Sunday, October 11, 2009

MMPR 2010 Toy Line LIst

According to BBCW Distributors:
4" Basic Figures
Picture above is from Linear Ranger.
  1. Red Ranger
  2. Blue Ranger
  3. Black Ranger
  4. Pink Ranger
  5. Yellow Ranger
  6. Green Ranger
  7. Goldar
  8. Putty Patrol
  9. Alpha 5 & Zordon
  10. Super Legends Zeo Ranger V

4" Deluxe Figures -- Bandai, look how many fans voted that Kimberly should have her own Battlizer!
  1. Action Red Ranger
  2. Action Green Ranger
  3. Action Black Ranger
  4. Action Blue Ranger

5" Morphin Figures
Morph into battle as a Dragon! [Maybe each Ranger morphs into their own zords and only Green becomes a Dragon]
  1. Morphin Red Ranger
  2. Morphin Blue Ranger
  3. Morphin Black Ranger
  4. Morphin Green Ranger

Retrofire Megazords
  1. SPD Delta Squad Megazord
  2. Zeo Megazord
  3. Jungle Fury Jungle Pride Megazord
  4. Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord -- Don't we already have one of those?

Basic Battle Gear
Morph just like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with this Basic Battle Gear.
  1. Blade Blaster
  2. Dragon Dagger

Deluxe Battle Gear
Battle evil with 5 morphable Zords or combine into Megazord from the TV show!
  • Deluxe Dragon Dagger

Cycle w/ 4" Figure
Play out all of the Mighty Morphin adventures with this cycle! -- As usual, the girls get shafted
  1. Red Dino Cycle
  2. Black Dino Cycle
  3. Blue Dino Cycle
  4. Green Dino Cycle

Deluxe Megazord
Battle evil with 5 morphable Zords or combine into Megazord from the TV show!

Deluxe Vehicles
The Power Rangers can race to defeat evil in these sleak vehicles. Included in each Racer is a articulated 4" Ranger Figure.
  • Red Morphin Racer

Mini Mix & Morph Base
The Power Rangers Mini Mix & Morph Base allows kids to morph figure parts to create their own unique Ranger or Megazord Figure. This set includes a mini base, 2 figures, and 1 key.

Mix & Morph Figures
Collect all the Rangers and Megazords to morph into your own unique creation!
  1. Mighty Morphin Red Ranger & Dino Megazord
  2. Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger & Dragonzord Battle Mode
  3. Mystic Force Yellow Ranger & Titan Megazord
  4. Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger & Jungle Pride Megazord
  5. Operation Overdrive Mercury Ranger & ?? Megazord
  6. RPM Ranger Black & High Octane Megazord

Zord Vehicles
Each Zord Vehicle has unique morphin' action! Includes one 4" figure for each vehicle. -- The Green Ranger comes with Yellow
  1. Red Zord Vehicle
  2. Blue Zord Vehicle
  3. Black Zord Vehicle
  4. Yellow Zord Vehicle

Last time we got the Power Morpher and Blade Blaster together, most likely this time they will be separate. So far, no sign of the Power Morpher nor Tommy's Power Morpher; Neither Rita or Scorpina. But let's not give up hope. This is only the 'Spring Line' so we will for sure have more in the 'Fall Line' of 2010. And because the Battle Bikes did not officially appear on the show---only in one episode, then the Dino Cycles probably are something new. And it is nice to see the Green Ranger more included in this line than in the last.

Don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but this line looks like most of the toy lines in recent years, a bunch of toys we don't need. Endless vehicles for the males and different armor and styles and I wouldn't be surprised if they shaft us again by not having Tommy's morpher. That morpher would sell like hotcakes. Attention Bandai America: Tommy's Morpher is the highest sought toy by fans, the Bandai Japan version (the Dragonranger's Dino Buckler) probably the highest biddest on item online. And if they do decide to make Scorpina and Rita, I believe that they might get sold if they advertised it the heck of it. They will probably sell better than any of the other female villain figures through the years (which are few).

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