Monday, December 7, 2015

Sentai 2016: Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger

 UPDATED 12/15/15 9PM EST

Doubutsu Sentai Jyuuouger

(Animal Task Force Beast King Ranger) has male red JyuuouEagle, female blue JyuuouShark, male yellow JyuuouLion, white female JyuuouTiger and male green JyuuouElephant.
People have been complaining about the suits and mecha, I don't really mind it. People have complained about Go-Onger suits, Shinkenger robo, and Toqger suits before.

Doubutsu Gattai JyuuouKing is three mecha together: Eagle, Shark and Lion.

Clockwise: Gorilla, Shark, Elephant, Giraffe, Tiger, Eagle and Lion. Giraffe is an auxiliary zord and Gorilla is rumored for a sixth hero. Rumor is that Gorilla, Tiger, and Gorilla form a second robo.

Cube Changer

Jyuuou Buster




! - Cube Kirin

Cube Gorilla, JyuuouEagle becomes JyuuouGorilla and Cube Gorilla with CubeTiger and CubeElephant make JyuuouWild.

Rumored Cast

I made this chart above. For Go-Onger, I put silver/gold in the sixth place but also in the right side for the additional heroes.


Ryan said...

I've always wanted these colors in a sentai! But the suits look...basic. And the robo just looks like a pixelated Engine-O. I wanted to like this sentai. :(

Unknown said...

Is the mecha beast king king, or beast king? I'm kinda confused.

Anonymous said...

Super sentai meets Minecraft

For an anniversary season, the suits are basic as said on another comment.
And the mecha looks like Engine-Oh, well let's wait and see