Saturday, November 7, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Goin' Ape - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Ravi is on a bench and an elderly woman sits there and goes through his portfolio and finds a painting he did for his girlfriend for their anniversary. He gets a call from her and forgets the painting. He leaves in a taxi. The woman finds the painting and sees the portfolio has his name. He arrives at Riptide and finds human Roxy. He doesn't tell her who is on the phone. She has a present--Ben and Betty arrive with a romantic table setting. They play trumpets. Roxy gives Ravi a bracelet that says Roxy and Ravi forever. He kisses her. She wants to know what he got her. He tells her he doesn't have anything. Ben and Betty wrap everything up. He promises. Roxy is not sure. He goes to get smoothies. His phone rings and Roxy looks at it. She is shocked to see he has been texting Stacey and misunderstands. She confronts Ravi. He is upset she snooped. She thinks there is another girl. He says she should trust him. He leaves in a huff. In the Cyber Dimension, Evox is mad at Robo Roxy, Blaze, and Scrozzle. Robo Roxy targets Ravi.

Smash finds Ravi at the beach. He asks Smash if he is trustworthy. The evil Robo Roxy arrives. She morphs and Smash leaves. Ravi morphs. Robo Roxy has her new upgrade. They fight. She blasts him into the water. He changes to Beast-X Mode. They continue to battle. He powers down to regular mode and Smash appears. He blasts her and she avoids them. Zoey arrives and hops Ravi out of there. The others arrive and Ravi is against them, as he is overheated. Devon fights Robo Roxy. Zoey asks for the Chopper Zord. Ravi knocks down the brothers. Zoey fights Ravi and dumps him in the ocean along with him. Smash checks on them, Jax and the chopper arrive and picks up Zoey and Ravi. The brothers join Devon in fighting Robo Roxy. Robo Roxy (RoRoxy) retreats. At the base, Nate scans Ravi who is still overheating. Nate says he is still hot. Zoey says it is strange he is still overheating if she doesn't need carrots anymore. Human Roxy arrives because of Smash. Ravi is still mad. Roxy says there is a secret. Zoey and Steel try to help. Ravi takes off his bracelet and leaves.

Human Roxy explains about Stacey. Ben and Betty come in with the elderly woman, she says her name is Stacey. Roxy asks her if she is Stacey. Stacey explains what happened with the portfolio. Roxy opens it to see its the painting of her and Ravi. She realizes her mistakes. Nate figures he is still upset, that's why he hasn't cooled down. Human Roxy (HuRoxy) looks at the bracelet. RoRoxy pleads her case to Evox in the Cyber Dimension. Evox assigns Robo Blaze to help her. They teleport away. Ravi is mad in the forest. He thinks back to his past with HuRoxy. RoRoxy and Blaze arrive. RoRoxy tells Blaze to stay put and blasts Ravi. Ravi blast back. The robots morph. Ravi morphs. RoRoxy tells Blaze not to let anyone get in her way. RoRoxy and Ravi fight. Back at the base, Commander Shaw tells them about the attack. The Rangers arrive and morph. Blaze sends Tronics against them. Cruise hides. Devon fights Robo Blaze. Devon goes to Beast-X Mode. Devon does his attack and destroys Robo Blaze. Near the river, Ravi and RoRoxy fight on a bridge. 

Zoey arrives and Ravi blasts at her. Nate saves her. RoRoxy continues the battle. They fall off the bridge and into the raging river. Ravi fights her with the lion sword. She is destroyed. He continues fighting the others. They try holding him. They take him back to base and he continues sizzling. Ben and Betty go get something to cool him down. HuRoxy apologizes to him as the others hold Ravi back. HuRoxy shows the painting and tells him she loves it. She asks for forgiveness and puts the bracelet on him. He cools down and returns to normal. He accepts the apology and apologizes as well. They hug. Ben and Betty splash them with icy water.

Episode Review:

Good Episode. It is unknown if this is truly the end of Robo Roxy. Also, Ravi and Roxy do not kiss, I guess because of bowlderwise and parental reasons. I am a first grade teacher and most kids under 7 do say "eww" when they see people kissing. Great episode nevertheless. 

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