Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Skyick GoseiGreat and Datas Hyper

updated 4/1/10
Following Pictures from Dukemon22's Toku Insider.
Exotic GoseiGreat
When I first saw the extra heads, I thought it was just a toy but apparently it will be in the series, no explanation on them yet. It will appear on the April 4th Episode.

Datas Hyper is all grow'd up!

Datas Hyper and the Hyper Change Headder.

Finishing move is called "Datas Dynamic Crash".

Skyick GoseiGreat/Skyick Brothers

In an upcoming episode, we find out that Hyde came down with a second Seaick memeber and a monster killed him. Well, that answers what happened to the second one. It looks like he is wearing a black jacket, it perhaps is a dark green jacket.

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