Sunday, October 4, 2009

2010 Super Sentai Rumors and Speculations #3

Dukemon says:
A heap of rumor updates suggests that a 6th ranger (Black) will be the one who will have the cobra motif. Sort of makes sense, seeing as how there are supposed to be a bunch of evil "rangers." A cobra makes a great make, but it makes an even better mecha for an antihero." Kamen Rider Ohja/Strike anyone?

New Rumors 10/25/09:
  • GoseiBlack starts out as Red's rival.
  • The 5 Goseiger and GoseiBlack have a similar Henshin Device.
  • GoseiBlack's weapon is called the "Viper Bute", a whip and sword.
  • The 5 Goseiger's monster beasts combine to form "GoseiOh."
  • GoseiBlack's robo, AnkokuOh, is formed from the Black Cobra Monster and a Navy Blue Wild Boar Monster. The Cobra becomes the upper-body and head, while the Boar becomes the back and lower body. AnkokuOh is said to resemble SaiDaiOh.
  • GoseiOh and Black's Cobra Monster can unite, with the Viper switching out for GoseiOh's right arm.

"The rumor says that the rangers beasts will be called the "Tensou Beasts", and of course, their cards are the "Tensou Beast Cards."

Here is the rumored list of our core rangers' beasts:

Red- Tensou HotDragon (Dragon)

Blue- Tensou IceHorse (Horse, according to rumors, a unicorn)

Yellow - Tensou ShiningHeron (Heron, matching the rumors of a bird)

Green - Tensou GardenGiraffe (Kirin)

Pink - Tensou SuperFox (Fennec Fox)

SPOILERS 10/7/09 11PM EST:
Copyright has been done, title Tensou Sentai Goseiger has been confirmed!


Mark said...

A KITSUNE MECHA?!?!?! It's about time! And for the Pink, too! It looks like this season gives the crappy mecha to one of the guys for once.

RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

Speaking of that what about Ging Pink from Gingaman? What's a Gingat? A Fox or a cat?

Lavender Ranger said...

RFyleCreatorAnimator, Gingat was a cat. And in Lost Galaxy, it was called a Wild Cat. It wasn't much of a change.