Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Power Ranger-y Year (2012) in Review

It has been 8 days into 2013 and I was going to write a year in review but I've been busy being sick and having strange allergies, but now I've been able to collect my thoughts. So this post is just writing and no pictures. Just to warn people who don't like reading long essays. Okay this is just a big thank you note to Saban Brands, Haim Saban himself, Power Ranger fans, former and current Power Ranger actors and my fellow Power Force members. So this year has been amazing regarding Power Rangers. When 2012 started, I just didn't expect all the things that happened to happen. I was looking forward to Power Morpicon, which was my first and was awesome but I had no idea about Power Force in January of 2012.
When I first heard of Super Fans Power Force, I was weary. I wasn't sure about it or what it was, at first I think it was going to be lipservice fan club for thousands of adult fans. But it turned out to be an exclusive club of 20 representatives (which I like calling it) and according to Saban Brands, there is much more to come in 2013. So far we have gotten inside info on merchandise, exclusive high school Megaforce picture, a Morphsuit, Super Samurai Blu-Ray and a back pack of goodies at PMC and a cool exclusive pin! Also PMC was awesome because it was the first time I was there and it was so great meeting lots of actors I used to look up to (like Catherine Sutherland, Johnny Bosch, Stephen Cardenas, Nakia Burrise, etc.). Also got to meet the young tikes Samurai actors.
But there was also low points in 2012. I am about to get a bit personal. My mom, who I haven't spoken a lot about on this blog, has always been sick since I was a kid. She is a whole medical book of illnesses. She had breast cancer in the 90's and now has Diabetes, Asthma, her lungs are not doing so good (she never smoke in her life) and a bum leg. She had oxygen tanks before but this year she now depends on it, having to be on the oxygen tanks practically 22 hours a day. Also, at home she has a crutch and going outside, she has a wheelchair. And basically she only goes out for doctor's appointments now. Going to the emergency room is common for my mom and she has been hospitalized about four times in 2012. Depressing but she is hanging in there. I share this to give you guys a window into my life. When people complain about errors with the websites or things missing, they forget human fans do this out of their free time. I am not complaining. Just explaining.
 Anyway, I am looking forward to 2013. More about my mom than anything, hoping she gets better. She is a fighter. She is my true hero. As for Power Rangers, people ask me if I am looking forward to Megaforce. I try not to judge shows before they start. I am not expecting big times for the show itself but I am going to enter in it with an open mind. As I have said before, I didn't mind Samurai so much, I didn't hate it. But what I am looking forward to in Power Rangers is mostly Power Force and what Saban Brands has in store for the 20th anniversary. Also the 20th anniversary collectibles are looking great and I am sure to pick some up. 


Jonathan said...

I'll pray for your mom. Hope she's not in too much pain. Thank you for working on this site.

Unknown said...

Better get to work on some grandkids, eh?

Lavender Ranger said...

Nice sentiment but she has two grandchildren, 1 great grandchild and another one on the way. I am gay and single and I want kids but now is not the time.

xredmenacex said...

All the best to you and your mom. I appreciate your work on this blog! Let's all have a great 2013.

ComicGuy89 said...

I'll pray for your mother's health and wellbeing. I hope she'll have a better year this year. Thanks for your work.