Friday, November 25, 2011

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 Monsters in Merchandise

Here is another list, now why do this? Because seeing how Saban Brands is having monsters of PRS in games and toys, I wonder how they choose which ones and which ones will be seen. As I covered which monsters of PRs are in merchandise, now I decided to cover all the monsters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that were merchandise. Let me know anything I missed.For Season 3, they were just toys, that I know of no cards or anything.

Third Season: Vampyrus, Rito, Witchblade (never released), Master Vile, Slotsky, Barbaric Brother, Steamy Meanie (never appeared on PR--only Kakuranger, named Enraenra).

8 Inch Third Season: Merrick the Barbaric, Calcifire (never appeared on PR--only Kakuranger), Master Vile, and Silent Knight (never appeared on PR--only Kakuranger).

PVC Figurines Series Three - Silent Knight (between Lord Zedd and the Shogun Megazord) were to be released but weren't.

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