Sunday, August 16, 2015

Imaginext Power Rangers

Figure Sets
Each figure (except for the Putties) come with weapons. The weapons can be combined to make the Power Blaster. Green has no shield and silver stripe on his helmet. Retail $8

Zords with figures
Dino Zords first released were Black, Yellow, Blue and Red. Red comes with sword. Black, Blue and Yellow are retail at $15. Red and Tyranno is $20. The Zords come with four missiles each but the zords can only shoot two at a time. 

I originally thought it was $30 but retail is for $60. It comes with missiles and coins. The promotional and convention pictures showed it came with Black and Red with armor shields but unfortunately they don't on the actual product. 

Goldar and Rita
Retailed at $20. For an unknown reason, they were packaged differently. One has Goldar's sword to the left and Rita to the right. And the other package has his sword and her accessories to the right. 

As of August, these haven't been released yet.
Pink Ranger and Pterdactyl Zord has the Pink Ranger and Pterdactyl zord coming soon. Apparently she will come with her Power Bow even though all the other zords (except Red) don't come with their weapons. 

White Ranger and White Tiger Zord
White Ranger with Saba and Tigerzord with missiles. No word on Dragonzord yet. 

Goldar and Lord Zedd figs
Said to come in a set, I'm guessing it will also be $8. Seen in stores as of October 2015


Imaginext fan said...

I have seen in certain Walmart the mega zod with red and black rangers with shield plates.

Imaginext fan said...

Seven the megazord figures with black and red rangers with shield plates at my Walmart store.