Monday, May 18, 2015

Toy Review: Loyal Subjects Vinyl Figure - Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger

Loyal Subjects have released vinyl figures that usually go for retail price 11 to 15 dollars. They are blind packs, so you don't kow what you will get. The ones available are Billy/Blue, Red/Jason, Yellow/Trini, Pink/Kimberly, Black/Zack, White/Tommy, Green/Tommy, Translucent Red, Rita, Zedd and Goldar. Saban Brands gave me one and it's Kimberly.
First of all, it's hard to open without ripping the carboard on the top. When you take it out, it is in a silver reflective bag with the MMPR logo in front and  Power Morpher with black spot in back.

The figure comes with Blade Blaster, Power Bow, Pony Tail and two halves of helmet and Trading Card. Trading card has the figure on one side and the Red Ranger from the box cover in other. Pink Ranger has diamonds on the back which is not accurate, it should be two triangles meeting. Everything else is accurate. She has joints and can move around her legs and arms and head. Yes she can stand up but there is not much stand movement. The ponytail is hard to attach.

I love this Pink Ranger! When I first saw these figures, I thought they were smaller and didn't move a lot. I am impressed by the articulation and semi-action of detail, I must say. I would have said attention to detail but the back diamond writhes me because it is a common mistake that in 20 years, you'd think it wouldn't be overlooked. This is suggested age of 15 years old, I also suggest this is not for kids. They are great for collectors. They are a little pricey for me but I understand the price. Also since they are blind packs, I am not risking it in instead of paying $120-150, I will probably be paying $200 or more.

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