Friday, November 20, 2009

Kamen Rider Double: New stuff from Catalogue


Pics are from Toku Insider:

Kamen Rider Accel, the new rider, above is his motorcycle handle inspired henshin device.

WFC Accel and RHS Accel

Henshin Gaia Kyoryuu Fang Memory
The new Fang Joker's them is a dinosaur and all his stuff is called Fang. Fang Joker is the white one.

WFC Fang Joker and RHS Fang Joker

This could be the final form of Kamen Rider Double, it is not confirmed, but I don't think it is a new Rider, I think it can't be anything else but him.

Also the green & green and black & black Riders appear in the movie.

More pics at Toku Insider.

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ashkoyan said...

the final form kr w look hoorible. kr accel is the best and coolz.