Shi
It varied but most of time with his right arm extended upwards. In Jungle Fury, he was crouched down, right arm bent and up and left arm vertical across chest.

It varied. One pose in promos was her left arm on her waist and right arm pointing downward and legs crossed, right leg in front of her left leg. In Jungle Fury, she had her arms apart, left arm bent and arm up. Right arm extended out downwards.

Bat Ranger
The Spirit Rangers had no Japanese counterpart and were American creations. Bat Ranger had right arm vertical and left arm facing forward and pointing up.

Shark Ranger
Legs apart, right arm extended out and left arm bent and vertical, away from chest.

Elephant Ranger
Hands into slight fists, left arm bent near chest and right arm bent and away from chest.


Go-On Red/Series Operator Ranger Red
Similar pose but reversed. Go-On Red had right arm upwards and extended, left arm bent and in front of chest and legs apart. In RPM, right arm over his head and left arm bent in front of chest and knee bent, left leg extended out.

Go-On Blue/Series Operator Ranger Blue
Go-On Blue had left leg bent and right leg extended, left arm bent and extended and right arm extended out. In RPM, he kneeled, left leg extended out back, left arm bent down under knee and right fist and close to head.

Go-On Yellow/Series Operator Ranger Yellow
 The pose had to be changed. Go-On Yellow was slightly crouched and bent to the side, made a peace sign and had a fist close to her chest.  In RPM, she tucked right arm near her belt, left arm sticking out and legs apart.

Go-On Green/Series Operator Ranger Green
 They had the same pose, legs apart, one arm up and the other bent and down.

Go-On Black/Series Operator Ranger Black
Their poses were similar but RPM was more crouched down.

Go-On Gold/Series Operator Ranger Gold
 He had one hand open and the other near his belt. In RPM, he had one arm above his head and another under his chest.
Go-On Silver/Series Operator Ranger Silver
Go-On Silver had her right arm bent and near face, left arm down and legs apart. In RPM, right arm up in air and apart from extended left arm and legs together.

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