Sunday, October 11, 2009

Super Sentai Episode Title Headings 1998-now

UPDATED 12/27/10 10PM EST
It has now become common practice for Super Sentai episodes to have a common phrase or word before the episode title, this became more common by Timeranger and more rampant by Magiranger. Toei's 2003 live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon also started out with 'Act' like Shinkenger.

Gingaman (1998) - Chapter
Chapters because it was like a story or fable.
GoGo Five (1999) - N/A
Timeranger (2000) - Case File
Case file because they were like police.
Gaoranger (2001) - Quest
Quest because it was mystical and like an adventure.
Hurricanger (2002) - Scroll*
Abaranger (2003) - N/A (just numbers)
Dekaranger (2004) - Episode
Magiranger (2005) - Stage
Stage had double meaning, it could have been like a stage as a phase in time or something with dramatic arts.
Boukenger (2006) - Task
Task like a duty to do and they really did had tasks to do.
Gekiranger (2007) - Lesson
Of course they had lessons in almost every episode.
Go-Onger (2008) - GP (Grand Prix)
Grand Prix, obviously to go with the racing theme.
Shinkenger (2009) - Act
'Act' to go along with the theater theme.
Goseiger (2010) - Epic
Epic goes with like stories that were known as an epic.

* - not a 100%, let me know
N/A - Not Available

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Mark said...

Dekaranger had "Episodes", as they used a lot of English during the run of the season.