Sunday, August 2, 2009

Power Rangers RPM Merchandise

Disney had not been advertising Power Rangers RPM a lot like it did with its past seasons. But slowly, merchandise started appearing but slowly. Usually there are backpacks, sunglasses, posters, birthday stuff, etc. But the other things I have seen is some t-shirts and now birthday stuff. But there is not the usual plate, cup, napkins and tablecloth, instead we got one hard plate (below), sharpeners, paddles, erasers, pencils, mini water bottles and other 'treats' to put in the birthday bags. I wish there was napkins or cups. Also, there are halloween costumes like always, but that seems to be it. At the Disney Store, there are usually water bottles, little cars, shrink towels, clothes and plush dolls, but this time there is nothing of the sort. Only toys (the disney store website now only has 3 pieces of clothing in stock while it used to have more than 14). It really does seem they are phasing out the brand (slowly producing less and less merchandise).

The illustrations contain all five, mostly the four males. Out of the birthday stuff, the Yellow Ranger is only included on the big plate and in one of the paddles. Also, the DVDs have come eariler than the Jungle Fury DVDs. Which is good since the show is not broadcasted everywhere.

While the merchandise for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with capes (only the Red, Blue and Black Rangers I might add) continue appearing. There are umbrellas, t-shirts (for adults too, above), sunglasses, etc. They started making these around 2006.

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