Friday, June 3, 2011

Ranger Keys for June and Future

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4:

Tyranno Ranger, Hurricane Red, Battle Japan, Gosei Red, Red Racer

Set 5:

MagiShine, DekaBreak, Shurikenger, and Shinken Gold

Gasphon Set:

Tyranno Ranger, Hurricane Red, Shinken Red, Dragon Ranger, Shurikenger, DekaBreak,
MagiShine, Go-On Gold, Shinken Gold, BoukenSilver, Go-On Silver and Gokai Silver (Mega Silver and Gao Silver not included).

Candy Key Set:
The anchor with Gosei Knight and Gao Silver Keys.

Bath Time Toys (so why stickers?)
That dissolves in bath water and acts as bath salts.
Gokai Red with Gosei Blue; Gokai Blue with GoseiBlack; Gokai Green with Red Turbo; GokaiYellow with DenjiRed; GokaiPink with RedFlash; and GokaiSilver with RedHawk.

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Okamura said...

The 3rd one is the candy key set, the 4th is the bath time set. Basically comes with 1 gashapon key and 1 key that dissolves in bath water and acts as bath salts

Okamura said...

I mean the last 2 sets. The ones after the gashapon set 02

Lavender Ranger said...

third one from the bottom? I am confused.

Douglas said...

so far with these sets of RKs are there duplicates, IE one ranger in two sets, or have they made it where you don't have to buy a set just for one specific key you don't have yet?
it'd be so nice when the season's done with they have a mega set with every Key packaged together.

Okamura said...

lol i mean the last 2 pics. The 2nd to last is the candy key set. Or at least part of it. The last pic is the bath time set