Friday, June 3, 2011

Gokai Silver Toys and even more Ranger Keys!

UPDATED 6/8/11 11:25PM EST

SH Figures Gokai Silver and Gokai Silver Gold Mode

Gokai Spear

Gokai Cellular

Comes with Gokai Silver Ranger Key.

Another set with smaller versions of the Cellular henshin device and other weapons.

I think these are Gasphon Keys as well.
One Set:Gokai Sliver, Kiba Ranger, King Ranger, Mega Sliver, Time Fire.
Gaoranger Set: Gao Red, Gao Blue, Gao Black, Gao Yellow, Gao White, Gao Sliver
And Shinken Red, Miss America (strange enough)
Also smaller versions of Dragon Ranger's flute, GokaiSilver's weapons, Go-On Red's weapons, Hurricane Red's weapons and Gokaiger arsenal.


UkiyaSeed said...

Umm, those aren't SHF figs, but sofubi ones due to the lack of detail and articulation.

Lavender Ranger said...

SH figs have little articulation.

Okamura said...

The gashapon set you posted is just 1 big set. Its gashapon set 04, being released in september

Anonymous said...

This is how GokaiSilver look like-->

*I took from the Movie trailer ;)


Mugen said...

@UkiyaSeed: You are thinking of S.H. Figuarts.