Friday, August 7, 2009

Special Re-Paint/Re-Names

These are re-paints of 'zords' or mech that did not appear on the show but was a toy.

Gao Panda - Gaoranger - 2001
Gao Panda was the first of its kind. Like Gao Kong, Gao Panda was a re-paint but it did not appear on the show nor in a movie. Gao Panda was released as a toy with a CD and storybook. That year, there was also special re-painted Gao Lion (blue and white, special contest), Gao Elephant (black, with Gao Knight set) and Gao Aligator (blue, which appeared on both shows), but did not have specific names nor stories. Wild Force toyline also released a re-painted Bison (in purple).

To match Gao Polar and Gao Bear, a fan re-painted one to make a Grizzly Bear (it was grey-ish), I don't have a picture.

To my surprise researching today, I stumbled upon this card. It was an utter shock. An utter shock to find a 'zord' that did not appear on the show but to appear in the Ranger Strike card set. Since Ranger Strike only deals with stuff that came on the show, out of the 33 series, it surprised me to find they made a card of a 'character' that did not appear on the show. But it is indeed a special treat from a Plex. I think its cute.

Firenokodon - Abaranger - 2003
Much like Gao Panda before it, Firenokodon came with a CD and storybook, it was a re-paint of Dimenokodon and did not appear on the show.

Unnamed Claw Cannon Zord - Power Rangers Jungle Fury - 2008
While not in Super Sentai, I thought it was curious to add this one. I will not be covering the hundreds of extra animal zords Bandai came out with for Jungle Fury and RPM for their non-sentai megazords, this one is unique because it came with the zords from the show (in the Transforming Battle Megazord package) and had the colors of the Claw Cannon.

Skydor - Go-Onger - 2008
Skydor came late in the game (January), and I don't think it came with a CD and storybook, but it was a re-paint of Speedor and had its own symbol.

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