Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Power Rangers..... Wha?

I love how my friends who aren't really into Power Rangers but seen a couple of seasons or episodes, get the names wrong. And we fans never manage to get them wrong, sometimes confused but never like they have stated below....

Power Rangers Dragon Force
To the casual observer, this could be either Mystic Force or Dino Thunder.

Power Rangers Galaxy Quest
Clearly my friend got confused with Lost Galaxy and the movie spoof starring Tim Allen.

Power Rangers Wild Fury
My friend (who said 'Dragon Force') got confused with Jungle Fury and Wild Force.

Power Rangers: The O.C.
This really wasn't a confusion but my friend (who called Lost Galaxy 'Galaxy Quest') was joking that SPD cast looked so good, they could have been on 'the O.C.'


T.K. said...

Because of the first entry, I'm now imagining a fight scene set to "Through the Fire and Flames".

RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

Speaking of Dragon Force that person on making a fanfiction of that. I've did my own as "legend of the Dragons"