Sunday, May 16, 2021

Power Rangers Lightning Collection: Female Figures (UPDATED)

 As of July 2021, there are 20 female Lightning Collection figures. There have been 3 villainesses and only Yellow and Pink Rangers [Technically 2 evil pink, 1 evil yellow, and 1 evil red ranger.] For the record, there is 1 more Red Ranger (Lauren/Samurai), 1 Black Ranger (Hyperforce), 1 Green Ranger (Izzy/Dino Fury), 3 Blue Rangers (Mystic Force, Ninja Storm, Omega), 5 White Rangers (Alien, Wild Force, SPD, Mystic Force, and Ninja Steel) and 2 Silver Rangers (RPM and SPD).
Kimberly and Trini

Katherine and Aisha Metallic Armor

Katherine 2-Pack (Zeo and MMPR)

Tanya Yellow Zeo Ranger 
Rita Repulsa came with a 2-pack with Zedd.

Scorpina and Aisha 2-pack

Ranger Slayer

Ashley/In Space Yellow and Cassie/In Space Pink 

Astronema (came with Andros set with indigo hair and soon with Ecliptor with purple hair)

Psycho Yellow and Psycho Pink
Both came in Psycho Rangers set 

Syd/Pink SPD

SPD A-Squad Pink and Red, sold separately at Gamestop

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