Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Speculation: Titanium and Spirit Rangers excluded in Super Megaforce

Fury Diamond says there will be no American only Power Rangers Ranger Keys, meaning there will be no Ranger Keys of Titanium Ranger, Bat Ranger, Elephant Ranger, and Shark Ranger (Spirit Ranger). They will only be using Gokaiger Ranger Keys as per the footage. Since Gokaiger, fans have wanted one of the fifteen Sixth Rangers that are represented on GokaiSilver's Gold Mode armor to be replaced with the Titanium Ranger. @CaptainDosm brings up a good point that if the issue is money, what is it to make 4 Ranger Keys?
FuryDiamond of Ranger Crew is usually right about these things. He was right about Samurai being called Super Samurai way back before it premiered, right about the Goseiger suits being primary in season two, season two being called Super Megaforce and other info. He gets most of info from an anonymous source he had for years. I used to have two sources but they have since dried up. One stopped talking to me after I spilled about Saban buying back Power Rangers in a radio podcast.

(fan made keys above)
Anyway I digress. RatherOddRanger of RangerCrew predicts that fans will freak out.  @PockyBandit  says 'who cares,' that it doesn't matter. It does matter to me and I will explain why. I am not encouraging people to freak out and neither do I believe this will make people freak out more. I think those that would freak out will freak out regardless what I do. Now it could be possible that this isn't true, that we will see the Super Megaforce Rangers transforming into Titanium Ranger and so forth. But given the recent news from former actors that Saban is paying near to nothing for them to cameo in Power Rangers Super Megaforce and other cutbacks in Megaforce itself (wardrobe, Japanese cards, etc.), I am lead to believe this. So here are my justifications on why I think they should be included:
Power Rangers vs. Super Sentai
I am not on the boat of Power Rangers and Super Sentai being completely separate entities, I am also saying that they are not the same thing but you can't have Power Rangers without Super Sentai. Titanium Ranger and the Spirit Rangers represent to me the difference between Super Sentai and Power Rangers, them reflecting American attitudes, names and styles. Titanium in itself is not a color and the names like Quantum, Mercury and so on are American incarnations that I don't think Super Sentai would go with. Super Sentai usually goes with Engrish or clunky use of English like DekaBreak, DekaBright, MagiShine, etc. I don't think we would have Break Ranger, Bright Ranger or a Shine Ranger. As for the Spirit Rangers, even though Kyoryuger has similar colors and similar premise of 'Spirit Rangers,' they have unique styles and extensions to the main 3 suits.
4 Rangers and Money issues
It would had fun to seen the Super Megaforce Rangers transform into Titanium Ranger and Spirit Rangers. Making 4 Ranger Keys doesn't sound like much money. I mean they made a bunch Ranger Keys.. granted they aren't exactly like the Gokaiger ones and they were only a few (40) repeated twice (80). Maybe the issue was recreating the suits. It can be presumed that the Spirit Ranger suits are still around since Jungle Fury was shot in 2008, only 5 years ago and they have the other Jungle Fury suits. But maybe the Titanium Ranger suit had been lost in the mix but we have seen that they still have pieces from Mystic Knights and Next Mutation. But this can also be presumed that we won't be getting a Phantom Ranger Key. In two Japanese magazines, Toei was reportedly re-shooting the Legend War for Saban. If it is true, I guess no Titanium Ranger-tachi. In my mind, why reshoot the war without them.
Bandai America toys
Now there is still hope that we get the Titanium Ranger, Phantom Ranger and other rangers in toy form. I am hoping for this too. Since we have gotten a lot of non-show stuff before (including Mammoth Ranger, T-Rex Ranger, etc. from RPM). Only time can tell what happens.


Carlos Z said...

I've been a beloved power rangers fan since the very beginning. And was excited to hear that PR was coming back "home" to Saban and being saved from the dead... BUT, I'm sad to admit and say, maybe PR should have stayed dead. Don't get me wrong its been great to see new Power Rangers after Disney... but with everything that's going on, the lack of imagination on Samurai, the very bad acting on Megaforce, the budget cuts, the lack of Saban paying old actors to return, etc etc etc, and I know the bottom line is to make the dollar for Saban, but it seems as if this is all Saban is focused on = making that dollar and not putting any money or effort in it to appease new and old fans alike. Maybe I'm just focusing on the bad and maybe things will change, but if there is anything good that Saban has done for us fans and PR please let me know.

Tomos Burton said...

I agree with Carlos. I have found Megaforce particularly a chore to watch. At least Samurai was basically entertaining. Hopefully Super Megaforce will be different.

Lavender Ranger said...

I don't hate Samurai but I did feel it a chore. I feel Megaforce is more fun and has less of burden. I look forward to more episodes.