Friday, July 24, 2015

Kamen Rider Ghost

Well it's that time again, time for the new Kamen Rider and it is Kamen Rider Ghost.

Most info from TokuNation:

Tekuuhi Takeru is training to be a Ghost Hunter who receives the Ore Eyecon from his father. When trying to protect the Eyecon, Takeru is killed by a Ganma– a monster from another world.  In order to protect others from the Ganma, Takeru is given a secondary life and by using the Eyecon with the Ghost Driver– he becomes Kamen Rider Ghost. Once reborn, Takeru must travel the world to collect the Eyecons of 15 Great Men in 99 Days, to earn one wish. But along the way, Takeru finds himself in a war that may change the fate of the entire world.

DX RoleplayDX Ghost Driver (October) 7980 yen
“4-modes” DX Gangan Sabre (October) 5940 yen
“Gupa Gun” DX Gangan Hand (November) 4860 yen

EyeconsDX “My/I” (Ore) Ghost Eyeconcon (included with Driver)
DX Robin Ghost Eyecon (October) 648 yen
DX Billy the Kid Ghost Eyecon (November) 648 yen
DX Tutankhamun Ghost Eyecon (November) 648 yen
DX Beethoven Ghost Eyecon & Nobunaga Ghost Eyecon set (November) 1296 yen
DX Benkei Ghost Eyecon (December) 648 yen

Ghost Change Series Gimmick FiguresGC01 Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Soul (October) 3456 yen
GC02 Ghost Musashi Soul & Edison Soul set (October) 2700 yen
GC03 Kamen Rider Spectre (November) 3456 yen
GC04 Ghost Robin Soul & Billy the Kid Soul set (November) 2808 yen
GC05 Ghost Tutankhamun Soul & Nobunaga Soul set (December) 2700 yen
GC06 Ghost Beethoven Soul & Benkei Soul set (December) 2700 yen
“Combining Sacred Beast” DX Iguana Ghostriker (November) 5400 yen

Ghost GadgetsSeries 01 Condor Phone (October) 3240 yen
Series 02 Cobra Mobile (November) 3024 yen
Series 03 Bat Clock (November) 3780 yen
Series 04 Spider Lantern (December) 3024 yen

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